last update  14. 2. 2019
  ? MARK & THE MYSTERIANS  "96 Tears/Action " QMATM  99  2 LP'S In 1 CD(G)  M  CD  18
  4 LEVELS OF EXISTENCE  "F.L.Existence(RE) " IKAROS  03  Already very rare to find this reissue, monster hard rock group'74 from Greece(GR)  M/M  LP  40
  ADAM  "Welcome Back " X.MIND  95  2nd LP.In same direction of the first.Including info Book (SW)  M-/M-  LP  60
  AGAPE  "Victims Of Tradition " AGAPE  03  USA'72. 2nd LP Christian music, good vocals and guitar. With 1 extra track(USA)  M  CD  14
  AGGREGATION THE  "Mind Odyssey(RE) " S.DANDELION    USA'67. Rare in this time. Acid folk-psyche(EU)  M/M  LP  30
  AINA  "Lead Me To The Garden " KATMANDU  80  FOC. Already rare LP, cult-vibe psych music with nice gatefold cover(USA)  M-/M  LP  200
  ALAN FRANKLIN EXPLOSION THE  "Blues Climax (RE) " PSYCHO  83  Rock blues psych US'69 (UK)  M-/M-  LP  30
  ALEXANDER'S TIMELESS BLOOZBAND  "For Sale " UNI  68  A Good psyche album from USA(USA)  EX/EX  LP  65
  ALL SAVED FREAK BAND,THE  "Brainwashed/Sower " H.VISION  04  USA-1976-1980, Third & Four LP In 1 CD, more rock psych of the previously For Christians, good armonies, female/male vocals(USA)  M  CD  14
  ALLEN DAEVID  "Banana Moon " VIRGIN  75  Rare Original UK  EX/EX  LP  50
  AMAZING BLONDEL  "England " ISLAND  72  F.O.C… Very rare Original Spanish.Island  EX/EX  LP  50
  AMBOY DUKES  "Amboy Dukes " MAINSTREAM  68  Rare first LP(US)  EX/EX  LP  90
  AMBOY DUKES  "Amboy Dukes " WON SIN  02  W/1 Extra track(KO)  M  CD  16
  AMBOY DUKES  "Migration " MAINSTREAM  68  (USA)  EX/EX  LP  70
  AMBOY DUKES  "Migration " WON SIN  02  2 Bonus(KO)  M  CD  21
  AMBOY DUKES  "Migration(RE) " MAINSTREAM  99  (EU)  M/M  LP  17
  AMERICA  "A Horse With No Name -Un Caballo Sin Nombre- " WARNER  72  Rare Original Spanish Green Label.  EX/EX  LP  30
  AMERICAN BLUES EXCHANGE  "Blueprints(RE) " VOID  99  New Reissue of this classic USA'60s. Blues rock psyche. Melodic hard. W/Insert. Only 500 made(USA)  M/M  LP  25
  AMON DUUL II  "Classic German Rock Scene " UA  75  Double. Orioginal Spanish Pressing.  EX/EX  LP  50
  ANALOGY  "Analogy(RE) " DISCHI  0  A Classic Germany Only released in Italy.(I)  M/M  LP  25
  ANDROMEDA  "Andromeda(RE) " BLACK WIDOW  0  Rare UK hard rock GROUP 70's. Including 7" + 2 posters.(I)  M/M  LP  35
  ANDWELLAS DREAM  "Love and Poetry " LIGHTNING  06  Classic UK'60s(EU)  M  CD  22
  ANGELS,THE  "My Boy Friend's Back " SMASH  65  Original USA    LP  65.00
  ANIMALS THE  "Love Is " REPER  94  Digipack (G)  M  CD  14
  ANONIMA SOUND  "Red Tape Machine(RE) " AKARMA  99  FOC. A Classic and ultrarare album progress from Italy'72(I)  M/M  LP  22
  ANT TRIP CEREMONY  "24 Hours (RE) " PRIVATE  80s  Very rare first reissue of mega rare OHIO Folk psych..Heavy cover and vinyl (EU)  EX/EX  LP  100
  ANTOINE  "Rencontre Les Problemes(RE) " EU  08  (EU)  M/M  LP  24
  ANUAL VERTIGO  "1970 " VERTGO  70  Double. Original Spanish. Swirl Label.  EX/EX  LP  85
  ARKANGEL  "Warrior " J.GARDE  80  A Rare and spectacular art rock LP from USA.Incredible variety of musical instruments,guitars,dulcimer,synthesizers and more. Melodic rock with electric guitar in heavy a times and folk touch(USA)  EX/EX  LP  50
  ART OF LOVIN  "Art Of Lovin " EU  97  Classic psycho USA  M  CD  19
  ART OF LOVIN  "Art Of Lovin(RE) " MAINSTREAM  0  Classic psychedelic album USA'60s  M/M  LP  20
  ASTRAL PROJECTION THE  "The Astral Scene " METROMEDIA  68  A Rare and good USA'68 Psych LP(USA)  EX/EX  LP  60
  ATKINSON STEVE  "Small Boats (RE) " SHADOKS  13  UK 1981-Underground singer Influenced by the ClassicS UK folk bands: FAIRPORT,JOHN PEEL, also for: West Coast US bands..Electric & Acoustic Guitar,flute..delicate sound and good armonies..a Great album. Heavy sleeve and 180gr.(EU)  M/M  LP  38
  ATLANTIDE  "Francesco Ti Ricordi (RE) " MELLOTRON    Rare Germany group Only released in Italy. Good hard rock, guitar fuzz and organ (I)  SS  LP  25
  ATOMIC ROOSTER  "Made In England " PYE  72  Original Spanish Pressing.  EX/EX  LP  75
  AUNT MARY  "Janus (RE) " AKARMA  06  FOC. 3nd LP. 1973.Rare Original Copy(I)  SS  LP  25
  AUTUMN PEOPLE  "Autumn People " RADIOACTIVE  04  Reissue of 1976 album by obscure Arizonan band. Originally released on the Soundtech label, the music fits somewhere between the AOR sounds of ASIA and mid 70s progressive rock with nice harmonies and decent melodies. The material is largely original what makes up for an interesting hippie progressive album with some swirling organ work and super guitar leads.(UK)  M  CD  18
  AYERS KEVIN  "Whatevershebringswesing " EMI  0  W/4 Extra tracks(GE)  M  CD  13
  BACHS  "Out Of The(RE) " DEL VAL  92  Rare Reissue of the rare USA'60s garage(US)  M-/M-  LP  100
  BAD COMPANY  "Straight Shooter " SWAN SONG  0  (GE)  M  CD  13
  BANG  "Mother(RE) " GREEN TREE  10  FOC.US Hard rock.(UE)  SS  LP  22
  BARDO POND  "Bufo Alvarius " DRUNKEN FISH  95  Still In Shrink. (US)  M-/M-  LP  70
  BAUMSTAM  "On Tour(RE) " .THEREE  09  A Classic Underground Germany'76. New reissue in hard vinyl W/Bonus single. (G)  SS  LP  30
  BEACH BOYS THE  "Pet Sounds " EMI  99  (UK)  M  CD  22
  BEACH BOYS THE  "Smiley Smiley(RE) " S.VINYL  99  180 GR(UK)  M/M  LP  25
  BEACH BOYS THE  "Wild Honey " CAPITOL  68  Rare Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  30
  BEAR MOUNTAIN BAND  "One More Day(RE) " O MUSIC  15  Killer rock psych USA 1971.Morly Grey,Bent Wind direction (GE)  SS  LP  25
  BEAU BRUMMELS  "66 " WARNER  66  (USA) Gold Mono  EX/EX  LP  45
  BEAU BRUMMELS  "Bradley's Barn " WARNER  92  3nd LP. Japan pressing  M  CD  23
  BECK,BOGERT & APPICE  "Beck,Bogert & Appice ESP " EPIC  73  Original Spanish.  EX/EX  LP  35
  BEVIS FROND  "Son of walter " WORONZOW  96  Double(UK)  EX/EX  LP  40
  BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING CO.  "Be A Brother " CBS  71  Original Spanish Laminated  EX/EX  LP  35
  BIGROUP THE  "Impacto (Big Hammer) " OLYMPO  72  Rare Original Spanish Press.  EX/EX  LP  100
  BLACK SABBATH  "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath " VERTIGO  74  Laminated Cover. Original Spanish. Different cover than UK Press.  EX/EX  LP  130
  BLACK SABBATH  "Vol.4- " VERTIGO  72  FOC. Very rare Original Spanish Swirl.  EX/VG+  LP  50
  BLACK SPIRIT  "Black Spirit (RE) " OHRWASCHL    A Classic Germany Hard rock 70's (GE)  SS  LP  25
  BLIND FAITH  "Blind Faith " POLYDOR  69  Original Spanish. Different Cover  EX/EX  LP  40
  BLIND FAITH  "Blind Faith(RE) " SIMPLY VINYL  09  (UK)  SS  LP  25
  BLISS  "Bliss(RE) " VOID  02  USA'69.Rare hard rock psychedelic LP.Including 2 bonus tracks(USA)  M/M  LP  25
  BLONDE ON BLONDE  "Rebirth(RE) " EMBER  70  FOC. UK Rock Progress. (EU)  M/M  LP  30
  BLOOD,SWEET & TEARS  "Child Is Father To The Man " COLUMBIA  68  Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  25
  BLOODROCK  "2 " CAPITOL  70  Original Spanish. Laminated  EX/EX  LP  50
  BLOOMFIELD MIKE  "Super Session-ESP " CBS  71  Original Spanish Orange label.  EX/EX  LP  30
  BLOOMFIELD MIKE  "Triumvirate " CBS  73  Spanish Pressing. With: Hammond & Dr.John  EX/EX  LP  30
  BLUE CHEER  "Blue Cheer-ESP " PHILIPS  71  Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  40
  BLUE CHEER  "New Improved(RE) " AKARMA    (I)  SS  LP  16
  BLUE CHEER  "Oh Pleasant Hope(RE) " PHILIPS  0  (USA)  M/M  LP  16
  BLUE EFFECT  "Kingdom Of Life " SUPRAHON  71  Rock Blues. (CHE)  EX/EX  LP  60
  BLUE THINGS  "Blue Things " RCA  66  Rare Original copy of this US Psych(US)  VG+/VG+  LP  80
  BLUES ADDICTS  "Blues Addicts (RE) " LITTLE WIND    Denmark Rock blues psych (G)  EX/EX  LP  50
  BLUES MAGOOS  "Basic " PROGRESSIVE  03  (AU)  M  CD  17
  BLUES MAGOOS  "Basic(RE) " MERCURY  2  FOC(EU)  M/M  LP  25
  BLUES MAGOOS  "Electric Comic Book " REPER  04  Digipack, 11 Alternative extereo mix and comic(G)  M  CD  17
  BLUES MAGOOS  "Electric Comic Book(RE) " MERCURY  0  (USA)  M/M  LP  16
  BLUES MAGOOS  "Psychedelic Lollipop " REPER  91  (G)  M  CD  17
  BLUES MAGOOS  "Psychedelic Lollipop(RE) " MERCURY  0  (USA)  SS  LP  16
  BLUES PROJECT  "Blues Project " CAPITOL  72     LP 
  BLUES PROJECT  "Live At Town Hall " VERVE  67  Original (US)  SS  LP  40
  BLUES PROJECT  "Projections(RE) " VERVE  86  (USA)  SS  LP  15
  BLUES TRAIN  "Blues Train(RE) " GFC  0  Very rare Canadian 1970. Blues rock in Cream direction, fuzz wah wah guitar(I)  M/M  LP  25
  BOBBY FULLER FOUR THE  "I Fought The Law " MUSTANG  66  (USA)  EX/EX  LP  55
  BOBBY FULLER FOUR THE  "I Fought The Law(RE) " MUSTANG  81  (USA)  SS  LP  16
  BODY  "Body Album " RECESSION  81  UK Progress Psych in HAWKWIND, PINK FLOYD direction (UK)  M-/M-  LP  100
  BONZO DOG BAND  "Tadpoles " IMPERIAL  69  (USA)  EX/EX  LP  29
  BORN AGAIN PAGAN  "Born Again Pagan(RE) " ROCKADELIC  1  West Coast sound 1971, like Quicksilver, Kak. Also touch Blue cheer and vocal Byrds. Nice Gatefold cover. Only 600 made(USA)  M/M  LP  45
  BOX TOPS  "Non Stop " SUNDAZED  0  W/5 Extra tracks(USA)  M  CD  15
