last update  20. 11. 2017
  ? MARK & THE MYSTERIANS  "Can't Get Enough Of You Baby/Smokes" CAMEO  67   EX/EX  SG  25
  10 CC  "Don't Turn Me Away/Tomorrows W" MERCURY-81 SOC     VG+/VG+  SG  7
  10 CC  "Dreadlock Holiday/Nothing C'an Move Me" MERCURY  78  SOC,TOL  EX/EX  SG  7
  10 CC  "I'm Not In Love/Film Of Love" MERCURY-75 WBC     EX/EX  SG  10
  10 CC  "One Two Five/Only Child" MERCURY-80     EX/VG+  SG  7
  10 CC  "The Wall Street Shuffle/Baron Samedi" DECCA  74  SOL  EX/EX  SG  8
  10 CC  "Things We Do For Love/Hot To T" MERCURY-76 PROM     EX/EX  SG  10
  1910 FRUITGUM CO.  "1.2.3 Red Light/Sticky Sticky" BUDDAH  68  SOC,SOL  EX/EX  SG  8
  1910 FRUITGUM CO.  "Indian Giver/Liza" BUDDAH  69   EX/EX  SG  8
  1910 FRUITGUM CO.  "Special Delivery/No Good Annie" BUDDAH  69   EX/EX  SG  8
  1910 FRUITGUM CO.  "When We Get Married/Baby Bret" BUDDAH  70   EX/EX  SG  8
  4 SEASONS,THE  "And That Reminds Me/Singles Ga" EXIT-69 SBC TOL     EX/EX  SG  8
  4 SEASONS,THE  "December 1963/Slip Away" WARNER-76     EX/VG+  SG  6
  4 SEASONS,THE  "Down the Hall/I Believe In You" WARNER-77(PROMO     M-/M-  SG  12
  4 SEASONS,THE  "Girl I'll Never Know/A Face Wi" PHILIPS-69 WBC    FRANKIE VALLI  EX/EX  SG  7
  4 SEASONS,THE  "Silver Star/Mystic Mr.Sam" WARNER-76     M-/M-  SG  10
  4 SEASONS,THE  "To Give/Watch Where You Walk" PHILIPS-68    FRANKIE VALLI  EX/EX  SG  7
  4 SEASONS,THE  "Walk On Don't Look Back/Sun Co" T.MOTOWN-73     EX/EX  SG  12
  4 SEASONS,THE  "Watch The Flowers Grow/Raven" PHILIPS-68     EX/EX  SG  17
  4 SEASONS,THE  "Who Loves You/Disco Version" WARNER-75 SBC     EX/VG+  SG  5
  4 SEASONS,THE  "You're Ready Now/Cry For me" PHILIPS-71    FRANKIE VALLI  VG+/EX  SG  6
  8 TH DAY,THE  "You've Got To Crawl/It's Instrumental To Be Free" INVICTUS  72  SOC,TOL  EX/EX  SG  9
  ABBA  "Chiquitita/Lovelig" CARNABY- PROMO  79  IN SPANISH  EX/VG+  SG  12
  ABBA  "Chiquitita/Lovelight" CARNABY- SBC  79   VG+/VG+  SG  6
  ABBA  "Conociendome,Conociendote/Mone" CARNABY  77   EX/EX  SG  10
  ABBA  "Dame,Dame,Dame/King Has Lost H" CARNABY  80  IN SPANISH. WHITE LABEL  EX/EX  SG  13
  ABBA  "Dancing queen/That's me" RCA  76  MEXICO  M-/M-  SG  15
  ABBA  "Dancing Queen/That's Me" CARNABY  76  White Label. SOC, SOL  VG+/VG+  SG  7
  ABBA  "Day Before You Came/Cassandra" CARNABY  82  White Label  EX/VG+  SG  12
  ABBA  "Fernando/Intermezzo Nš1" CARNABY  78   EX/EX  SG  7
  ABBA  "Gimme,Gimme,Gimme/King Has Los" CARNABY  79  White Label Promo  EX/VG+  SG  12
  ABBA  "Head Over Heels/Visitors" CARNABY  82  White Label  EX/EX  SG  11
  ABBA  "Here We'll Stay/Strangers" CARNABY  83  FRIDA, White Label. SBC, SOL  EX/EX  SG  7
  ABBA  "Honey Honey/Hasta Maņana" CARN-74 WHT.LAB    White Label Promo  EX/EX  SG  21
  ABBA  "I Have A Dream/As Goog" CARNABY  79  IN SPANISH. White Label  EX/VG+  SG  9
  ABBA  "I Know There's Som../Therenody" CARNABY  82  FRIDA. White Label  VG+/EX  SG  9
  ABBA  "I Won't Let You Go/You're Ther" POLYDOR  85  AGNETA. SOC,SBC  EX/EX  SG  9
  ABBA  "LP-The Album(White Label)" CARNABY-77     EX/VG+  LP  20
  ABBA  "LP-Voulez-Vous(White Label)" CARNABY-79     EX/EX  LP  12
  ABBA  "Medley/Same Tracks" POLYDOR  82  Promo Copy  EX/EX  SG  15
  ABBA  "Money,Money,Money/Crazy World" MELBA-76 FRANCE     EX/EX  SG  7
  ABBA  "Name Of The Game/I Wonder" CARNABY  77  White Label Promo  EX/EX  SG  11
  ABBA  "Never Again/Just For The Fun" VICTORIA  82  TOMAS+AGNETA. Promo Copy. TOC  EX/EX  SG  10
  ABBA  "One Of Us/Should I Laugh Or Cr" CARNABABY  81  White Label  EX/EX  SG  9
  ABBA  "Shine/That's Tough" POLYDOR  84  FRIDA  EX/EX  SG  6
  ABBA  "Summer Night City/Medley" CARNABY  78  White Label. SBC  EX/EX  SG  10
  ABBA  "Super Trouper/The Piper" CARNABY  80  White Label  EX/EX  SG  10
  ABBA  "Take A Chance On Me/I'm A Marionette" CARNABY  77  White Label  VG+/EX  SG  9
  ABBA  "The Heat Is On(1 Side Promo)" EPIC  83  AGNETA. White Label  EX/EX  SG  15
  ABBA  "The Last Time/Same Track" WEA  87  AGNETA. Promo Copy. SOC,SBC  EX/EX  SG  12
  ABBA  "To Turn The Stone/I Got Someth" CARNABY  82  FRIDA. White Label. SOC  VG+/VG+  SG  7
  ABBA  "Under Attack(1 Side Promo)" EPIC  82  White Label  EX/EX  SG  11
  ABBA  "Voulez Vous/Kisses Of Fire" CARNABY  79  White Label  EX/VG+  SG  10