  BOX TOPS  "Super Hits " STATESIDE  69  Very rare, Unique LP Released in Spain of this group  EX/EX  LP  40
  BOYD EDDIE  "7936 South Rhodes " BGO  1  (UK)  M  CD  22
  BREAD  "Manna " ELEKTRA  71  Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  25
  BREAD,LOVE & DREAMS  "Bread,Love & Dreams / The Strange Tale Of Captain " DECCA  71  A Classic UK group. Double Original Spanish Pressing. With: THE STARNGE TALE OF CAPTAIN SHANNON.. / BREAD,LOVE & DREAMS  M-/M-  LP  175
  BRIGADE  "Last Laugh(RE) " DEL VAL  0  First Reissue heavy sleeve of this classic USA'70 (US)  M-/M-  LP  70
  BUBBLE PUPPY  "A Gathering Promises(RE) " G.BACK  04  (I)  M/M  LP  17
  BUCKLEY TIM  "Greetings From L.A(RE) " WARNER  08  (FOC(USA)  SS  LP  18
  BUCKLEY TIM  "Tim Buckle(RE) " ELEKTRA  08  First LP(USA)  SS  LP  15
  BUDGIE  "In For The Kill " REPER  94  (G)  M  CD  16
  BUDGIE  "In For The Kill " MCA  74  Spanish Original.  EX/EX  LP  35
  BUFFALO  "Only Want You for Your Body(RE) " AKARMA  05  3nd LP. Aussie hard rock group FOC (I)  M/M  LP  25
  BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD  "Again " ATCO  0  (GE)  M  CD  13
  BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD  "B.Springfield " ATCO  0  (GE) First LP  M  CD  13
  BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD  "Buffalo Springfield-ESP " ATLANTIC  78  Spanish Issue. PIONEROS  EX/EX  LP  35
  BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD  "Last Time Around " ATCO  68  Tricolor FOC.(US)  EX/EX  LP  40
  BURNIN RAIN  "Iwaska " ROCKADELIC  92  2ºLP. Already rare & classic garage psycho 90`s(USA)  M-/M  LP  80
  BURNIN RAIN  "Pictures In The Fire " ROCKADELIC  93  3nd LP. Another great & monster record, garage-psycho, fuzz guitar. Only 600 numered(USA)  M-/M-  LP  75
  BURNIN RAIN  "Ritual Medicine Show " ROCKADELIC  96  Already rare only 600 made (US)  M-/M-  LP  40
  BURNIN RAIN  "Sound Spectrum " ROCKADELIC  93  4nd LP. It is a compilation of material from 1987 to pressent. Both unreleased live material, previously unreleased studio cuts and some released is on the album. Got now(USA)  M/M  LP  45
  BUSTER CHURCHILL & THE BEAT TIGERS  "Beat A Go Go " ZAFIRO  71  Original Spanish Pressing.  EX/EX  LP  40
  BYRDS THE  "Younger Than Yesterday(RE) " SUNDAZED  99  FOC(USA)  SS  LP  21
  CAIN  "A Pound Of Flesh " ASI  75  Killer hard rock LP. USA group(USA)  EX/EX  LP  125
  CALLENDER BOBBY  " " MGM  69  A Classic un demand acid psych/sitar USA(USA)  EX/EX  LP  75
  CAMPBELL,JOHN  "Sunrise " BASF  74  Psycho,blues,folck,rock.Michigan singer,only Spanish issue.FOC  EX/EX  LP  55
  CAMPO DI MARTE  "Campo di Marte(RE) " EU  00  A Classic Italy complex rock.(I)  M/M  LP  25
  CAN  "Can(RE) " DAILY  O3  (EU)  M/M  LP  19
  CAN  "Soon Over Babaluma " UA  75  Rare.. Original Sapin. Press,  EX/EX  LP  65
  CANDYMEN ,THE  "Cabdymen " ABC  67  Rare Usa Garage Psych (US)  EX/EX  LP  55
  CANNED HEAT  "The New Age-ESP " UA  74  Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  21
  CAPTAIN BEEFHEART  "Clear Spot(RE) " WARNER  99  (USA)  SS  LP  16
  CAPTAIN BEEFHEART  "Mirror Man(RE) " BUDDAH  99  (USA)  M/M  LP  18
  CAPTAIN BEEFHEART  "Trout Mask Replica " REPRISE  0  (GE)  M  CD  14
  CAPTAIN BEEFHEART  "Trout Mask Replica(RE) " WARNER  0  New Reissue 180gr(USA)  M/M  LP  23
  CARAVAN  "Headloss " DERAM  74  Only Spanish Issue  EX/EX  LP  50
  CARAVAN  "In the land of Grey/If I Could do i " DERAM  72  Double,Spanish Copy  EX/EX  LP  35
  CAROLYN HESTER  "Coalition (RE) " MISSING VINYL    A Rarest Psychedelic West Coast sound LP USA 1969  SS  LP  21
  CATAPILLA  "Changes(RE) " AKARMA  20  UK'72. FOC. 2nd LP(I)  M/M  LP  22
  CHARLATANS THE(USA)  "Alabama Bound(RE) " EVA  0  (FR)  M-/M-  LP  30
  CHARLIES  "Buttocks (RE) " SHADOKS  13  Finland 1970. "Charlies" album features loud and wild guitars, screaming vocals, and can easily be described as the most outrageous Finnish album of the 70's not far away from Jimi Hendrix and Cream. heavy, hypnotic and progressive with amazing guitarwork. Only 500 (G)  SS  LP  37
  CHILD  "Child " JUBILEE  70  Original Spanish Pressing.  EX/EX  LP  60
  CHILTON,ALEX  "High Priest " BIGTIME  87  (USA)  EX/EX  LP  19
  CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND  "Inner Mystique(RE) " TOWER  10  (US)  M/M  LP  19
  CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND  "No Way Out(RE) " TOWER  10  (US)  M/M  LP  19
  CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND  "One Step Beyond(RE) " TOWER  0  (EU)  M/M  LP  23
  CHRISTIE  "Yellow River " CBS  70  Laminated Cover. Spanish Pressing.  EX/EX  LP  35
  CHRISTMAS  "Heritage (RE) " AKARMA  08  A Classic rock psych from Canada 70's. FOC (I)  SS  LP  25
  CHRISTOPHER  "What'cha Gonna Do(RE) " LION  05  New reissue FOC of this monster classic blues psyche USA'69(EU)  M/M  LP  34
  CHURCHILL DOWNS  "Churchill Downs (RE) " SHADOKS  11  USA'68. Underground Band, great multy vocal singing, strong guitars,organ,drums,bass & effects..Only 500 made heavy cover and vinyl(EU)  M/M  LP  33
  CIRCUS 2000  "Circus 2000 " VM    A Classic psychedelic west coast from Italy'68(I)  M  CD  20
  CIRCUS 2000  "Circus 2000(RE) " BTF  0  A Classic west coast from Italy'68. (I)  M/M  LP  25
  CLEAR BLUE SKY  "Clear Blue Sky (RE) " AKARMA  03  A Classic blues rock UK 1970 (I)  SS  LP  22
  CLIMAX BLUES BAND  "Gold Plated " RCA  76  Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  25
  CLIMAX CHICAGO  "Tightly Knit " HEARVEST  72  Original Spanish Press.  EX/EX  LP  35
  CLIQUE,THE  "Self Preservation Society " DETOUR  95   EX/EX  LP  30
  COLD SUN  "Dark Shadows " W.S  09  Already very rare to find. w/2 Extra tracks(G)  M  CD  18
  COLIN HARE  "March Hare " HANKY PANKY  06  Besides the 12 tracks of the original LP, we have added 2 non-LP "Grannie, Grannie" and "Fighting For Peace", plus the extremely rare single issued by Warner Brothers in 1972, "Did't I Tell You/Seek Not In The Wide World". This way, you get every single track released by Colin Hare until his most recent appearance (the last year he issued "Free Together", the continuation of "March Hare"...33 years later!!!). An absolute gem packed up with really great songs evoking as much Bob Dylan , as the folkiest sounds of contemporary compatriots (Fairport Convention) and even a soft country-rock aroma. Digipack with book info. Spanish issue.  M  CD  13
  COLLECTORS ,THE  "Collectors " WARNER  68  CC. Psych rock. (US)  SS  LP  50
  COMPLEX  "The Way We Feel " W.HILL  99  2nd LP UK'71(UK)  M  CD  23
  CORPORATION  "Corporation (RE) " CAPAITOL  10  A Classic USA'69(US)  SS  LP  18
  CORPUS  "Creation a Child(RE) " AKARMA  0  New reissue. Of this monster psychedelic album from Texas(I)  M/M  LP  25
  COSMOS FACTORY  "Black Hole " EXPRESS  76  Hard rock Psych. Rare Japan Pressing w/insert (J)  EX/EX  LP  190
  COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH  "I Feel Like I'm... " VANGUARD  0  (G)  M  CD  13
  CRAZY ELEPHANT  "Crazy Elephant " STATESIDE  69  Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  35
  CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN  "C.W.Arthur Brown " POLYDOR  68  Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  45
  CREAM  "Fresh " POLYDOR  97  (UK)  M  CD  14
  CREAM  "Fresh-RE " SIMPLY VINYL  09  (UK)  SS  LP  25
  CREATION THE  "Best of(RE) " POP  03  Same Cover Than original Germany(EU)  M/M  LP  20
  CREEDENCE C.REVIVAL  "Green River " AMERICA  69  Spanish Pressing Original  EX/EX  LP  25
  CREEPS THE  "Enjoy the Creeps " VICTORIA  86  Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  35
  CREEPY JOHN THOMAS  "Brother Bat Bone(RE) " SOUNDVISION  11  UK Hard progress (EU)  SS  LP  20
  CREEPY JOHN THOMAS  "C.J.Thomas (RE) " SOUNDVISION  11  UK Hard rock progress (EU)  SS  LP  20
  CRESSIDA  "Asylum(RE) " AKARMA  02  2nd LP foc. UK Progress. (I)  SS  LP  25
  CRESSIDA  "Cressida(RE) " AKARMA  1  FOC. A Classic UK'70(IT)  M/M  LP  19
  CROME SYRCUS  "Love Cycle " COMMAND  68  FOC. Rare in this time. Good psychedelic album from USA. Much in demand(USA)  EX/EX  LP  90
  CUBY & THE BLIZZARDS  "En Directo (Live) " PHILIPS  71  Ultrarare Spanish Issue. Laminated Pressing.  EX/EX  LP  75
  CULPEPER'S ORCHGARD  "Culpeper's Orchard (RE) " VALHALLA  13  FOC. A Classic Danish 1971 Rock progress. Zeppelin-Tull direction (EU)  M/M  LP  25
  CYKLE  "Cykle " G.FAB  97  17 Tracks.Garage USA'60s. CYKLE LP +Traks post CYKLE:YOUNG ONES(USA)  M  CD  19
  CYNICS THE  "Learn To Lose " GET HIP  92  Last Record  M/M  LP  14
  CZAR  "Czar(RE) " SUNBEAM  07  Classic UK'70s. Double LP With bonus,Info and photos(UK)  SS  LP  30
  DAILY FLASH  "I Flash Daily " PSHYCHO  98  A Classic USA'60s(UK)  EX/EX  LP  60
  DANTALIAN'S CHARIOT  "Chariot Rising " WOODEN HILL  96  Classic psychedelic group UK'67(UK)  M  CD  25
  DARK  "Round The Edge " AKARMA  98  RE. FOC. New Reissue in same than original cover(I)  M/M  LP  22
  DAVIE ALLAN & ARROWS  "Devil's Rumble Anthology 65-68 " SUNDAZED  04  Double(USA)  SS  LP  28
  DAVIES IAN  "Ian Davies " HISPAVOX  76  Only released in Spain. Rock Psych Flamenco Fussion.  EX/EX  LP  100
  DE DE LIND  "Io Non So Da Dove Vengo......(RE) " BTF  14  FOC. A Clasic Italy 70's (I)  M/M  LP  25
  DECEMBERS CHILDREN  "Decembers Children(RE) " RECYCLING  99  Rare to find this classic psychedelic album from USA(USA)  M/M  LP  20
  DEEP FEELING  "Deep Feeling " DJM  72  Rare Original Spanish.  EX/EX  LP  100
  DEMIAN  "Demian " ABC  71  FOC. Killer heavy psyche. Post: B. Puppy(USA)  EX/EX  LP  80
  DEREK & THE DOMINOS  "Layla(RE) " S.VINYL  09  Double(UK)  SS  LP  25
  DIA PROMETIDO  "LP-Dia Prometido " PHILIPS  71  Spanish Pressing  M-/M-  LP  100
  DIA PROMETIDO  "LP-Un Pais Llamado Tierra " PHILIPS  73  Spanish Pressing  M-/M-  LP  125
  DICK DALE & DEL-TONES  "King Of The Surfer " SUNDAZED  08  2 Extra tracks(USA)  M  CD  15
  DICK DALE & DEL-TONES  "Surfers' Choice " SUNDAZED  0  W/6 Extra Tracks(USA)  M  CD  19.00
  DOCTOR BROWN  "Another Realm " M.GNOME  95  W/Insert Limited & numered 375(UK)  M/M  LP  22
  DOGFEET  "Dogfeet(RE) " KISSING SPELL  94  reissue of this rare Hard rock progress LP from UK'71. (EU)  M-/M-  LP  45
  DOUBLE NAUGHT SPYS  "Goin Nowhere With…. " ROCKADELIC  94  Totally Garage Sixties..Only 500 made with Insert (US)  EX/EX  LP  65
  DOWNLINERS SECT  "Birth of Suave " H.GLORY  94  A Classics ritm`n`blues UK`60s  M  CD  16
  DOWNLINERS SECT  "Rock Sect's(RE) " CHARLY  76  (UK)  M-/M-  LP  35
  DOWNLINERS SECT  "The Country Sect (RE) " CHARLY  76  (UK)  M-/M-  LP  30
  DOWNLINERS SECT  "The Sect " REPER  05  10 Bonus tracks. Digipack(G)  M  CD  15
  DOWNLINERS SECT  "The Sect(RE) " CHARLY    Spanish Issue.  M-/M-  LP  40
  DR.HOOKER  "The Truth(RE) " VAG  10  Rare psych US'72. Acid rock. Waling fuzz guitar(US)  M/M  LP  25
  DR.STRANGELY STRANGE  "Heavy Petting(RE) " TAPESTRY    UK'69 A Classic UK (EU)  SS  LP  22
  DR.STRANGELY STRANGE  "Kip of the Serenes(RE) " TIMELESS  08  A Rare UK Folk(EU)  M/M  LP  23
  DRAGON  "Dragon " ACORN  76  FOC. A Rare Belgium Group..Released In UK..Original Beautiful laminated cover..(UK)  M-/M--  LP  200
  DRAGONWYCK  "Dragonwyck " ROCKADELIC    Already rare to find this first Reissue. W/Insert (US)  EX/EX  LP  175
  DRAKE NICK  "Bryter Layter " ISLAND  0  New reissue w/carton box(UK)  M  CD  23
  DRAKE NICK  "Five Leaves Left " ISLAND  0  New reissue w/carton Box(UK)  M  CD  23
  DRAKE NICK  "Pink Moon " ISLAND  0  New Reissue w/carton box(UK)  M  CD  23
  DSCHINN  "Dschinn " BACILUS  76  Very rare Spanish copy of this basic hard rock group from Germany  M-/M-  LP  150
  DUKES.THE  "The Dukes(RE) " RED LOUNGE  07  Germany 60's. Ritm'n'blues-psych(G)  M/M  LP  21
  DYLAN BOB  "New Morning " CBS  70  Original Spanish Copy  EX/EX  LP  18
  ELECTRIC FLAG  "Band Kept Playing " ATLANTIC  74  Original Spanish.  EX/EX  LP  25
  ELECTRIC PRUNES  "I Had Too Much To Dream(RE) " REPRISE  0  (GE)  M/M  LP  17
  ELECTRIC PRUNES  "Underground(RE) " REPRISE  0  (USA)  M/M  LP  17
  EMBRYO  "Classic German Rock Scene " UA  76  Double. Spanish Pressing.  VG+/EX  LP  45
  END THE  "Introspection(RE) " TAPESTRY  06  A Classic UK(EU)  M/M  LP  21
  EQUIPE 84  "Equipe 84 (RE) " CONTEMPO  14  FOC. Italy 1965. Beat-Garage. (I)  SS  LP  25
  ESTES BROTHERS  "Transitions(RE) " ROCKADELIC  94  USA. Recorded in 1971. Original copies sold for: $1000+. Combined a variety of styles & influences: West Coast, Garage, Hard rock. Including a track non LP(USA)  M-/M-  LP  75
  EUGENE CARNAN  "Eugene Carnan (RE) " SHADOK  11  uk-1972. Here is a great surprise for us. An unknown UK album with such a great musical potential. Musically it is a very powerful guitar dominated underground rock such as Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Dark or Grannie. The rarety factor is way above all those other rare UK album, which stay in low pressings of 99 copies and 15-20 such as Dark. This one has been pressed only 4 times ever. In September 1971 Eugene Carnan entered a UK-wide competition for “Best New Band” run by the famous Melody Maker magazine, they recorded the album in 1972 and took it to London to Eden Studios for a demo pressing and cut 4 acetates. Eugene Carnan a 3 piece band are from Sheffield, UK with guitar & vocals, bass and drums. All own composition. A killer album from beginning to end. Only 500 made (EU)  SS  LP  33
  EVERGREEN BLUESHOES  "Evergreen Blueshoes " LONDON  69  With Skip Battin (UK)  EX/EX  LP  50
  EVOLUTION  "Evolution(RE) " ARLEQUIN  79  Very rare reissue in nice condition  M-/M-  LP  75
  EXKURSIONS  "Exkursions " PRIV  70  Rare Chicago group. Heavy psychedelic w/furious wah wah fuzz guitar(USA)  M-/M-  LP  125
  EYES OF BLUE  "Crossroads Of Time " MERCURY  69  A Good psyche album from USA.Still in Shrink.(USA)  EX/EX  LP  65
  EYES OF BLUE  "In Fields Of Ardath " B.ROSE  97  USA'69.Good psychedelic LP(G)  M  CD  22
  FAIRPORT CONVENTION  "SANDY DENNY-North Star Grassman & Ravens " ISLAND  71  FOC.Palm Label Original Spanish.  EX/EX  LP  50
  FAIRPORT CONVENTION  "SANDY DENNY-The North Star Grassman " ISLAND    (G)  M  CD  12
  FAIRPORT CONVENTION  "Unhalfbricking " ISLAND  03  2 Bonus Tracks(EU)  M  CD  17
  FAIRPORT CONVENTION  "What We Did On Our Holidays " ISLAND     M  CD  12
  FANTASY  "Beyond The Beyond " COLOURS  93  2nd Unreleased LP Of this UK Progress Band..After the great PAINT A PICTURE,,recorded this record in 1974,,Untill 1993 the Norway label not rescated the tapes and now in a limited released in the air..(NO)  M-/M-  LP  70
  FANTASY(USA)  "Fantasy " LIBERTY  70  FOC. Already rare, west coast. Female vocal(USA)  EX/EX  LP  55
  FAPARDOKLY  "Fapardokly(RE) " PSYCHO  83  classic psychedelic USA'60s.(EU)  M-/M-  LP  30
  FAR OUT  "Far Out- Nihonjin (RE) " PHOENIX    A Rare Japan rock psychedelic Floyd direction(EU)  SS  LP  23
  FATE  "Sgt.Death " ROCKADELIC  99  Unreleased USA band 1968. Sound like a cross Doors, west coast Yardbirds. In die-cut full color cover, insert and 16 pag. booklet. Limited 500(USA)  M-/M-  LP  60
  FELT  "Felt(RE) " NASCO  20  Already rare this hard PSYCHEDELIC group from USA'71 (US)  M/M  LP  18
  FERRIS  "Ferris(RE) " SHADOKS  13  Finland blues rock UK Cream direcction,Fine guitar and good Hammond organ. Only 500 made (G)  SS  LP  37
  FINJARN & JENSEN  "Finjarn & Jensen " SHADOKS  09  Norway 1970.Flower power psych in UK Direction. July, Open Mind. Freddy Linquist on guitar. A Gemm. 500 copies heavy cover and vinyl(G)  M/M  LP  35
  FIRE & RAIN  "Same " MERCURY  72  Folksy, pop ballad. Gratefully version of Somebody to love by Fuzz guitar(USA)  EX/M-  LP  20
  FIRST REVELATION  "This Side Of Eternity " REVELATION  73  US Psych of the same group GOSPEL LP(US)  EX/EX  LP  100
  FIRST REVELATION  "Upon This Rock " REVELATION  73  Last LP US Psych (US)  EX/EX  LP  85
  FIVE DAY WEEK STRAW PEOPLE  "F.D-W.Straw People(RE) " AKARMA  2  A Classic psyche UK'60s (I)  SS  LP  25
  FLAMIN GROOVIES  "Jumpin' In The Night " SIRE  79  Original Spanish with insert  M-/M-  LP  40
  FLEETWOOD MAC  "Blues Jam In Chicago " COLUMBIA  0  Double(UK)  M  CD  19
  FLOWER TRAVELLIN BAND  "Anywhere (RE) " PHOENIX  99  A Classic Japan 1970(UK)  SS  LP  27
  FOOD  "Forever Is A Dream " ASCENSION  00  USA'69. Psych with fuzz, floating keyboards (AU)  M  CD  14
  FORT MUDGE MEMORIAL DUMP  "F.M.Memorial Dump (RE) " MERCURY  99  FOC.A Rare album from USA'68. Blues rock psyche(US)  SS  LP  20
  FOTHERINGAY  "Fotheringay " AM  70  FOC.Palm Label(US)  EX/EX  LP  50
  FRACTION  "Moonblood " RADIOACTIVE  04  (UK)  M  CD  18
  FRANK ZAPPA & MOTHERS  "Absolutely Free " ZAPPA  0  (FR)  M  CD  16
  FRANK ZAPPA & MOTHERS  "Bongo Fury " REPRISE  75  Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  25
  FRANK ZAPPA & MOTHERS  "LP Pop History Vol 14 " POLYDOR  72  Double..Rare Spanish Issue.  EX/EX  LP  60
  FRANK ZAPPA & MOTHERS  "Waka Jawaka " RYKO  0  (USA)  M  CD  16
  FRANK ZAPPA & MOTHERS  "Zoot Allures " WARNER  76  Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  25
  FRATERNITY OF MAN  "Fraternity Of Man " ABC  68  (USA)  SS  LP  65
  FREDRIC  "Phases & Faces(RE) " FORTE  1  A Classic and rare USA'68(EU)  M-/M-  LP  40
  FREE  "BACK STREET CRAWLER-Kossoff " ISLAND  73  Original UK.  EX/EX  LP  50
  FREE  "Fire & Water-ESP " PHILIPS  70  Rare Orig.Spanish Issue  M-/M-  LP  75
  FREE  "Free Live " ISLAND  71  Very rare Spanish Original,Gimmix cover  EX/EX  LP  50
  FREE  "Heartbreaker " ISLAND  73  Orig. Spanish Issue. Island Palm Label.  EX/EX  LP  45
  FREE  "Highway-ESP " ISLAND  71  Rare Spanish Issue Pink Label  EX/EX  LP  60
  FREE  "Kossoff Kirke Tetsu Rabbit " ISLAND  72  FOC. Rare Original Spanish.Palm Label.  EX/EX  LP  40
  FREEBORNE  "Peak Impressions(RE) " MPS  98  Very rare album from USA'60s. Acid trip psychedelic, w/fuzz guitar(US)  SS  LP  18
  FREEPORT  "Freeport(RE) " MAINSTREAM  08  USA'70s A Classic of this label.(USA)  SS  LP  20.00