  ABBA  "Winner Takes It All/Elaine" CARNABY  80  White Label. Writing On Label  EX/VG+  SG  9
  ACE  "I'm A Man/This Is What You Find" MEDITERRANEO  76   EX/EX  SG  8
  AFFINITY  "Eli's Comin/United States Mind" VERTIGO  71   EX/EX  SG  50
  ALAN PARSONS  ""EP"Simon Smith & Amazing+3" DECCA-67     EX/EX  EP  21
  ALAN PARSONS  "Closer To Heaven/Money Talks" ARIOLA-87 PROMO     M-/M-  SG  6
  ALAN PARSONS  "Days Are Numbers/Somebody Out" ARISTA-85     M-/M-  SG  6
  ALAN PARSONS  "Don't Stop Carnival/Time Has C" DECCA-67     EX/EX  SG  14
  ALAN PARSONS  "Freudiana (1 Side Promo)" EMI-90 PROMO     M-/M-  SG  6
  ALAN PARSONS  "House That Jack Built/Who Care" DECCA-67     EX/EX  SG  12
  ALAN PARSONS  "Lucifer/What Goes Up" EMI-83 PROMO     M-/M-  SG  6
  ALAN PARSONS  "Psychobabble/Step By Step" ARIOLA-82     M-/M-  SG  6
  ALAN PARSONS  "Standing On Higher/Paseo de Gr" ARIOLA-87 PROMO     M-/M-  SG  6
  ALAN PARSONS  "Stereotomy (1 Side Promo)" ARIOLA-86 PROMO     M-/M-  SG  6
  ALAN PRICE SET  "Don't Stop The Carnival/The Time Has Come" DECCA  67  Promo copy  VG+/EX  SG  12
  ALAN PRICE SET  "House That Jack Built/Who Cares" DECCA  67   EX/EX  SG  12
  ALAN PRICE SET  "Mama Divine/It's Not Easy" POLYDOR-75     EX/EX  SG  5
  ALAN PRICE SET  "Nena Mia/Solo por ti" JET-79     EX/M-  SG  7
  ALAN PRICE SET  "Sunsshine & Rain/Is There Anyb" DECCA-70     VG+/EX  SG  5
  ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND  "Crazy Love/Just ain`t easy" CAPR-79(ON.PROM     M-  SG  15
  ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND  "Nevertheless/Louisiana Lou & Three" CAPRICORN  75  SOC,SBC  EX/EX  SG  12
  ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND  "Ramblin Man/Pony Boy(Whi.Lavel" WARNER  73  White Label  VG+/EX  SG  21
  ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND  "Ramblin'man/Pony Boy" WARNER  73   EX/EX  SG  12
  AMAZING BLONDEL  "Give me a Chance,One side prom" DJM-78(PROMO)     M-/M-  SG  8
  AMBOY DUKES  "Judy In Disguise/Who's Foolin" POLYDOR-68     EX/EX  SG  30
  AMBROSIA  "Nice,Nice,very Nice/Lover Arrive" 20th CENTURY  75  SBC,SOL  EX/EX  SG  9
  AMEN CORNER,THE  "Half As Nice/Hey Hey Girl" IMMEDIATE-69     EX/EX  SG  10
  AMERICA  "Autopista A Ventura/Noches de" WARNER-72     EX/EX  SG  5
  AMERICA  "Daisy Jane/Tomorrow" WARNER-75     EX/M-  SG  5
  AMERICA  "Rainbow Song/Muskrat Love" WARNER-74     M-/M-  SG  6
  ANDERSON,BRUFORD,WAKEMAN,HOWE  "Order of Universe/Fist Of Fire" ARISTA-89     M-/M-  SG  7
  ANDWELLA  "Are You Ready / Andwella" REFLECTION  71   EX/EX  SG  30
  ANIMALS THE  ""EP" Boom Boom +3" EMI  65   EX/EX  EP  40
  ANIMALS THE  ""EP" Don't Let Me Misunders +3" EMI  65   EX/EX  EP  40
  ANIMALS THE  ""EP" Memphis +3" EMI  65   EX/EX  EP  40
  ANIMALS THE  ""EP" We Gotta Get Out Of This Place +3" EMI  65     EP  40
  ANIMALS THE  "Anything/It's All Meat" MGM  68   M-/M-  SG  30
  ANIMALS THE  "Brother Bill/As The Crow Flies" BARN-77     EX/EX  SG  15
  ANIMALS THE  "Hiuse Of The Rising Sun/Don't Let Me Be Misunderst" EMI  71  Rare. VOCES DE ORO  VG+/VG+  SG  8
  ANIMALS THE  "No More Elmore/Take It Easy" BELTER-83    ERIC BURDON BAND  M-/M-  SG  5
  ANIMALS THE  "Power company/Dry" ARIOLA-80    ERIC BURDON FIRE DEPT.  M-/M-  SG  7
  ANIMALS THE  "Ring Of Fire/I'm An Animal" MGM  69   M-/M-  SG  25
  ANIMALS THE  "San Franciscan Nights / Good Times" MGM  67   EX/EX  SG  25
  ANIMALS THE  "Sky Pilot/Sky Pilot Part.2" MGM  68   EX/EX  SG  30
  APHRODITE'S CHILD  "Babylon/Break" VERTIGO  72   EX/EX  SG  15
  APHRODITE'S CHILD  "I Want to Live/Magic Mirror" MERCURY-69     EX/EX  SG  15
  APHRODITE'S CHILD  "It's Five O'Clock/Funky Mary" MERCURY-70     EX/EX  SG  10
  APHRODITE'S CHILD  "Let Me Love Let Me/Marie Jolie" MERCURY-69 SBC     EX/EX  SG  10
  APHRODITE'S CHILD  "Spring Summer Winter & Fall / Air" MERCURY  70  Stamp Radio station on back cover, Promo sticker on label.  EX/EX  SG  15
  APOCALYPSE  "Little Little/Eleonor" BELTER70    Number and stamp radio station oin both parts of cover.  EX/EX  SG  20
  APPLE-GLASS CYNDROM  "Going Wrong/Someday" SUNDAZED-97     M/M  SG  7
  APRIL WINE  "Rock'n'roll Woman/Child's Garden" LONDON  76  White Label, WBC  EX/EX  SG  6
  ARCHIES,THE  "Bang-Shang A Lang/I'm In Love" RCA-68     VG+/VG+  SG  10
  ARCHIES,THE  "This Is Love/Over And Over" RCA-71 PROMO     VG+/VG+  SG  10
  ARTWOODS,THE  ""EP" Jazz In Jeans (RE)" LUNA BLU  06  A Classic R & B UK 60's (EU)  M/M  EP  13
  ASIA  "Only time will Tell/Time again" GEFFEN-82     M-/M-  SG  8
  ASIA  "Who Will Stop Rain (1 Side Pro" DRO-92 PROMO     M-/M-  SG  6
  ASSOCIATION THE  ""EP" No fair at All+3" LONDON-67     M-/EX  EP  25
  ASSOCIATION THE  "Time for Livin/Six man band" WARNER-68     EX/EX  SG  13
  ASSOCIATION THE  "Windy/Sometime" LONDON-67 PROMO     EX/EX  SG  9
  ASTRONAUT ALAN & THE PLANETS  "Fickle Lizzie Anne/Cellophane" BELTER  69  WOC  EX/VG+  SG  12
  ATOMIC ROOSTER  "Friday The 13th/Before Tomorrow" TALAR  70  WOC  EX/EX  SG  12
  ATOMIC ROOSTER  "Save Me/Close Your Eyes" PYE  73  SBC,TOL  VG+/EX  SG  8
  AUDIENCE  "You're Not Smiling/Eye to Eye" PHILIPS-71     EX/EX  SG  7
  AVERAGE WHITE BAND  "Atlantic Avenue/She's Dream" RCA-79 PROMO     EX/EX  SG  10
  AVERAGE WHITE BAND  "For You For Love/Help Is On Wa" RCA-80 PROMO     EX/EX  SG  10
  AXIS  "Ela Ela/Living In" RIVIERA-72     EX/EX  SG  12
  AXIS  "Osanna/Nothing To Say" RIVIERA-72     EX/EX  SG  12
  AXIS  "Someone/Long Time Ago" RIVIERA-72 SBC     EX/EX  SG  12
  B.BUMBLE & THE STINGERS  ""EP"Nut Rocker +3" EMI-63     EX/VG+  EP  21
  B.BUMBLE & THE STINGERS  ""EP"Nut Rocker +3" EMI-63     EX/VG+  EP  12
  BACK STREET BAND  "This Ain't The Road/Daybreak" EMBE-69 SOC SBC     EX/EX  SG  13
  BAD COMPANY  "Everything I Need/Too Bad" ISLAND-77     M-/M-  SG  8
  BAD COMPANY  "Good Lovin Gone Bad/Whisky Bottle" ISLAND  75  SOC,SBC  EX/EX  SG  8
  BAD COMPANY  "Rock'n'roll Fantasy/Crazy Circles" S.SONG  79  SOC,SBC  EX/EX  SG  8
  BADFINGER  "Come And Get It/Rock of All Ag" APPLE-70     M-/M-  SG  40
  BADFINGER  "Day After Day/Sweet Tuesday Morning" APPLE  72   EX/EX  SG  18
  BADFINGER  "No Importa / Dias Mejores" APPLE  70   EX/EX  SG  35
  BAND THE  "Don't Do It/Rag Mama Rag" CAPITOL  72  Two golden promo sticker on label  EX/EX  SG  20
  BAND THE  "I Shall Be Released / The Weight" EMI  68   EX/EX  SG  20
  BAND THE  "Night They Drove../Up On Cripp" CAPI-69 SOC SBC     EX/EX  SG  12
  BAND THE  "Rag Mama Rag/Unfaithful Servan" CAPI-70 WOC WBC     EX/EX  SG  12
  BAND THE  "Time To Kill/The Shape Kill" CAPI-70 WOC WBC     EX/EX  SG  12
  BANG  "No Sugar Tonight/Idealist Realist" MOVIEPLAY  73  SBC,TOL  EX/EX  SG  6
  BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST  "Hymn/Rock'n'roll Star" POLYDOR-78     EX/EX  SG  12
  BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST  "Mocking Bird/Vanessa Simmons" BELTER  71  TOL  EX/EX  SG  8
  BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST  "Rock'n'roll Woman/The Joker" HARVEST-73     EX/VG+  SG  18
  BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST  "Waiting For The Right/Blow Me" POLYDOR-83     M-/M-  SG  9
  BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST  "Waiting On The Border/Doctor D" POLYDOR-81     M-/M-  SG  9
  BEACH BOYS THE  ""EP" Barbara Ann +3" CAPITOL-66     EX/EX  EP  35
  BEACH BOYS THE  ""EP" California Girls +3" EMI     EX/EX  EP  55
  BEACH BOYS THE  ""EP" Dance,Dance,Dance +3" EMI     EX/EX  EP  60
  BEACH BOYS THE  ""EP" Help Me Ronda +3" EMI  66   EX/VG+  EP  50
  BEACH BOYS THE  ""EP" Mountain Of Love +3" CAPITOL-67     M-/M-  EP  50
  BEACH BOYS THE  ""EP" Sloop John B +3" EMI  66   EX/EX  EP  50
  BEACH BOYS THE  ""EP" White Christmas +3" CAPITOL  67  Name writing A Pen On Back  EX/EX  EP  50
  BEACH BOYS THE  "All I Want To Do / I Can Hear Music" CAPITOL  69  Number writing a pen on back  VGEX+/  SG  20
  BEACH BOYS THE  "Beach boys Medley,Part.1 & 2" CAPITOL-90     M-/M-  SG  8
  BEACH BOYS THE  "Break Away / Celebrate The News" CAPITOL  69  Two golden promo stickers each part of label.  EX/EX  SG  30
  BEACH BOYS THE  "Cottonfields/Nearest Faraway P" CAPITOL-70 SBC     EX/EX  SG  14
  BEACH BOYS THE  "Darlin/Here Today" CAPITOL-68 SBC     EX/EX  SG  15
  BEACH BOYS THE  "Do It Again/Wake The World" CAPITOL-68 SBC     EX/EX  SG  15
  BEACH BOYS THE  "Friends/Little Bird" EMI  68   EX/EX  SG  25
  BEACH BOYS THE  "Getcha Back(1 Side Promo)" CBS-85     EX/EX  SG  12