  FUSION ORCHESTRA  "Skeleton In Armour(RE) " SOUNDVISION  14  FOC. A Rare UK Progress (UK)  SS  LP  22
  GARYBALDI  "Astrolabio(RE) " V.MAGIC  07  FOC. Post: Gleemen. Italian Hendrix(I)  M/M  LP  25
  GENESIS(UK)  "Genesis 70's Pop Sound " CHARISMA  73  Spanish Pressing.Laminated cover.  M-/M-  LP  100
  GERONIMO BLACK  "Geronimo Black " UNI  72  FOC.Original Spanish.  EX/EX  LP  75
  GINGER BAKER'S AIR FORCE  "G.B.Air Force 2 " POLYDOR  70  Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  25
  GLEEMEN  "Gleemen (RE) " BLACK WIDOW  93  Italy psychedelic album from'70. Pre; Garybaldi(I)  M/M  LP  25
  GNIDROLOG  "Lady Lake (RE) " TIMELESS  85  Bassic progressive UK'70s. Japan copy(EU)  M/M  LP  25
  GODS,THE  "To Samuel A Son(RE) " SOUNDVISION  13  A Rare UK'69. Psych(EU)  SS  LP  25
  GOLDEN CUPS  "Album Vol.2 " CAPITOL    Japan Garage,psych (J)  EX/EX  LP  125
  GOLDEN EARRING  "Eight Miles High " BULLET  1  (HO)  M  CD  16
  GOTHS LES  "Reve De Silence (RE) " SHADOK  11  France 1968..LP Unreleased until now.The music influence was Cream and Jimi Hendrix and the guitar parts it reminds us of Randy Holden.This french psychedelic band from Normandie is perhaps one of the best albums from that time ever recorded in France..Only 500 made (EU)  SS  LP  33
  GRACIOUS  "Gracious " VERTIGO  70  FOC. Spanish Original. Swirl  EX/EX  LP  125
  GRAFFITI  "Graffiti " ABC  68  FOC. A Classic USA Psych(USA)  EX/EX  LP  80
  GRANICUS  "Granicus(RE) " RCA  08  Already rare.(USA)  SS  LP  18
  GRANNIE  "Grannie " HUGO MONTES  07  A Classic Underground rock/psych UK'70S(EU)  M  CD  15
  GRATEFUL DEAD  "Europa 72 " WARNER  73  3LP Box. Spanish Original  EX/EX  LP  50
  GRATEFUL DEAD  "From the Mars Hotel " G.DEAD  75  Original Spanish.  M-/M-  LP  40
  GRAVELPIT  "Snowglobe " ROCKADELIC  99  New Band from Portland. In pure line Psych/rock 70's(USA)  M/M  LP  25
  GRAVY TRAIN  "Ballad Of A Peaceful Man (RE) " AKARMA  03  A Classic first LP of this UK 1970(I)  SS  LP  22
  GRAVY TRAIN  "Gravy Train (RE) " AKARMA  03  FOC. Rare reissue(I)  SS  LP  22
  GREAT SOCIETY  "How It Was(RE) " COLUMBIA  03  New Reissue(USA)  SS  LP  15
  GREENSLADE  "Bedside Manners Are Extra " WARNER  73  FOC Spanish Pressing.  EX/EX  LP  30
  GREENSLADE  "Greenslade " WARNER  73  FOC. Spanish Pressing.  EX/EX  LP  30
  GREENWOOD NICHOLAS  "Cold Cuts(RE) " AKARMA    Killer great rock progres from UK'72 (I)  SS  LP  25
  GROUNDHOGS  "Split " LIBERTY  71  foc. Rare original UK Copy  EX/EX  LP  60
  GROWING CONCERN  "Growing Concern(RE) " MAINS  05  A Classic USA'60s(EU)  M/M  LP  20
  GUILD ,THE  "Musik " PRIVATE  80  A Rare and Excellent private folk psych underground LP. USA Group. Produced and distributed by the band, beautiful female vocal, and some track duet male/female vocal. (USA)  EX/EX  LP  80
  HARSH REALITY  "Heaven & Hell(RE) " TAPESTRY  97  A Classic UK'70s(EU)  M/M  LP  22
  HARVEST FLIGHT  "One Way " DESTINY  71  A Rare gem christian psychedelic music(USA)  EX/EX  LP  125
  HAUNTED THE  "Haunted(RE) " PSYCHO  0  A Classic Canadian 60's(UK)  M-/M-  LP  35
  HAWKLORDS  "Hawklords " CHARISMA  78  Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  35
  HEAD MACHINE  "Orgasm(RE) " PVC  11  A Good Recod. Hard rock-prog UK 1970(US)  M/M  LP  22
  HEADS THE  "Heads Up " LIBERTY  68  Rock Psych..Fuzz Guitar (USA)  EX/EX  LP  55
  HEADS,HANDS & FEET  "Tracks " EMI  72  Rare Original Spanish.  EX/EX  LP  30
  HEADSTONE  "Still Looking " ANTHOLOGY  97  Classic USA'70s(UK)  M  CD  24
  HEATWAVE, THE  "Honeymelon Teapot " GREY PAST  06  FOC. Duch 60's group. Recently discovered. Recording in 1967-1968. Interesting melange of R & B, psychedelia and west coast influences. 14 tracks.(HO)  M/M  LP  27
  HEAVY CRUISER  "Heavy Cruiser " PHILIPS  72  Laminated Cover. Original Spanish.  EX/EX  LP  75
  HELL PREACHERS INC.  "Supreme Psychedelic Underground " DIM  70  Very rare Spanish Original.  EX/EX  LP  75
  HENDRIX JIMI  "Are You Experienced " MCA  93  Digitally(USA)  M  CD  18
  HENDRIX JIMI  "Axis Bold As Love " MCA  97  (EU)  M  CD  19
  HENDRIX JIMI  "Electric Ladyland " MCA  93  Digitally(USA)  M  CD  19
  HENDRIX JIMI  "Flashing " CBH  96  (G)  M  CD  19
  HENDRIX JIMI  "Rainbow Bridge " REPRISE  71  Very Rare Spanish Original Single Laminated Cover    LP  40
  HERO  "Hero (RE) " EU    A Classic Italy 1973 (EU)  EX/EX  LP  40
  HOLDEN RANDY  "Population(RE) " HOBBIT    Very Rare Killer psych(US)  SS  LP  17
  HOLLIES THE  "In The Hollies Style " PARLOPHONE  64  2nd LP.Original UK.  EX/EX  LP  100
  HOOK  "Hooked " PROGRESSIVE  02  USA'68.First LP.Good psych band,fuzz guitar(EU)  M  CD  22
  HOOK  "Will Grab You " UNI  68  Good psych album(USA)  EX/EX  LP  65
  HORSE  "Horse(RE) " ABSIN  0  A Classic UK Hard rock'70s(EU)  M/M  LP  25
  HOU-LOPS  "Hou-Lops " CANUSA  69  Local garage psyche album from Canada(CA)  EX/EX  LP  75
  HOUR GLASS  "Power Of Love " LIBERTY  68   EX/EX  LP  40
  HOUSTON FEARLESS  "Houston Fearless " IMPERIAL  70  A Good hard psyche album from USA(USA)  EX/EX  LP  50
  HOYLE LINDA  "Pieces Of Me(RE) " AKARMA  11  A Rare British LP of the vocalist Affinity & nucleus. FOC (I)  SS  LP  22
  HUMAN INSTINCT  "Pins In It (RE) " SUNBEAM  11  A Classic heavy guitar group from Aussie . Double LP With bonus,History And Photos(UK)  SS  LP  31
  HUMAN INSTINCT  "Stoned Guitar (RE) " SUNBEAM  11  A Good Guitar. Hendrix line. Double with bonus and Photos (UK)  SS  LP  31
  HUMBLE PIE  "Humble Pie " AM  70  FOC. Third LP.Rare Original USA  EX/EX  LP  65
  HURDY GURDY  "Hurdy Gurdy(RE) " AKARMA  02  Good hard progressive album from Denmark'71(I)  SS  LP  25
  I DRIVE  "I Drive (RE) " LITTLE WING    Double set LP.A Classic Kraupt..(G)  M-/M-  LP  80
  I RAGAZZI DEL SOLE  "I Ragazzi Del Sole(RE) " JOLLY  92  Italy'66. Garage, ritm'n'blues(I)  M/M  LP  50
  ICECROSS  "Icecross(RE) " VINTAGE  1  Iceland'78. Good heavy progress(US)  SS  LP  22
  IDLE RACE  "Birthday Party " RETRO  06  W/15 Extra Tracks  M  CD  19
  IDLE RACE  "Idle Race + Time Is " RETRO  06  Two LP'S in 1 CD  M  CD  19
  IL BALLETTO DI BRONZO  "YS (RE) " BTF  14  FOC. A Classic Itali progress. (I)  SS  LP  25
  ILL WIND  "Flashes(RE) " SUNBEAM  09  A Classic psychedelic album from USA'60s Double LP With bonus(UK)  SS  LP  30
  INCREDIBLE BONGO BAND  "The Return Of " POLYDOR  74  Original Spanish  EX/VG+  LP  35
  INCREDIBLE HOG  "Incredible Hog (RE) " HIFLY  15  UK Hard rock 75. (EU)  SS  LP  25
  INCREDIBLE STRING BAND  "No Ruinous Feud-ESP " ISLAND  73  Original Spanish. Palm Label Inner notes    LP  20
  IT'S ALL MEAT  "It's All Meat(RE) " G.TREE  10  FOC. New Reissue in same cover of this classic monster garage-psyche album from Cnada'60s. (G)  SS  LP  22
  IVORY  "Ivory " G.FAB  2  A Rare west coast from USA'68(USA)  M  CD  19
  J.D.BLACFOOT  "Ultimate Prophecy " MERCURY  70  A ClassicUSA(USA)  EX/EX  LP  130
  J.D.BLACFOOT  "Ultimate Prophecy(RE) " MERCURY  0  (USA)  EX/EX  LP  25
  JACK LONDON & THE SPARROWS  "J.L & Sparrows " RADIOACTIVE  06  A Rare canada group 1965.(UK)  M  CD  18
  JACULA  "In Cauda Semper Stat..(RE) " B.WIDOW  1  Ultrarare Italy'69. (I)  M/M  LP  20
  JACULA  "Tardo Pede In Magiam Versus(RE) " B.WIDOW  14  Italy 70's. Progress (I)  M/M  LP  20
  JADE WARRIOR  "Last Autumn's Dream " VERTIGO  72  Rare original Spanish-.Swirl Label.  EX/EX  LP  100
  JANUS  "Gravedigger(RE) " HARVEST  72  A Classic UK Hard Rock band. Only released in Germany (GE)  SS  LP  25
  JERICHO JONES  "Junkies Monkeys, Donneis " AKARMA  02  FOC , Post CHURCHILS 70's, Double (I)  SS  LP  25
  JERONIMO  "Time Ride " BACILLUS  76  FOC. Very rare Spanis promotional white label.  EX/EX  LP  125
  JETHRO TULL  "A Passion Play " CHRYSALIS  73   EX/EX  LP  25
  JIM COLLINS  "Music by The High Mass " PROSPER  0  USA'90s. A Rarity a very good example of acid-folk psyche, likely Charlie Tweddle, Peter Grudzien, Bob Trimble with good distorted wah wah electric guitar. A Primitive dark purple and gold cover. Sure future $$$$(USA)  M/M  LP  125
  JO BURG HAWK  "Jo Burg Hawk " CHARISMA  73  Vary Rare original Spanish Of This Afro Latin Rock..Post: HAWK.  EX/EX  LP  45
  JOHN DUMMER'S BAND  "Blue " VERTIGO  72  Very rare Spanish copy.Swirl label.  EX/EX  LP  150
  JOHN DUMMER'S BAND  "Cabal " MERCURY  69  Rare first LP. Blues UK'60s. Original UK Copy  VG+/VG+  LP  65
  JOHN DUMMER'S BAND  "Famous Music Band " FONTANA  71  Very rare Original Spanish Copy  EX/EX  LP  100
  JOHN DUMMER'S BAND  "Oobleedooblee Jubilee " VERTIGO  73  Rare Original Spanish Copy  EX/EX  LP  150
  JOHN KAY & SPARROW-STEPPENWOLF  "John Kay & Sparrow " REPERTOIRE  01  A Classic rock psych w/8 bonus ttracks(G)  M  CD  21
  JOHN YLVISAKER  "Cool Living " A.GARDE  68  Ultrarare & unknown Garage psycho monster from USA`68. Wild farfisa organ, super ripping guitar. (US)  EX/EX  LP  100
  JOHN'S CHILDREN  "Jagged Time Lapse " G.BACK  98  FOC. 14 Tracks, nice psychedelic sleeve, 180 gr.vinyl(I)  M/M  LP  30