  BEACH BOYS THE  "Here Comes The Night/Baby Blue" CARIBOU  79  SOC,SOL  EX/EX  SG  12
  BEACH BOYS THE  "Marcella/Hold On Dear Brother" REPRISE-72 WOC     EX/VG+  SG  14
  BEACH BOYS THE  "Rock'n'roll Music/T M Song" WARNER-76     EX/EX  SG  17
  BEACH BOYS THE  "Tears In The Morning/It's About Time" STATESIDE  71   EX/EX  SG  12
  BEACH BOYS THE  "Wild Honey / Wind Chimes" CAPITOL  67   VG+/EX  SG  25
  BECKETT  "Little Girl/My Lady" ATLANTIC  74  SOC,SOL  EX/EX  SG  12
  BEDROCKS,THE  "Ob-la-di,Ob-la-da/Lucy" EMI-69 SOC TOL     VG+/VG+  SG  12
  BEE GEES THE  "Don't Wanna Live../Walking Bac" POLYDOR-71    SOC  EX/EX  SG  10
  BEE GEES THE  "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart/Country Woman" POLYDOR  71   EX/VG+  SG  10
  BEE GEES THE  "Jive Talkin'/Wind of Change" RSO-75     EX/M-  SG  7
  BEE GEES THE  "Living Eyes/I Still Love You" RSO-81     M-/M-  SG  6
  BEE GEES THE  "Love You Inside Out/I'm Satisfied" RSO  79  TOL  EX/EX  SG  6
  BEE GEES THE  "Massachusetts/Barker Of The UF" POLYDOR-67     EX/EX  SG  7
  BEE GEES THE  "Nights On Broadway/Edge Of The Universe" RSO  75  SOC,SOL  EX/VG+  SG  5
  BEE GEES THE  "One Million Years/Weekend" POLYDOR-69    ROBIN GIBB  EX/EX  SG  7
  BEE GEES THE  "Run To Me/Road To Alaska" POLYDOR-72 WBC     EX/VG+  SG  8
  BEE GEES THE  "Saved By The Bell/Mother & Jac" POLYDOR-69    ROBIN GIBB  EX/EX  SG  7
  BEE GEES THE  "Saw A New Morning/My Life Has Been A Song" POLYDOR  73  SOC,TOL  EX/EX  SG  5
  BEE GEES THE  "Tomorrow/Sun in My Morning" POLYDOR-69     EX/EX  SG  8
  BEE GEES THE  "When He's Gone (1 Side Promo)" WARNER-91     EX/M-  SG  6
  BEE GEES THE  "Wouldn`t I Be Someone/Elisa" RSO-73     EX/M-  SG  7
  BEE GEES THE  "You Should be Dancing/Subway" RSO-76     M-/M-  SG  6
  BELLS,THE  "Fly Little White Dove/Follow T" POLYDOR-71     EX/EX  SG  9
  BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING CO.  "Keep On/Home On The Strange" CBS-71 SOC SOL     EX/VG+  SG  14
  BIG SLEEP  "Largo/When The Sun Was Out" PHIL-70 SBC TOL     EX/EX  SG  10
  BIG THREE  ""EP"Wha'd I Say +3(RE)" EVA(FRANCIA)     M/M  EP  8
  BIG WHEEL  "If I Stay Too Long/Little Woma" DECCA-70     EX/EX  SG  9
  BILL DEAL & THE RHONDELS  "Nothing Succeeeds/Swinging Tig" POLY-70 SBC TOL     EX/EX  SG  10
  BILL DEAL & THE RHONDELS  "What Kind Of Fool/I've been Hu" POLY-69 SBC TOL     EX/EX  SG  10
  BINTANGS  "Ridin On The L & N/Down South" DECCA-70     EX/EX  SG  13
  BLACK WIDOW  "Come To The Sabbath/Way To Pow" CBS-70     EX/EX  SG  13
  BLACKFOOT SUE  "Standing In The Road/Celestial" EMI-72     EX/EX  SG  12
  BLIND FAITH  "Well All Right/Can't Find My W" POLYDOR  69   EX/EX  SG  30
  BLONDE ON BLONDE  "Castles In The Sky/Circle" EMBER-70 WBC     EX/EX  SG  22
  BLUE CHEER  "Faathers From Your Tree/Sun Cy" PHILIPS-68    WOC, WBC SBC  VG+/EX  SG  12
  BLUE CHEER  "Just A Little Bit / Gypsy Ball" PHILIPS  68  Stamp radio station on back cover.  EX/EX  SG  30
  BLUE CHEER  "Pilot/Babaji" PHILIPS-71     EX/EX  SG  25
  BLUE CHEER  "Summertime Blues/Out Of Focus" PHILIPS-68     EX/EX  SG  35
  BLUE RIDGE RANGERS THE  "Jambalaya/Workin On A Building" FANTASY-72     EX/EX  SG  18
  BLUE RIDGE RANGERS THE  "You Don't Owe Me/Back In Hills" FANTASY  75   EX/EX  SG  20
  BO STREET RUNNERS  ""EP"Love To You +3(RE)" BEAT RECORDS-97     M/M  EP  16
  BONZO DOG BAND  "I'm The Urban Spaceman/Piggy Bank L" LIBERTY  68  SOC  EX/VG+  SG  10
  BOSTON POPPERS,THE  "Did You Get What You Wanted/Whirl Wind Girl" PENNY FARTHING  74  SOC,TOL  EX/EX  SG  18
  BOX TOPS  "Choo Choo Train/Fields Of Clov" STATESIDE-68     EX/EX  SG  12
  BOX TOPS  "I Shall Be Released/I Must Be" STATESID-69 WBC     EX/EX  SG  11
  BOX TOPS  "Neon Rainbow/She Knows How" STATESIDE-67     VG+/VG+  SG  10
  BOX TOPS  "Soul Deep/The Happy Song" STATESIDE-69     VG+/VG+  SG  7
  BOX TOPS  "Sweet Cream Ladies/I See Only" STATESIDE-69     VG+/EX  SG  10
  BOX TOPS  "The Letter/Happy Times" STATESIDE  67  Stamp Radio station on back cover top left  EX/EX  SG  25
  BRAINBOX  "To You/So Helpless" EMI  70  SBC,TOL  VG+/EX  SG  14
  BRASS MONKEY  "Sweet Water/Keep A Little Bit" RCA-70 WBC     EX/VG+  SG  8
  BREAD  "Let Your Love Go/It Don't Matter To Me" ELEKTRA  71   EX/VG+  SG  4