  JOHN'S CHILDREN  "Orgasm(RE) " G.BACK  98  FOC(I)  M/M  LP  17
  JOHN'S CHILDREN  "Smashed Blocked " G.BACK  98  FOC. 17 Tracks in super sleeve, 180 gr. vinyl(I)  M/M  LP  30
  JOKERS WILD  "Liquid Giraffe (RE) " SHADOKS  13  USA-67-69. "Jokers Wild" recorded 3 singles between 1967 and 1969 but the complete album was never released. Heavy underground rock with great composed songs, fuzz guitars, speedy drums and tight bass lines. Only 500 (G)  SS  LP  37
  JOSEFUS  "Dead Man(RE) " AKARMA  03  Classic hard rock US'70s, (I)  M/M  LP  30
  JOSEFUS  "Josefus(RE) " MAINSTREAM  0  2nd LP of this classic USA(EU)  M/M  LP  18
  JOSHUA FOX  "Joshua Fox " TETRAGRAMMATON  69  Rare USA Psych (US)  EX/EX  LP  60
  JUAN DE LA CRUZ BAND  "WALLY GONZALEZ- Tunog Pinoy " VICOR  05  Good guitar rock Record(FI)  M  CD  16
  JUDAS PRIEST  "Sad Wings Of Destiny " GULL  75  Gatefold. Rare original Spanish Pressing  M-/M-  LP  50
  JUICY LUCY  "Get A Whiff A This-ESP " ISLAND  71  Spanish Copy  EX/EX  LP  50
  JUICY LUCY  "Juicy Lucy " VERTIGO  70  FOC. Swirl label. Censured cover. Rare Spanish Copy  EX/EX  LP  100
  JUMBO  "DNA (RE) " VM    FOC. A Classic Italy Rock Progress (I)  M/M  LP  25
  JUN KAMIKUBO  "Nothingnecs(RE) " SHADOKS  2  Japan 1972. One of the best and rare Japanesse underground LP. Great fuzz guitar & vocals, in Apryl fool direction. 350 copies in heavy vinyl & cover(G)  M/M  LP  OFFS
  KAHVAS JUTE  "Wide Open(RE) " AKARMA  2  A Classic hard rock from Aussie'70. (I)  SS  LP  25
  KALEIDOSCOPE(USA)  "A Beacon From Mars(RE) " EPOQUE  0  (EU)  SS  LP  17
  KALEIDOSCOPE(USA)  "Incredible Kaleidoscope " EPIC  69     LP 
  KALEIDOSCOPE(USA)  "Kaleidoscope(RE) " EPIC  0  USA Psyche(USA)  SS  LP  15
  KARTHAGO  "Second Step " BASF  74  Second LP. Germany hard rock.Rare Spanish Original.  EX/EX  LP  60
  KATMANDU  "Katmandu "  MAINSTREAM  71  A Rare classic hard psych on Mainstream Label (US)  EX/EX  LP  125
  KEN LITTLE  "Solo " DHARMA  73  Already rare. Psyche blues album from USA(USA)  M-/M-  LP  75
  KENNY & THE CASUALS  "Garage Kings " MARK  79  (US)  EX/EX  LP  35
  KENNY WAYNE & KAMOTIONS  "In Motion(RE) " A.SOUND  95  Rare Texas garage psycho 70(I)  M/M  LP  15
  KING CRIMSON  "In The Court Of… " ISLAND  72  Gatefold. Palm label.  EX/EX  LP  60
  KING CRIMSON  "In The Wake Of Poseidon " ISLAND  73  Foc. Original Spain. Palm label,  EX/EX  LP  45
  KING CRIMSON  "Larks`Tongues in Aspic " ATLANTIC  73  (US)  EX/EX  LP  30
  KING CRIMSON  "Lizard " ATLANTIC  71  FOC. Rare USA Pressing.  M-/M-  LP  40
  KING CRIMSON  "Red " ISLAND  74  Original Spain. Palm Label.  EX/EX  LP  40
  KING CRIMSON  "Starless And Bible Black " ATLANTIC  74  FOC. (US)  EX/EX  LP  30
  KNOWBODY ELSE,THE  "Knowbody Else " HIP  69  Rare in this time, fine hard rock psyche from USA(USA)  M-/M-  LP  85
  KRISTYL  "Kristyl " MR  07  A Good psyche album from USA'75(EU)  M  CD  20
  KROKODIL  "An Invisible World Revealed " S,BATLE  07  W/3 Bonus tracks. Digipack(G)  M  CD  19
  KROKODIL  "Classic German Rock Scene " UA  76  Double.Spanish Issue. First and 2nd LP  EX/EX  LP  95
  KROKODIL  "Sweat And Swim (Promo) " BACILLUS  75  Double. Original Spanish Press.White label  EX/EX  LP  150
  KRYPTASTHESIE  "Shaken At The Sun " MENHIR  92  Already rare Double LP. Italy psych group(I)  EX/EX  LP  50
  LAMONT  "A Legend In His Own Mind " UNI  68  A Rare USA psych(USA)  EX/EX  LP  30
  LARRY'S REBELS  "A Study In Black " IMPACT  67   EX/VG+  LP  125
  LAZY SMOKE  "Corridor of Faces(RE) " JACKPOT    Masterpiece psychedelic album from USA'60s With photos and info (US)  SS  LP  21
  LE ORME  "At Gloriam(RE) " AMS    A Classic & rare psycho album from Italy'60s, (I)  M/M  LP  30
  LEAVES THE  "Hey Joe- Are Happening " SUNDAZED  00  First LP With 8 bonus tracks(USA)  M  CD  16
  LIGHTSHINE  "Feeling(RE) " G.DELIGHTS  12  A Classic monster germany 70`s(G)  M/M  LP  22
  LIMELIGHT  "Limited Limelight " MOVIEPLAY  82  Germany rock progress..Spanish Issue.  EX/EX  LP  30
  LINCOLN ST EXIT  "Drive It(RE) " TAPESTRY  06  Tremendous USA Hard-psych 70(EU)  M/M  LP  25
  LIQUID SOUND COMPANY  "Exploring the Psychedelic " ROCKADELIC  96  New USA group. Acid psycho, fuzz, wah-wah guitar(USA)  M/M  LP  40
  LIVIN BLUES  "Rocking At The Tweed Mill " PHILIPS  73  Rare Spain Press.  EX/EX  LP  75
  LOCOMOTIVE  "We Are Everything You See(RE) " RADIOACTIVE  04  A Classic UK'70(UK)  SS  LP  26
  LOGOS  "Firesides And Guitars (RE) " OUT SIDER  14  Very rare Private folk psych rock LP From Kansas, (US)  SS  LP  25
  LOLLIPOP SHOPPE  "Just Colour(RE) " TAPESTRY  06  A Classic USA psyche(EU)  M/M  LP  25
  LORD SUTCH  "And Heavy Friends(RE) " SUNDAZED  05  With Jimmy Page & Noel Redding(USA)  SS  LP  22
  LOVE  "Da Capo " WARNER  2  Mono and Stereo version, 1 bonus track(EU)  M  CD  14
  LOVE  "Da Capo(RE) " SUNDAZED  0  New reissue in 180gr vinyl(USA)  SS  LP  20
  LOVE  "False Start " O.WAY  0  (USA)  M  CD  15
  LOVE  "Four Sail(RE) " SUNDAZED  04  (USA)  SS  LP  20
  LOVE  "Love " ELEKTRA  88  Mono & Stereo version(USA)  M  CD  17
  LOVE  "Out There " BIG BEAT  90  (UK)  M  CD  21
  LOVE IS A HEART-ON  "Love Is A Heart-On " HEAVY  70  USA Group Erotic rock for Mature Adults Only(US)  EX/EX  LP  65
  LUCIFER'S FRIEND  "Where The Groupies Killed The Blues " VERTIGO  72  Swirl Label. Original Spain Press  EX/EX  LP  100
  LUTHA  "Lutha(RE) " MAYFAIR  06  A Rare rock psych from New Zealand(G)  M/M  LP  27
  MAD RIVER  "Mad River(RE) " CAPITOL  03  First LP(USA)  SS  LP  16
  MAGNA CARTA  "In Concert " VERTIGO  72  FOC. Laminated cover. Swirl label.  EX/EX  LP  50
  MAGNA CARTA  "Magna Carta " MERCURY  70  Very rare Spanish copy. First LP. Other COPY More: M-/M- 150  EX/VG+  LP  90
  MAGNA CARTA  "Spotlight On " PHILIPS  79  Double. Spanish Copy  EX/EX  LP  35
  MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA  "Birds Of Fire " CBS  73  Orange Label. Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  25
  MAJORITY ONE  "Same " OPALO  72  Super cool psycho. Spanish copy. Belgium group  M-/M-  LP  125
  MALOMBRA  "Our Ladg Of The Bones " B.WIDOW    Double LP With book(I)  M-/M-  LP  25
  MANFRED MANN CHAPTER THREE  "Messin' " VERTIGO  74  Original Spanish. Laminadted cover. Swirl label.  EX/EX  LP  50
  MANFRED MANN CHAPTER THREE  "Volumen 2 " VERTIGO  71  Original Spanish. Swirl label.  EX/EX  LP  100
  MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND  "Messin' " VERTIGO  74  Original Spain Swirl Label.  EX/EX  LP  50
  MANNA  "Manna " COLUMBIA  72  Canadian band. Obscure and tasty rural/west coast album. Rare in this time(CA)  EX/EX  LP  105
  MARAN,MIKE  "Fair Warning " ISLAND  73  Spanish copy. FOC  EX/EX  LP  21
  MARTYN JOHN  "Solid Air " ISLAND  73  Gatefold. Original Spain press.  EX/EX  LP  60
  MARY JANE  "Hazy Days " SEPTEMBER  96  Already rare to find. Acid psych from Germany(G)  EX/EX  LP  21
  MATADORS THE  "Matadors " SUPRAPHON  69  2nd LP.Good ritm'nblues group from Checoslovakia(CHE)  EX/EX  LP  125
  MATCHMAKERS THE  "Bubble-Gum A Go Go " BELTER  70  Original Spanish. Laminated Cover  EX/EX  LP  40
  MATTHEWS SOUTHERN COMFORT  "Second Spring " UNI  70  Original Spanish Laminated Cover  EX/EX  LP  30
  MAY BLITZ  "May Blitz(RE) " AKARMA  03  FOC. UK Hard Rock (I)  SS  LP  22
  MC5  "Back In The USA " WARNER  0  (GE)  M  CD  13
  MC5  "Power Tip " ALIVE  94  Unreleased material & 12 page booklet(USA)  M  CD  17
  McGUINNESS FLINT  "Rainbow " ISLAND  73  FOC.Orioginal Spanish Island Palm Label  EX/EX  LP  25
  MCKAY  "Take Two " OR    Is A Collection of recordings by the same musicians "INTO YOU" LP from 1975-1979 (us)  EX/EX  LP  80
  MCKINLEY WILSON  "Spirit Of Elijah(RE) " EU  08  USA 1972 rural-rock-heavy psychedelic guy from Washington. A Good example of the christian music(EU)  M/M  LP  30
  MELLOW CANDLE  "Swaddling Songs(RE) " TAPESTRY  93  FOC(I)  SS  LP  19
  MERKIN  "Music From Merkin.. " G.FAB  97  A Classic psychedelic USA'60s. W/3 Extra tracks(USA)  M  CD  19
  MERREL FANKHAUSER & THE EXILES  "The Early years " A.SOUND  94  16 Tracks from: 64-67. 13 Unreleased & 3 early 45`s. Only 500 made W/Poster(USA)  M/M  LP  30
  MERRYWEATHER NEIL  "Space Rangers " MERCURY  74  Already rare to find..(USA)  EX/EX  LP  60
  MESSAGE  "Sinopsis (Promo) " TELEFUNKEN  76  Original Spanish Pressing.Unique cover. White label.  M-/M-  LP  80
  MESSAGE  "The Dawn Anew Is Coming " BACILLUS  76  Original Spanish Pressing.  M-/M-  LP  90
  MESSAGE  "The Dawn Anew Is Coming (Promo) " BACILLUS  76  Original Spanish Pressing. White label.  M-/M-  LP  125
  MICAH  "I'm Only One Man (RE) " SHADOKS  12  USA'71.Underground rock psych band. British group direcction,Loots heavy fuzz guitar, hammond organ .Mighty sound.Heavy sleeve and 180gr. (EU)  M/M  LP  38
  MICHAELS LEE  "Carnival Of Life " AM  67  Good rock psyche album from USA in SRC line(USA) SHRINK  EX/EX  LP  75
  MIGHTY BABY  "A Jug Of Love(RE) " SUNBEAM  06  FOC. Very rare 2nd LP Of this british psych-blues group (UK)  M/M  LP  25