  BREAD  "Sweet Surrender/Make It By You" ELEKTRA-72     EX/EX  SG  4
  BRIAN AUGER & TRINITY  "I Am A Lonesome Hobo / Black Cat" POLYDOR  68   M-/M-  SG  40
  BRIAN AUGER & TRINITY  "Just You Just Me/Adagio Per Ar" RCA-71 PROMO     EX/EX  SG  9
  BRIAN AUGER & TRINITY  "Listen Here/I Wanna Take You Higher" RCA  71  SOC,SOL  EX/EX  SG  9
  BRIAN AUGER & TRINITY  "Road To Cairo/Shadows Of You" POLY-69 SBC TOL     EX/EX  SG  10
  BRIAN AUGER & TRINITY  "Tiger/Oh Baby Won't You Come" POLYDOR-68     EX/EX  SG  30
  BRIAN AUGER & TRINITY  "What You Gonna Do/Bumpin On Sunset" POLYDOR  69   EX/EX  SG  30
  BROGUES,THE  ""EP"Someday +3(RE)" SUNDAZED-97(USA     M/M  EP  7
  BRUFORD  "The Sliding Floor/Joe Frazier" POLYDOR  80  SOC,SOL  EX/VG+  SG  6
  BUDDY MILES & FREEDOM EXPRESS  "Them Changes/69 Freedom Specia" MERCURY-70     VG+/EX  SG  9
  BUDDY MILES & FREEDOM EXPRESS  "We Got To Live Together Part.1/Part 2" MERCURY  71  TOL  EX/EX  SG  5
  BUFFOONS THE  "Goodbye My Love/I Can't Go On Loving You" EMI  70  Sticker On Label  EX/EX  SG  12
  BUOYS,THE  "Timothy/It Feels Good" DISCOPHON  71  SBC,TOL  VG+/VG+  SG  7
  BYRDS THE  ""EP" Mr.Tambourine Man +3" CBS  65   VG+/VG+  EP  24
  BYRDS THE  "Jesus Is Just Alright/It's All Over Now" CBS  70   EX/EX  SG  30
  BYRDS THE  "Lady Friend / Old John Roberston" CBS  67   EX/EX  SG  40
  BYRDS THE  "Mr.Spaceman/What's Happening" CBS-67     VG+/EX  SG  15
  BYRDS THE  "So You Want To Be A Rock'n'roll Star/Everybody's B" CBS  67   EX/EX  SG  30
  C.C.S.  "Boom Boom / Whole Lotta Love" ODEON  70  Number writing a pen on both parts cover. Stamp radio station on back cover. Two promo golden sticker on both parts label.  EX/EX  SG  12
  C.C.S.  "Brother/Mister,what You Can't Have I Can Get" EMI  72  Sticker On Label.  EX/EX  SG  5
  C.C.S.  "The Band Played The Boogie/Hang It On Me" EMI  73  TOL  EX/EX  SG  6
  CALIFORNIANS,THE  "Congratulations/What Is Happi" DECCA-67 WOC     EX/EX  SG  15
  CAMEL  "Cloak & Dagger Man/Pressure Po" POLYDOR-84     EX/EX  SG  15
  CANNED HEAT  "Going Up The Country/One Kind" LIBERTRY-68     EX/VG+  SG  12
  CANNED HEAT  "Let's Work Together/I'm Her Ma" LIBERTY-70     EX/EX  SG  8
  CANNED HEAT  "One More River Cross/Highway 401" ATLANTIC  74   EX/EX  SG  12
  CANNED HEAT  "Rockin With King/Long Way From" UA-72     EX/VG+  SG  9
  CANNED HEAT  "Time Was/Low Down" LIBERTY(FRENCH)     EX/EX  SG  8
  CARAVAN  "Headloss/Memory Lain,Hug" DERAM-74 SBC     EX/EX  SG  18
  CARPENTERS  "Close To You" AM-70     EX/EX  SG  8
  CARPENTERS  "GoodbYE To Love/Cristal Lullaby" AM  72   VG+/EX  SG  6
  CARPENTERS  "I Won't Last A Day/One Love" AM-74 TBC TOL     EX/EX  SG  7
  CARPENTERS  "Jambalaya/Mr.Guder" AM-70     EX/EX  SG  9
  CARPENTERS  "Sing/Druscilla Penny" AM-73     EX/EX  SG  8
  CARPENTERS  "We`ve only just Begun+1" AM-70     EX/EX  SG  8
  CASUALS THE  "Fool`s Paradise/Seven Times.." DECCA-69     EX/M-  SG  7
  CASUALS THE  "My Name Is Love/I Can't Say" COLUMBIA  70  SOC  EX/EX  SG  10
  CASUALS THE  "Toy / Touched" DECCA  68  With Tri-centre  EX/EX  SG  10
  CATS THE  "Be My Day / She's On Her Own" EMI  74  2 Golden Promo stickers on labels.  EX/EX  SG  10
  CATS THE  "Let's Dance / I Don't Know" EMI  72  Number and stamp radio station on both parts of label., 2 golden promo stickers on label.  EX/EX  SG  10
  CATS THE  "Let's Go Together / Linda" EMI    Number and stamp radio station on both parts of cover. 2 golden promo stickers on labels.  EX/EX  SG  10
  CATS THE  "Like A Spanish Song/Loving Arms" EMI  75  2 Golden promo sticker on labels.  VG+/EX  SG  7
  CATS THE  "Magical Mystery Morning / I Walk Throug The Fields" TALAR  70  Number and Stamp Radio Station on both aprts of cover.  EX/EX  SG  10
  CATS THE  "Marian / Sure He's A Cat" 71    Number and stamp radio station on both parts of label  EX/X  SG  10
  CATS THE  "Rock And Roll / A Letter" EMI  74  2 Golden promo stickers on labels.  EX/EX  SG  10
  CATS THE  "Time Machine / Maribaja" EMI  73  Number and stamp radio station on back cover. 2 golden promo stickers on labels.  EX/EX  SG  10
  CATS THE  "Vaya Con Dios / Why" EMI  73  Number and stamp radio station on back cover.. 2 Golden promo sticker on labels.  EX/EX  SG  12
  CESAR & CLEO-SONNY & CHER  ""EP"Baby Don't Go +3" REPRISE-65     EX/VG+  EP  22
  CHAD AND JEREMY  ""EP" Before & After +3" EPIC-66     EX/EX  EP  18
  CHERRY PEOPLE THE  "Gotta Get Back / I'm The One Who Loves You" POLYDOR  70  Stamp radio station on back cover and label.  EX/EX  SG  25
  CHICKEN SHACK  "Maudie/Andalucia Blues" CBS-70 WBC     VG+/VG+  SG  10
  CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND  ""EP"Sitting There Standing +3" SUNDAZED-95 USA     M/M  EP  7
  CLIMAX BLUES BAND  "Couldn't Get It Right/Fat Mayb" RCA-76 SBC     VG+/VG+  SG  6
  CLIMAX BLUES BAND  "Shake Your Love/You Make Sick" HARVEST-73     EX/EX  SG  20
  CLIQUE,THE  "Sugar On Sunday/Superman" COLUMBIA-69     EX/EX  SG  15
  CMU  "Heart Of The Sun/Doctor,Am I N" TRANSATLANTI-73     EX/EX  SG  15
  COKNEY REBEL  "Here Comes The Sun/Lay Me Down" EMI-76     VG+/EX  SG  10
  COKNEY REBEL  "I Can't Even Touch You/I Can B" CHRYSALIS-82    STEVE HARLEY  EX/EX  SG  9
  COKNEY REBEL  "Judy Teen/Spaced Out" EMI-74     VG+/M-  SG  6
  COKNEY REBEL  "Mr.Soft/Such A Dream" EMI-74     EX/EX  SG  8
  COKNEY REBEL  "Roll the Dice/Waiting" EMI-78    STEVE HARLEY  EX/M-  SG  7
  COLLINS,PHIL-GENESIS  "AGainst all Odds/The search" WEA-84(PROMO)     M-/M-  SG  12
  COLLINS,PHIL-GENESIS  "Easy Lover (1 Side Promo)" CBS-84 PROMO    W/PH.BAILEY  M-/M-  SG  6
  COLLINS,PHIL-GENESIS  "I Missed Again/I`m not Moving" ATLANTIC-81     EX/EX  SG  10
  COLLINS,PHIL-GENESIS  "Message In A Bottle/In The Air" ISLAND-82 PROMO    W/STING  EX/EX  SG  10
  COMPLETE CYCLE  "I'm On The Road Again/Back On" EXIT-71 WOC WBC     EX/EX  SG  9
  CONSORTIUM  "All The Love In World/Spending" PYE-69    Stamp radio station on top right.  EX/EX  SG  12
  COVERS  "Plastic Single Covers PE"     18,8 X 19,00 G.300 Box: 100 U.    SG  7
  COZY POWELL  "El Hombre De Negro (Man In Black)/ After Dark" EMI  74  Number And Stamp Radio Station On Both Parts of cover. 2 Golden promo stickers on label.  EX/EX  SG  10
  COZY POWELL  "Sooner Or Later / The Blister" POLYDOR  81  Stamp radio station on cover. Under right.  EX/EX  SG  10
  CRAZY ELEPHANT  "Gimme Gimme Good Lovin/Dark Part Of" STATESIDE  69  Stamp Radio station on top right.Number writing a colour pen on back Golden Sticker On Each side label.  EX/EX  SG  10
  CRAZY ELEPHANT  "Sunshine Red Wine/Pam" STATESIDE  69  Stamp radio station on upper center.Number writing a colour pen on back cover.  EX/EX  SG  12
  CRAZY ELEPHANT  "There's Better Day/Space Buggy" STATESIDE-70    Some Wear  EX/EX  SG  12
  CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN  "Nightmare / What's Happening" POLYDOR  69   EX/EX  SG  30
  CREAM  "Anyone For Tennis/Pressed Rat" POLYDOR-68     EX/EX  SG  20
  CREAM  "White Room/Those Were The Days" POLYDOR-68     EX/VG+  SG  15
  CREEDENCE C.REVIVAL  "Bad Moon Rising/Lodi" AMERICA  69   EX/EX  SG  12
  CREEDENCE C.REVIVAL  "Green River/Commotion" AMERICA  69   EX/EX  SG  12
  CREEDENCE C.REVIVAL  "Hey Tonight/Have You Ever Seen" AMERICA  71   EX/EX  SG  15
  CREEDENCE C.REVIVAL  "I Heard Through Grapevine/Before You Accuse Me" FANTASY  74  Sticker On Label  EX/EX  SG  18
  CREEDENCE C.REVIVAL  "It Came Out The Sky/Cotton Fie" AMER-70 SOC SBC     EX/VG+  SG  7
  CREEDENCE C.REVIVAL  "Lookin'out My Back../Long As I" ANERICA-70     EX/VG+  SG  10
  CREEDENCE C.REVIVAL  "Medley U.S.A/Bad Moon Riding" FANT-81 SOC SBC     EX/EX  SG  12
  CREEDENCE C.REVIVAL  "Molina/Sailor's Lament" FANTASY-72     VG+/VG+  SG  8
  CREEDENCE C.REVIVAL  "Proud Mary/Born On The Bayou" AMERICA  69   EX/VG+  SG  10
  CREEDENCE C.REVIVAL  "Run Through The Jungle/Up Around The Bend" AMERICA  70   EX/EX  SG  14
  CREEDENCE C.REVIVAL  "Someday Never Comes/Tearin Up The Country" FANTASY  72  TOL  EX/EX  SG  10
  CREEDENCE C.REVIVAL  "Sweet Hitch Hiker/Door To Door" AMERICA-71     VG+/EX  SG  9
  CREEDENCE C.REVIVAL  "Travelin Band/Who'll Stop The Rain" AMERICA  70   VG+/VG+  SG  9
  CREEDENCE C.REVIVAL  "Up Around The Bend/Run Through" AMERICA-70     EX/VG+  SG  8
  CREW,THE  "Danger Signs/Marty" VERGARA  70   VG/VG+  SG  7
  CRITTERS THE  ""EP" Younger Girl +3" KAPP-66     EX/EX  EP  40
  CRITTERS THE  "Marryn'kind of Love/New York" KAPP-67     EX/EX  SG  12