  MIGHTY BABY  "Mighty Baby(RE) " BARNYARD  14  Very rare In Original. reissue of classic first LP UK psych group(UK)  SS  LP  25
  MILL RUN BAND  "Pilot Meet Stars " ROCKADELIC  97  USA Group'77. His sound is pure psychedelic 70's in direction: B. Trimble, Michelangelo, D.R.Hooker. 750 Made(USA)  M-/M-  LP  40
  MISSINK LINKS THE  "Missink Links(RE) " RAVEN  84  A Classic Aussie 60's. Ritm'n'blues First Reissue.(AU)  M-/M-  LP  50
  MISSUS BEASTLY  "Missus Beastly(RE) " G.DELIGHTS  12  FOC. Rare Germany kraut--first LP. (G)  SS  LP  22
  MITCH RYDER & DETROIT WHEELS  "Take A Ride " N.VOICE  65  Mpnp Green Label.  M-/M-  LP  50
  MOBY GRAPE  "69 " SUNDAZED  08  7 Extra tracks(USA)  M  CD  20
  MOBY GRAPE  "69(RE) " SUNDAZED  08  (USA)  SS  LP  21
  MOBY GRAPE  "Truly Fine Citizen " SUNDAZED  08  7 Bonus tracks(USA)  M  CD  20
  MOLOCH  "Moloch " STAX  69  A Rare In Demand US rock psych LP .Original Spanish.  EX/EX  LP  50
  MONKEES,THE  "I'm A Believer/Steppin Stone " RCA  67   EX/VG+  SG  8
  MONTAGE  "Montage " SUNDAZED  2  A Nice psychedelic USA'69(USA)  M  CD  15
  MOONRAKERS  "Together With Him " SHAMLEY  68  Good psychedelic-guitar album from USA(USA)  EX/EX  LP  50
  MORGEN  "Morgen(RE) " PROBE  08  Classic USA'69 on ABC label (US)  SS  LP  18
  MORNING  "Morning " VAULT  70  FOC. A Good west coast, w/folk touch album from USA(USA)  EX/EX  LP  75
  MORNING DEW  "Morning Dew(RE) " AKARMA  2  A Monster psychedelic album from USA'60s(I)  M/M  LP  25
  MORNING GLORY  "Two Suns Worth " FONTANA  67  A good rock-psychedelic album, fine guitar, combine male/female delicate vocals, as rare(USA)  EX/EX  LP  40
  MORRIGAN ,THE  "Spirit Of The Soup " MG  96  Folk progress UK record in 1984 (UK)  EX/EX  LP  30
  MOSES  "Changes(RE) " SHADOCKS  09  A Very rare Danish album from 1971. 6 Tracks of hard progressive blues rock(G)  M/M  LP  35
  MOTT THE HOOPLE  "Brain Capers-ESP " ISLAND  71  Original Palm Label. Spanish Issue.  EX/EX  LP  30.00
  MOTT THE HOOPLE  "Mad Shadows ESP " ISLAND  71  Top rarity,original Spanish. Pink Label.  EX/EX  LP  50
  MOVING SIDEWALKS  "Flash(RE) " AKARMA  2412  Double LP of this classic USA'60s. W/5 Extra tracks(I)  M/M  LP  25
  MR.FLOOD'S PARTY  "Mr.Flood's Party " COTILLON  69  Very Rare Psychedelic rock Album from USA. Much in demand. White label promo(USA)  EX/EX  LP  85
  MU  "Mu " CAS  71  A rare USA'71. Fankhauser (Fapardokly) (US)  EX/EX  LP  125
  MULTICOLORED SHADES ,THE  "House Of Wax " HYBRID  86  Good LP in VELVET UNDERGROUND direction. Spanish Issue.  EX/EX  LP  25
  MUNGO JERRY  "En El Verano " PYE  70  Original Spanish Laminated cover.  EX/EX  LP  40
  MURPHY ELLIOT  "Just s Story From America " CBS  77  Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  30
  MUSEO ROSENBACH  "Zarathustra(RE) " RICORDI    FOC. Classic Italy, progree'73(I)  M/M  LP  25
  MUSIC MACHINE  "Turn On " REPER  07  Stereo version, mono version and 4 bonus tracks(G)  M  CD  15
  MUTZIE  "Light Of Your Shadow " SUSSEX  70  Good hard rock psyche album from USA Still in SHIRNK.(USA)  EX/EX  LP  75
  NASHVILLE TEENS  "Tobacco Road " O.WAY  96  (USA)  M  CD  13
  NATTURA  "Magic Key(RE) " RESEARCH  2  Legendary Swedish early 70s, heavy progressive rock in Sandrose direction, female vocal and good guitar and organ(EU)  M/M  LP  27
  NEIGHB`RHOOD CHILDREN  "Neighb'rhood Children " ACTA  68  Already rare, west coast psyche album from USA. WBC(USA)  EX/EX  LP  200
  NEU  "1 " MOVIEPLAY  73  FOC. Rare Spanish copy  EX/EX  LP  75
  NEU  "3 " MOVIEPLAY  75  Fic, Original Spanish.  EX/EX  LP  60
  NEW COLONY SIX  "Breakthrough(RE) " SUNDAZED  2  New deluxe reissue 180gr(USA)  SS  LP  21
  NEW TWEEDY BROTHERS  "N.T.Brothers " SHADOKS  1  A Classic USA Psyche 60's. Exagon cover(G)  M  CD  15
  NIGHT WALKERS THE  "El Gordo " BORINQUEN  70  2nd LP..Puerto Rico Group..Rare Garage Beat Music (PR)  EX/EX  LP  125
  NIGHT WALKERS THE  "Night Walkers " TRIUNFO  68  Rare first LP.Puerto Rico Group..Beat-Psych and garage touch. (PR)  EX/EX  LP  150
  NOMADS THE (USA)  "From Zero Down " CRYPT  85  Already rare to find this reissue of USA'60s Garage group (USA)  M-/M-  LP  35
  NORMAN HAINES BAND  "Den Of Iniquity(RE) " ACID NIGHTMARE  04  A Classic heavy psyche album from UK'71. (UK)  M/M  LP  25
  OMEGA  "III " BACILLUS  75  Original Spanish White label promo.  M-/M-  LP  45
  OMEGA  "The Hall Of Floaters In The Sky " BACILLUS  76  Original Spanish Copy  M-/M-  LP  30
  OMNIBUS  "Omnibus " UA  70  FOC. Very good psyche album from USA in DOORS direction CC USA)  EX/EX  LP  75
  OOSTEN,MICHAEL  "M.Oosten(RE) " G.FARM  0  USA'74. Very rare acid folk psyche. (I)  M/M  LP  24
  ORANGE COLORED SKY  "O.C.Sky " UNI  68  Rare in this time. Pop/psyche USA'6 8usa)  EX/EX  LP  65
  ORANGE PEEL  "Orange Peel (RE) " LONG HAIR    FOC. A Classic Krautrock LP 1970 (EU)  SS  LP  21
  ORANG-UTAN  "Orang-utan(RE) " HIFLY  2  A Rare UK'71, heavy pysch rock, good guitar(EU)  M/M  LP  22
  OSANNA  "Landscape Of Life(RE) " FONIT  91  A Bassic progressive group from Italy`70s. FOC(I)  EX/EX  LP  25
  OUT OF DARKNESS  "Out Of Darkness (RE) " L.WING    A Classic and rare UK Psych. Deleted reissue (G)  EX/EX  LP  35
  OUTSKIRTS OF INFINITY  "Lord Of The Dark Skies " WORONZOW  87  Acid Excursio n Psych (UK)  EX/EX  LP  40
  PACIFIC  "Same " PRIVATE  78  Rare and unknown rock USA group.70s heavy sound AOR at times(US  EX/EX  LP  100
  PATTO  "Hold Your Fire(RE) " AKARMA  2  First LP(I)  M/M  LP  25
  PATTO  "Patto(RE) " AKARMA  2  2nd LP(I)  SS  LP  22
  PATTO  "Roll' em Smoke 'em Put Another Line Out " ISLAND  73  Original Spanish. Palm Label  EX/EX  LP  65
  PAUL REVERE & RAIDERS  "Alias Pink Fuzz " SUNDAZED  99  W/4 Extra Tracks(USA)  M  CD  14
  PAUL REVERE & RAIDERS  "Midnight Ride " SUNDAZED  99  W/4 Extra Tracks(USA)  M  CD  15
  PAUL REVERE & RAIDERS  "Spirit of'67 " SUNDAZED  96  3 Bonus tracks(USA)  M  CD  15
  PEACE JOE  "Finding Peace of Mind " W.S  1  A personal fave. Psichedelic group from Ohio, reminiscence of Bent Wind very good vocal & guitar(G)  M  CD  17
  PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY  "Is Spreading(RE) " COLUMBIA  0  USA'67. A Good west coast album(USA  SS  LP  18
  PEGUES STEPHEN  "Mellow Understanding " HRS  73  USA 1973 Really interesting downer folk, by this lonely depressed Dallas Texan. Has help from a fragile- voiced English sounding female on a couple songs, but in general, a somber dark cloud hangs over this record, especially on tracks like "Ten Years Gone"; "The Journedy"; "Take the Devil"; "The Garden Song"; "I'm Alone Cover has slight wear, I" seam split top and bottom @ opening, no holes, no writing etc. vinyl is NM(USA)  VG+/EX  LP  150
  PENTANGLE  "Cruel Sister/Reflection " TRANSATLANTIC  79  Double set Spanish Isue..W/Book.  EX/EX  LP  25
  PETE & ROICE  "Days of Destructions " OCEAN  81  Greece group, already rare. Hard progressive by touch symphonic (GR)  EX/M-  LP  175
  PETE BROWN & PIBLOKTO  "Thousands On A Raft (RE) " TIMELESS  86  FOC. A Classic UK Progress (UK)  SS  LP  25
  PHOLAS DACTYLUS  "Concerto Delle Menti(RE) " B.WIDOW  14  Italy Progress rock 70's (I)  M/M  LP  20
  PINK FAIRIES  "Kings Of Oblivion " POLYDOR  0  (UK)  M  CD  13
  PINK FAIRIES  "Kings Of Oblivion(RE) " POLYDOR  2  A Cult group UK'73 (US)  SS  LP  20
  PLASTIC CLOUD  "Plastic Clod(RE) " VOID  06  New Reissue of this Classic Canadian band'69(USA)  M-/M-  LP  30
  PLASTIC CLOUD  "Plastic Cloud " PACEMAKER  05  Bassic Canada 60`s(CA)  M  CD  19
  POWER OF ZEUS  "Gospel According To Zeus(RE) " R.EARTH  2  Rare on Vinyl. USA'70s. Hard rock (USA)  M/M  LP  17
  PRETTY THINGS THE  "Emotions " SPV  97  15 Tracks(UK)  M  CD  21
  PRETTY THINGS THE  "S.F.Sorrow " REPER  02  Digipack 7 bonus(G)  M  CD  15
  PRETTY THINGS THE  "S.F.Sorrow(RE) " R.EARTH  04  (USA)  M/M  LP  18
  PRIME MOVERS  "Sins Of Fourfathers " DETOUR  2  A Classic first LP(UK)  M  CD  21
  PUNCHIN'JUDY  "Punchin'Judy " TRANSATLANTIC  74  Laminated Cover. Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  25
  PUSSY  "Plays " BACKGROUND  94  (UK)  M  CD  25
  PUSSY  "Plays(RE) " AKARMA  04  A Classic Psyche UK'60s(I)  SS  LP  22
  QUEEN  "Queen " EMI  73  Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  25
  QUICKSILVER M.SERVICE  "DINO VALENTI-Get Together Lost Recording " MISSING VINYL  11  Double. Alls song recorded.1964-1970 (EU)  SS  LP  25
  QUICKSILVER M.SERVICE  "Maiden of the Cancer Moon " PSYCHO  83  Double(UK)  EX/EX  LP  135
  QUICKSILVER M.SERVICE  "Quicksilver " CAPITOL  72  Rare original Spanish copy  EX/EX  LP  21
  QUICKSILVER M.SERVICE  "Solid Silver " CAPITOL  76  Original Spanish Pressing.  EX/EX  LP  25
  QUINTESSENCE  "Quintessence " ISLAND  70  Original Spanish Pink Label.Gimmix cover  EX/EX  LP  50
  RARE BIRD  "As Your Mind Flies by " PHILIPS  71  Rare Spanish copy  EX/EX  LP  30
  RARE BIRD  "Sympathy " PHILPS  70  Original Spanish. Laminated Cover  EX/EX  LP  50