  CROSBY,STILLS,NASH & YOUNG  "It Doesn't Matter/Rock'n'roll Grazies" ATLANTIC  72  STEPHEN STILLS  EX/VG+  SG  8
  CROSBY,STILLS,NASH & YOUNG  "Love The One You're With/To A Flame" ATLANTIC  70  SPEHEN STILLS  VG+/VG+  SG  6
  CROW  "Colors/Time To Make A Turn" EXIT-70     EX/EX  SG  9
  CROW  "Evil Woman/Rollin" EXIT-70     EX/EX  SG  9
  CROW  "King Of Rock & Roll/Satisfied" EKIPO-71     EX/EX  SG  9
  CROW  "Slow Down/Cottage Cheese" EXIT-70     EX/EX  SG  9
  CROW  "Something In Your Blod/Yellow" EXIT-71     EX/EX  SG  10
  CUBY & THE BLIZZARDS  "Back Street/Easy To Leave Hard" PHILIPS-71    SBC  EX/EX  SG  13
  CUPID'S INSPIRATION  "Yesterday Has Gone /Dream" CBS  68  SBC  EX/EX  SG  25
  CURE THE  "Let's Go To Bed / Just One Kiss" POLYDOR  82   EX/EX  SG  30
  D'ABO,MIKE-MANFRED MANN  "Let It Roar/California Line" UNI-70 WOC WBC     EX/EX  SG  10
  DAILY FLASH  ""EP"Jack of Diamons +3" SUNDAZED-96(USA     M/M  EP  8
  DAISY CLAN,THE  "Mr.Walkie Talkie/Lions In The Tree" BELTER-70     VG+/VG+  SG  6
  DALLIC CONTROL  "Please come Home/China Boogie" NEGRAM-71     EX/M-  SG  11
  DALTREY,ROGER-WHO,THE  "Free Me/McVicar" POLYDOR-80     EX/M-  SG  8
  DALTREY,ROGER-WHO,THE  "I'm Free/Acid Queen(TOMMY)" ODE-74     EX/EX  SG  12
  DALTREY,ROGER-WHO,THE  "Walking the Dog/Proud" POLYDOR-75     M-/M-  SG  8
  DAVE CLARK FIVE  ""EP" Everybody Knows +3 EPL 14.158" EMI  65   EX/VG+  EP  30
  DAVE CLARK FIVE  ""EP" Everybody Knows +3 EPL 14.383" EMI  67   EX/EX  EP  45
  DAVE CLARK FIVE  ""EP" Nineteen Days +3" EMI  66   EX/EX  EP  40
  DAVE CLARK FIVE  "Good Old Rock'n'roll-Medley" EMI-69     EX/EX  SG  9
  DAVE CLARK FIVE  "Live In The Sky/Children" EMI-68     VG+/EX  SG  9
  DAVE CLARK FIVE  "More Good Old Rock'n'roll-Medl" EMI-70     EX/EX  SG  9
  DAVE DEE,DOZY,BEAKY,MICK,TICH  "Mr.President/Frisco Annie" FONT-70 SBC TOL     EX/EX  SG  7
  DAVE DEE,DOZY,BEAKY,MICK,TICH  "Wreck of The Antoinette/Still" FONTANA-68     EX/EX  SG  4
  DAVID & JONATHAN  ""EP" Lovers Of The World Unite +3" EMI  66   EX/EX  EP  30
  DAVIES DAVE-KINKS  "Death Of A Clown/Love Me Till The Sun Shines" PYE  67   EX/EX  SG  15
  DAVIES DAVE-KINKS  "Imaginations Real/Wild Man" RCA-80 PROMO     EX/EX  SG  16
  DAVIES DAVE-KINKS  "Susannah's Still Alive/Funny F" PYE-68     VG+/VG+  SG  18
  DAVIES,RAY-KINKS  "Quiet Life/Va Va Voom(Gil Evan" VIRGIN-86 PROMO     M-/M-  SG  7
  DEACONS,THE  "Empty Heart/Bring It On Home" SUNDAZED-98     M/M  SG  7
  DELANEY & BONNIE & FRIENDS  "Comin Home/Groupie" ATLA-70 WBC WOL     EX/EX  SG  9
  DELANEY & BONNIE & FRIENDS  "Hard To Say Goodbye/Just Plain Beautiful" STAX  70   VG+/VG+  SG  7
  DEREK & THE DOMINOS  "Layla/I Am Yours" POLYDOR  72   EX/VG+  SG  20
  DIA PROMETIDO  "Hey Al-Lah / The End Of Time" PHILIPS  73  Stamp Radio Station On Back  EX/VG+  SG  15
  DIA PROMETIDO  "Persepolis / Ruiseņor Persa" PHILIPS  72  Stamp radio station on Back Cover. SOL  EX/EX  SG  25
  DIA PROMETIDO  "Sinfonia Nš 40 De Mozart / Aeropuerto" PHILIPS  71   EX/VG+  SG  15
  DIA PROMETIDO  "Un Pais Llamado Tierra / Many A Sweet Song" PHILIPS  73   VG+/VG+  SG  10
  DINO,DESI & BILLY  ""EP" I'm A Fool +3" REPRISE-65     EX/EX  EP  12
  DINO,DESI & BILLY  ""EP" Not The Lovin Kind +3" REPRISE-65     EX/VG+  EP  12
  DIRE STRAITS  "Brothers In Arms/Gong Home" VERTIGO-84     EX/VG+  SG  12
  DIRE STRAITS  "Calling Elvis (PROMO)" VERTIGO-91 UK     M-/M-  SG  5
  DIRE STRAITS  "Going Home/Smooching" VERTIGO-83    MARK NOPFLER  EX/EX  SG  15
  DIRE STRAITS  "Heavy Fuel/Planet of New Orlea" VERTIGO-91(UK)     M-/M-  SG  7
  DIRE STRAITS  "Lady Writer/Where Do You Think You're Going" VERTIGO  79   EX/EX  SG  12
  DIRE STRAITS  "Lonely Is The Night/Like Lover" MERCURY-91 GERM    DAVID KNOPFLER  M-/M-  SG  5
  DIRE STRAITS  "Love Over Gold/Solid Rock" VERTIGO  84   EX/EX  SG  12
  DIRE STRAITS  "Money For Nothing/Love Over Go" VERTIGO-85     M-/M-  SG  12
  DIRE STRAITS  "Next Time I'M In Town(1 S.Prom" CBS-90(PROMO)    MARK KNOPFLER  EX/EX  SG  10
  DIRE STRAITS  "Poor Boy Blues(1 Side Promo)" CBS-90(PROMO)    MARK KNOPFLER  M-/M-  SG  10
  DIRE STRAITS  "Romeo And Juliet /Solid Rock" VERTIGO  81   EX/EX  SG  12
  DIRE STRAITS  "So Far Away/Walk Of Life" VERTIGO-85     EX/M-  SG  11