  RARE EARTH  "Willie Remembers.. " R.EARTH  0  Original Spanish. 3 Fold cover  M-/M-  LP  30
  RAW MATERIAL  "Raw Material(RE) " SOUNDVISION  2012  UK'71 Hard Progress.(EU)  SS  LP  22
  RAW MATERIAL  "Time Is..(RE) " AKARMA  0  FOC. 2nd LP Of this UK Progress(I)  SS  LP  22
  RAYNE  "Rayne(RE) " SHADOCKS  07  LP 450 numbered / heavy sleeve / 180 gram pressing / insert Frank Saucier and his 3 brothers formed Rayne in 1977, located in the New Orleans suburbia. They have recorded the album with good home equipment with no overdubs. The original album (the black album as they called it) was only pressed 300 times and during a moment of frustration they took a box of the album and shot them with a shotgun. So not many left to sell. The music is first class psych rock, strong compositions, great guitars & vocals, just everything right, something you would expect from a band located in New Orleans. Southern spirit and the tough guys don't dance thing, they play music instead  M/M  LP  35
  RIVER STYX  "River Styx " DISTORTIONS  96  USA'60s.Garage psycho.Chocolate W.B.direction. W/Insert (USA)  M/M  LP  17
  ROBERT SAVAGE  "Adventures of.. " PARAMOUNT  71  FOC. Wild Detroit hard rock w/ SRC touch(USA)  M-/M-  LP  60
  ROCKFOUR  "One Fantastic Day " T.EAR  1  FOC. New Israel band 90's. Pure acid-freak-psyche. Churchils direction w/Floyd & St. peppers touch(IS)  M/M  LP  32
  ROCKFOUR  "Supermarket " T.EAR  1  FOC. In same direction, a sure psyche-trip(IS)  M/M  LP  32
  ROLLING STONES  "MX- Highwire/I Just Want To Make Love To You/Play " CBS  81   EX/EX  MX  14
  ROLLING STONES  "Thorough The Past Darkly " DECCA  69  Original Spanish.Octogonal cover, black label.  EX/EX  LP  70
  RONSON MICK  "Slaughter On 10Th Avenue "         
  ROOM  "Pre-Flight(RE) " AKARMA  0  A Classic UK'70(EU)  M/M  LP  20
  SACRED MUSHROOM  "Sacred Mushroom(RE) " AKARMA  2  Bassic psychedelic album from USA'69(I)  M/M  LP  22
  SAGITTARIUS  "Present Tense " SUNDAZED  97  9 Extra tracks(USA)  SS  CD  20
  SALVATION  "This City " PRIVATE  79  Private North Carolina..Hard rock psych with west coast touch..(US)  EX/EX  LP  125
  SAVAGE RESURRECTION  "Savage Resurrection(RE) " TAPESTRY  06  (EU)  SS  LP  22
  SAVAGE ROSE  "Refugee " RCA  72  Very rare Spanish Copy. Norway group  EX/EX  LP  65
  SAVOY BROWN  "A Step Further " DERAM  90  (USA)  M  CD  13
  SAVOY BROWN  "Blue Matter " DERAM  90  (USA)  M  CD  13
  SAVOY BROWN  "Getting To Point " DORSEY  04  (EU)  M  CD  16
  SAVOY BROWN  "Looking In/Lion's Share " DORSEY  04  2 LP'S In 1 CD(EU)  M  CD  16
  SAVOY BROWN  "Shake Down/Raw Sienna " DORSEY  04  2 LP's In 1 CD(EU)  M  CD  16
  SCRAM  "Scram " PRIVADO  80  USA.Post:LODESTAR,same band basically.Mighty hard rock.Only 500(USA)  M/M  LP  55
  SEARCHERS THE  "Grandes Exitos De Searchers " HISPAVOX  65  Original Spanish.  EX/EX  LP  65
  SECOND COMING  "Same(RE) " PRIVATE  89  Super rare LP, only 300 pressed in original. This reissue only 200 a 5 years. Strange/bizarre end 70`s, psychedelic weirdness-exp-vocals, sound effects(EU)  M-/M  LP  20
  SEEDS THE  "A Full Spoon Seedy " CRECENDO    Original (US)  M-/M-  LP  60
  SEEDS THE  "Bad Part Of Town " EVA    (FR)  M-/M-  LP  25
  SEMIRAMIS  "Dedicato a Frazz (RE) " TRI    A Classic Italy 1973(I)  M/M  LP  25
  SEOMPI  "Summer's Comin'On Heavy " ROCKADELIC  98  USA 1970. Another killer new released of this prestigious label. Texas hard rock in SABBATH direction. Deluxe black plastic cover & insert(USA)  M/M  LP  45
  SEX  "Sex " TRANS-CANADA  71  Classic Canada 1971 Hard Psych. Still in Shrink (US)  M-/M-  LP  175
  SHADOWS OF KNIGHT  "Back Door Men(RE) " SUNDAZED  98  New Reissue 180gram vinyl. w/3 extra tracks(USA)  SS  LP  20
  SHADOWS OF KNIGHT  "Gloria " SUNDAZED  98  W/3 Extra tracks(USA)  M  CD  16
  SHADOWS OF KNIGHT  "Gloria(RE) " SUNDAZED  98  New Reissue. 180 gram Vinyl. W/3 Extra tracks(USA)  SS  LP  20
  SHOCKING BLUE  "At Home " REPER  00  Digipack 4 bonus (G)  M  CD  14
  SIDDHARTHA  "Weltschmerz (RE) " G.DELIGHTS  12  A Rare private Germany 1975 (G)  M/M  LP  22
  SIMONES AL  "Corridor Of Dreams " P.PROGH  0  Very rare original copy of this first LP(USA)  M-/M  LP  250
  SMACK  "Smack (RE) " SHADOKS  11  Recorded in late July early August 1968 , Kansas USA. All music tracks were cut 'Live' - An original Smack LP is rare only seen 2 copies for sale the past 15 years for massive money. The music are great cover version played with extra heavy fuzz guitar, vocals, bass & drums. Those version of Cream and Hendrix songs are killer. Psychedelic feel. 500 Numered,heavy sleeve and 180gr.(GE)  M/M  LP  35
  SMITH BOB  "Stop For A Visit Down Electric Avenue " TAPESTRY  09  Yeah, it's really the Bob Smith from "The Visit" album on Kent Records. (2 records), plus the poster that came with the album on Kent Records. Classic psych 500 copies. (EU)  M/M  LP  25
  SMOKE  "It`s Smoke Time " REPER  93  W/14 Extra tracks(G)  M  CD  12
  SMOKE THE (Sidewalk)  "The Smoke (RE) " KISMET  11  Pop Psych USA Group. Prod: K.Foeley & Michael Lloyd (US)  SS  LP  18
  SOFT MACHINE  "Collection " MEDITERRANEO  76  Spanish Copy.1º y 2º LP  EX/EX  LP  60
  SOFT MACHINE  "Volume Two " WATER  07  (USA)  M  CD  21
  SORCERY  "Sinister Soldiers (RE) " CENTURY  0  monster ultarare heavy psyche album from USA'78(USA)  SS  LP  25
  SORROWS THE  "Take A Heart " CASTLE  00  42 Tracks.Bassic LP,Singles and versions in Italy and Germany(UK) Double CD  M  CD  17
  SOUP  "Soup " ARF ARM  70  Very rara private first LP of this Wisconsin band. Acid blues rock psyche. Edited in Plain cover w/ Yellow insert(USA)  EX/EX  LP  225
  SOUTH 40  "Live At Someplace Else " METROBEAT  68  Already rare garage USA'60s(USA)  M-/M-  LP  80
  SOUTHWEST F.O.B.  "Smell Of Incense " HIP  68  Bassic psychedelic album from USA. (USA)  VG+/EX  LP  75
  SPACE FARM  "Space Farm " ASCENSION  1  A Rare New Zealand'72(AU)  M  CD  24
  SPECTRUM(Aussie)  "The Light Is Dark Enough " EU  08  Aussie 70's. A Classic rock psych of this country(EU)  M/M  LP  24
  SPEED,GLUE & SHINKI  "Eve (RE) " PHOENIX    FOC Japan 1971. Hard rock(UK)  SS  LP  23
  SPEED,GLUE & SHINKI  "S.G.Shinki(RE) " PHOENIX    Japanesse classic'72. Double Heavy cover, 180gr. (UK)  SS  LP  27
  SPEED,GLUE & SHINKI  "S.G.Shinky " PROGRESS  03  Japan 1972.A Clasic (AU)  M  CD  19
  SPENCER DAVIS GROUP  "Gluggo " VERTIGO  74  Different cover than UK, UFO label  EX/EX  LP  50
  SPENCER DAVIS GROUP  "I'm A Man " SUNDAZED  1  W/ Bonus(USA)  M  CD  15
  SPENCER DAVIS GROUP  "With Their New Face On(RE) " RPM  02  (I)  SS  LP  18
  SPIRIT  "Spirit(RE) " SUNDAZED  08  First LP(USA)  SS  LP  21
  SPIRIT OF JOHN MORGAN  "Age Machine " EXIT  71  Original Spanish Issue.  EX/EX  LP  100
  SPIRIT OF JOHN MORGAN  "Spirit Of John Morgan " CARNABY  70  Laminated Cover. Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  125
  SPOOKY TOOTH  "You Broke My Heart.. " ISLAND  73  FOC. Original Spanish Pressing. Island palm label,.  EX/EX  LP  30
  SPRIGUNS  "Time Will Pass(RE) " DECCA  77  Already classic folk progressive UK female vocal.(UK)  M/M  LP  28
  SRC  "SRC(RE) " CAPITOL  06  A Rare first LP USA Psych 68  SS  LP  18
  ST.MIKAEL  "Mind Of Fire " SUBLIMINAL  07  After 11 years silence, new issue of this legendary swedish singer.Acid psych, touch folk, fuzz guitar and good echoes vocal. Only 500 made(SW)  M/M  LP  30
  STALK FORREST GROUP  "ST. Cecilia " RADIOACTIVE  05  USA 1970. Pre; Blue O. Cult. West Coast Psych(UK)  M  CD  18
  STANDELLS THE  "Try It " TOWER  67  (USA)  EX/EX  LP  60
  STATUS QUO  "Picturesque Matchstickable.. " ESSENTIAL  89  3 Extra Traks(UK)  M  CD  14
  STATUS QUO  "Piledriver " VERTIGO  72  Original Spanish Single laminated cover. Swirl label.  EX/EX  LP  75
  STEWART ROD  "LP-Sing It Again Rod " MERCURY  73  Spanish Copy  EX/EX  LP  25
  STONE CIRCUS THE  "Stone Circus(RE) " MAINSTREAM    A Rare Classic of the MAINSTREAM label Rock psych from USA(EU)  M/M  LP  18
  STOOGES THE  "Fun House " ELEKTRA  0  (GE)  M  CD  13
  STOOGES THE  "Raw Power(RE) " SIMPLY VINYL  99  (UK)  SS  LP  25
  STOOGES THE  "Stooges " ELECTRA  0  (USA)  M  CD  14
  STORIES  "About Us " KAMA SUTRA  73  Original Spanish Pressing.  EX/EX  LP  25
  STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK  "Good Morning Starshine " UNI  69  FOC (US)  EX/EX  LP  45
  STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK  "World In A Sea Shell " UNI  69  (US)  EX/EX  LP  45
  STRAWBERRY PATH  "When The Raven Has..(RE) " PHOENIX    A Classic hard rock psyche-blues band from Japan'71. (UK)  SS  LP  23
  SUB  "In Concert(RE) " G.DELIGHTS  12  Underground Germany 1971. Classic Rock Psych..W/2 Bonus tracks (G)  SS  LP  22
  SUGAR CUBE BLUES BAND  "My Last Impression " ROCKADELIC  97  USA 1967 a FEW SINGLES RECORDED..Melodic Garage psych..Only 500 made (US)  M-/M-  LP  50
  SUM PEAR  "Sum Pear " EUPHORIA  71  Rare and unknown USA heavy psycho album. (USA)  EX/EX  LP  85
  SUNDANCE  "Sundance " FALLOUT  07  Already rare and in demand USA rural rock psych(USA)  M  CD  18
  SUNDOWN  "Sundown " ZAFIRO  77  Holland Psych Duet.Female vocal. Promo copy with insert. Spanish Pressing.  EX/EX  LP  30
  SUNSHINE  "Here's Sunshine " BACKBEAT  69  Early 70's Texas loner LARRY SUNSHINE. Acid folk psych cool lyrics and electric and acoustic guitar(USA)  M-/M-  LP  200
  SUPERFINE DANDELION  "Superfine Dandelion(RE) " MAINSTREAM  68  Already rare(USA)  SS  LP  15
  SWAN BLACK  "Da Ga De Li Da Echoes And Rainbows " OPALO  72  Belgium loner folk psych. Spanish Pressing.  M-/M-  LP  50
  T.I.M.E  "Smooth Ball " LIBERTY  70  FOC. (US)  M-/M-  LP  65
  T.REX  "Electric Warrior(RE) " RHINO    (US)  SS  LP  20
  T.REX  "Futuristic Dragon " EMI  76  Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  30
  TAMAN SHUD  "Goolutionites & real People " RADIOACTIVE  05  Very rare 2nd LP. Australian'70. Hard rock album by rural feel(EU)  M  CD  18
  TEAR GAS  "Teargas (RE) " TIMELESS  87  Monster hard rock 1nd LP(EU)  SS  LP  25
  THEIL ,BOB  "So Far " RECORDPLEX  04  Essential folk/psych MASTERPIECE. One of the best UK private pressing. Released on 1982, but songs writeng in 70's and sounding like that. Tremendous Floyd-styled, electric leads and good acid vocals. With 5 bonus, 12 page boklet with info and pictures(CA)  M  CD  22
  THIRD EYE THE  "Searchin(RE) " SHADOCKS  09  Soud African group 70`s. 2nd LP.Hard psycho, long tracks. Limited 500(G)  M/M  LP  35
  THUMP THEATER/CRANK  "A Night In The Cave " ROCKADELIC  97  Two USA bands end 60's. T.T is hard rock with progress moves, slashing guitar, good harmonies and keyboards. Crank is hard-blues rock with obviously influenced Zeppelin. Limited 750(USA)  M/M  LP  35
  TIGERS THE  "On Stage " POLYDOR  68  FOC. With book. Original Japanesse. (J)  EX/EX  LP  25
  TIMBERCREEK  "Hellbound Highway " RENEGADE  75  Very rare & dispear record of this USA group. West Coast in Dead Sound W/Insert letters(USA)  M-/M-  LP  150
  TINGLING MOTHER'S CIRCUS  "A Circus Of The Mind " MUSICOR  68  FOC Unipark. Fantastic psych LP in Sto Peppers direction with male female vocals,good fuzz guitar, beautiful vocals (USA)  EX/EX  LP  65
  TIR NA NOG  "A Tear And A Smile " CHRYSALIS  72  FOC Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  40
  TIR NA NOG  "Tir Na Nog " ISLAND  71  FOC. Original Spanish. Island palm label  EX/EX  LP  50
  TITUS OATES  "Jungle Lady " RADIOACTIVE  04  Texas psycho 70's(UK)  M  CD  18
  TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS  "Cellophane Symphony " COLUMBIA  70  Laminated Cover. Original Spanish Pressing  M-/M-  LP  75
  TOMORROW  "Tomorrow(RE) " MORRO  07  A Classic psych UK'68(EU)  M/M  LP  25
  TOMRERCLAUS  "Tomrerclaus(RE) " KARMA    Denmark from'77. Acid psycho w/ progress touch, underground-demente vocal.(EU)  SS  LP  25
  TORTILLA  "Little Herroes " BELTER  72   M-/M-  LP  125
  TOUCH (UK)  "Touch " LONDON  70  Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  100
  TRADER HORNE  "Morning Way " SI-WAN  94  A Classic folk UK'70s(KO)  M  CD  17
  TRAFFIC  "The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys " ISLAND  71  Original Spanish Island Palm Label.  EX/EX  LP  30
  TRASHMEN THE  "Great Lost Album " SUNDAZED  90  (USA)  SS  LP  18
  TRIZO 50  "Trizo 50 " W.SOUND  04  USA 73-74. Post PHANTASIA. 22 Tracks psych/beat garage. Fuzz guitar, pounding organ, harmony vocals(G)  M  CD  17
  TROGGS THE  "Cellophane/Mixeg Bag " BGO  97  2 LP's in 1 CD(UK)  M  CD  26
  TROYKA  "Troyka " COTILLION  70  A Good hard rock album from USA(USA  M-/M-  LP  75
  TUDOR LODGE  "Tudor Lodge(RE) " AKARMA  05  FOC. (I)  M/M  LP  22
  TURNQUIST REMEDY  "Iowa By The Sea " PENTAGRAM  70  USA.1970.Good rock-blues LP with country moves.(US)  EX/EX  LP  75
  TWENTIETH CENTURY ZOO  "Thunder On A Clear Day(RE) " RADIOACTIVE  03  A Classic acid psyche from USA'68(UK)  SS  LP  26
  UGLY DUCKLINGS  "Somewhere Outside(RE) " YORKTOWN  0  A Classic Canada ritm'n'blues 60's. (USA)  M/M  LP  20
  ULTIMATE SPINACH  "Ultimate Spinach(RE) " AKARMA  99  First LP of this USA'60s psyche group. FOC(I)  M/M  LP  19
  UNIT 4+2  "Unit 4+2 " LONDON  66  (USA)  EX/EX  LP  50
  UNIVERSE  "Universe(RE) Norway " NEMO  14  Very rare Norway'71. Rock progress (EU)  SS  LP  30
  V.A  "Anual VERTIGO 1970 " VERTIGO  71  Very rare Spanish Copy  EX/EX  LP  50
  V.A  "Epitaph For A Legend(RE) " G.BACK  99  Famous double of Int. Artist(I)  M/M  LP  20
  VANILLA FUDGE  "Vanilla Fudge " ATLANTIC  70  Original Spanish. HATS 421-52  EX/EX  LP  25
  VELVET FOGG  "Velvet Fogg(RE) " AKARMA  07  A Classic psyche UK'69(I)  SS  LP  25
  VELVET UNDERGROUND  "1969-Live(RE) " MERCURY  99  Double(USA)  SS  LP  21
  VELVET UNDERGROUND  "White Light/White Heat(RE) " VERVE  0  (USA)  SS  LP  17
  VOLARES  "Volares " ROCKEDELIC  98  New Dallas band.The record is a masterpiece for mouch people.Sounds like Zeppelin III,acoustic momments.Cover is designed for Martin Sharp(DISRAELY GEARS)Only 500 (USA)  M/M  LP  30
  WAILING WALL  "Wailing Wall " ROCKADELIC  2  Monster Texas 68-70. Unreleased Untill now, like vocals and lyrics Cold Sun. Great heavy rock with garage touch and very good guitar. Only 600 made(USA)  M/M  LP  50
  WALKER,SCOTT-WALKER BROTHERS,THE  "El Sueño Imposible " PHILIPS  70  FOC. Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  35
  WARHORSE  "Red Sea " A.AIR  1  W/6 Extra Tracks(EU)  M  CD  22
  WARLOCK  "Warlock " M.MERCHAND  72  Very rare USA, melodic progressive, strong vocals and good guitar(USA)  M-/M-  LP  65
  WD FISHER  "Same " TRANS  72  Canadian rare record in this time. Melodic psyche, nice trebly guitar, long tracks(CA)  VG++/EX  LP  90
  WE THE PEOPLE  "In The Past " WOHN  07  (FR)  M/M  LP  24
  WE THE PEOPLE  "Mirror Of Our Minds " SUNDAZED  98  Double. 40 tracks w/book, 14 unissued, rare pre: People, Trademarks, Nonchalants & Offbeats. (USA)  M  CD  22
  WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTA BAND  "Legendary Unreleased Album " RASPBERRY  80  Very rare Original First Reissue of the LP recorded on FIFO. (US)  EX/EX  LP  100
  WHAT`S IT TO YA  "Same " HUH  75  Obscure psycho/rural rock. Soft production(USA)  VG+/M-  LP  30
  WHITE HEAVEN  "Next To Nothing " N.DISK  96  Released in 1995. Already rare(J)  M  CD  21
  WHO THE  "KEITH MOON-Two Sides Of " POLYDOR  75  Original Spanish Window cover.  EX/EX  LP  50
  WHYNOTT STEPHEN  "From Philly To Tablas " M.T.WIND  77  A Rare and Unknow gem. Really loner psych, effects and good vocals. (US)  EX/EX  LP  90
  WICKED LADY  "Blow Your mind " X.MIND  94  Contains material not on the CD release. Hell fuzz & wah wah. Only 500 numered copy(S)  M-/M-  LP  75
  WILLIANSON,ROBIN  "American Stonehenge/Glint The Kindl " CRIMINAL  80  Double. Rare Spanish Copy of this folk LP. Inc. S.Band member  EX/EX  LP  20
  WILLIANSON,ROBIN  "Myrrh " ISLAND  71  Folk rock. Spanish copy  EX/M-  LP  15
  WILL-O-THE-WISP  "Will-O-The-Wisp " ACTION  98  A Monster progr-psych from Greece(GR)  M  CD  20
  WINDFLOWER  "Dreams " McKEE  76  Already rare To find. Rock Psych Original (US)  EX/EX  LP  150
  WINDOPANE  "See " OR  94  New psycho USA group. Six burning electrick tracks, amazing psychedelic guitar. Only 400 numered(USA)  M-/M-  LP  50
  WISHBONE ASH  "Pilgrimage " MCA  72  Original Spanish.. Title "PEREGRINAJE" In Spanish  EX/EX  LP  25
  WISHBONE ASH  "There's The Rub " MCA  77  Original Spanish  EX/EX  LP  20
  WITCH  "Introduction (RE) " SHADOCK  09  Zambia 1973. Killer acid psych rock.Tons of fuzz wah wah guitar (G)  M/M  LP  35
  WIZARD(UK)  "Brew " EMI-HARVEST  73  Laminated Cover. Original Spanish.  EX/EX  LP  30
  WOODY PEAKERS THE  "Have You The Nerve To Face " V.SALVAGE  88  Vary rare Modern Garage Italy Group (I)  EX/EX  LP  100
  WORD OF LIFE  "Dust " X.MIND  95  2nd LP. In Floydian Tradiction. W/ Insert(SW)  M-/M-  LP  70
  YA HO WA 13  "FATHER YOD & Spirit of: Contraction(RE) " EU  0  USA'76(UK)  M/M  LP  40
  YA HO WA 13  "Penetration And Aquarian Symphony " HIGHERKEY  74  Exact REISSUE THAN Original.(US)  EX/EX  LP  50
  YA HO WA 13  "Savage Sons Of Ya Ho Wa(RE) " EU  0  Psyche USA'74(EU)  M/M  LP  50
  YANKEE DOLLAR THE  "Yankee Dollar(RE) " ACTION  03  FOC.A Classic west coast psyche'69 w/female vocal(I)  M-/M-  LP  25
  YELLOW PAYGES  "Volume 1 " UNI  69  FOC,A Good psch LP from USA(USA)  EX/EX  LP  50
  YO LA TENGO  "New Wave Hot Dogs " WHAT GOES ON  87   M-/M-  LP  45
  YO LA TENGO  "President " COYOTE  88  Original with insert (US)  EX/EX  LP  40
  YO LA TENGO  "Ride the Tiger " COYOTE  86   EX/EX  LP  50
  YOUNG FLOWERS  "Blomsterpistolen(RE) " SONET    Sweden. Rare First LP. Psych rock (EU)  M/M  LP  25
  YOUNG NEIL  "Neil Young- PIONEROS " REPRISE  78  FOC-Spanish Pressing.PIONEROS Serie.  M-/M-  LP  50
  YOUNG NEIL  "On The Beach " WEA  03  First time on CD(G)  M  CD  17
  ZIG ZAG PEOPLE  "Take Bubble Gum Music Underground " DECCA  69  (USA)  EX/EX  LP  28
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