  DIRE STRAITS  "Storybook Love/The Friends Son" VERTIGO-87    MARK KNOPFLER  EX/VG+  SG  15
  DIRE STRAITS  "The Bug(1 Side Promo)" VERTIGO-92     M-/M-  SG  12
  DIRE STRAITS  "The Long Road/Irish Boy" VERTIGO-84    MARK KNOPFLER  EX/M-  SG  12
  DIRE STRAITS  "Ticket To Heaven(1 Side Promo)" VERTIGO-92 PROM     M-/M-  SG  12
  DIRE STRAITS  "Tunnel of Love/Part.2" VERTIGO-80     EX/M-  SG  6
  DIRE STRAITS  "When We Kiss/The Fisherman" ZAFIRO-87(PROMO    DAVID KNOPFLER  EX/EX  SG  8
  DIRE STRAITS  "Your Own Sweet Way/Bewildered" VERTI-90(GERMAN    NOTTI.HILLBILLIES  M-/M-  SG  8
  DOOBIE BROTHERS,THE  "It Keeps You Runnin/Turn It Loose" WARNER  77  SOC,WBC,TOL  EX/VG+  SG  5
  DOOBIE BROTHERS,THE  "Little Darling/Losin'end" WARNER-77 PROMO     EX/EX  SG  10
  DOOBIE BROTHERS,THE  "Long Train Runnin/Without You" WARNER-73     EX/EX  SG  6
  DOOBIE BROTHERS,THE  "Take me in Your Arms/Slat Key" WARNER-75     EX/EX  SG  5
  DOORS THE  "Amala Locamente / You Need Meat" ELEKTRA  71   EX/EX  SG  30
  DOORS THE  "El Mosquito/Levantate y Baila" ELEKTRA  72   M-/M-  SG  35
  DOORS THE  "Gloria/Moonlight Drive" ELEKTRA  83  Sticker On Label  EX/EX  SG  14
  DOORS THE  "Love Her Madly/You Need Meat" ELEK-71 CP-104    JUKE BOX  VG+  SG  35
  DOORS THE  "Riders on the Storm/Love me Tw" ELEKTRA-83-GERM     M-/M-  SG  8
  DOORS THE  "The Mosquito/Get up & dance" ELEK-72(W-LAVEL    PROMO  M-/EX  SG  60
  DOORS THE  "You Make Me Real/Roadhouse Blu" CBS-70 SOC SBC     EX/EX  SG  12
  DR.JOHN  "Dance The Night Away With You/Wild Honey" AM  79   EX/EX  SG  4
  DR.JOHN  "Right Place Wrong Time/I Been" ATLANTIC-73     EX/EX  SG  5
  DRAMA  "Mary's Mamma/Mademoiselle" PHILIPS  72  SOC,TOL  EX/VG+  SG  8
  DRUIDS OF STONEHENGE  ""EP"Who do You Love +5" SUNDAZED-96 USA     M/M  EP  8
  E.L.O  "Calling America(1 Side Promo)" EPIC-86     EX/EX  SG  9
  E.L.O  "Can't Get It Out/Illusion In G" WARN-75 SOC SBC     EX/EX  SG  12
  E.L.O  "Don't Bring Me Down/Dreaming Of 400" EPIC  79  White Label  EX/EX  SG  12
  E.L.O  "Evil Woman/Poker" POLYDOR  76   EX/EX  SG  12
  E.L.O  "Hold On tight/When Time Stood" EPIC-81 PROMO     EX/EX  SG  13
  E.L.O  "Livin'thing/Fire On High" UA-76     EX/EX  SG  12
  E.L.O  "Ma-Ma-Ma Belle/Oh No Susan" WARNER-74     EX/EX  SG  12
  E.L.O  "Rock'n'roll King(1 Side Promo)" JET-83 PROMO     EX/VG+  SG  12
  E.L.O  "Shine a Little Love/Jungle" JET-79     EX/M-  SG  7
  E.L.O  "Sweet Talkin Woman/Bluebird Is" JET-78     VG+/EX  SG  7
  E.L.O  "Turn to Stone/Mister Kingdom" UA-77     EX/M-  SG  7
  EAGLES  "Already Gone/Is Is True" ASYLUM-74     VG+/M-  SG  8
  EAGLES  "Heartache Tonight/Teenage Jail" ASYLUM-79     VG+/VG+  SG  7
  EAGLES  "Hotel California/Pretty Maids" ASYLUM-77     EX/EX  SG  6
  EAGLES  "Long Run/The Disco Strangler" ASYLUM-80     EX/VG+  SG  7
  EARTH & FIRE  "Fire Of Love/Seasons Of Fallin" VERT-81 SBC SOL     EX/EX  SG  7
  EARTH & FIRE  "Weekend/Answer me" VERTIGO-79     M-/M-  SG  7
  EAST OF EDEN  "Boogie Woogie Flu/Last Dance Of The Clown" HARVEST  72  Sticker on cover & label  EX/EX  SG  12
  EASYBEATS  "Heaven & Hell/Do You Have a So" UA-67     EX/VG+  SG  14
  EASYBEATS  "ST.Louis/Can't Find Love" POLYDOR-69     EX/EX  SG  30
  EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND  "Apache Drop Out/Freedom" HARVEST  71   VG+/VG+  SG  10
  ELECTRIC CHAIRS  ""         
  ELECTRIC PRUNES  "I Had Too Much To Dream / Luvin" REPRISE  67   EX/EX  SG  65
  ELEPHANTS MEMORY  "Runing Man/Tell The Truth" POLYDOR  75   EX/EX  SG  9
  EMERSON LAKE & PALMER  "Lucky Man/Knife-Edge" ISLAND  71   EX/EX  SG  12
  ENGLISH GROUP,THE  "Woodstock/I'll Be There" DEACON-71 TOL     EX/EX  SG  9
  EQUALS,THE  ""EP" I Get Excited +3" SINTONIA-68     EX/EX  EP  25
  EQUALS,THE  "Black Skin Blue/Ain't Got Noth" PRESIDENT-71     EX/EX  SG  6
  EQUALS,THE  "Giddy-up-a Ding Dong/Another S" SINTONIA-68     EX/VG+  SG  5
  EQUALS,THE  "Honey Bee/Put Some Rock & Roll" PRESIDENT-73     EX/EX  SG  6
  EQUALS,THE  "I Can't Let You Go/Lonely" PRESIDENT-72     EX/EX  SG  4
  EQUALS,THE  "I Won't Be Thre/Fire" TEMPO  67  SOC,SOL  EX/EX  SG  9
  EQUALS,THE  "Laurel Y Hardy/Police On My Ba" PRESIDENT-68     EX/M-  SG  6
  ESTHER Y ABI OFARIM  ""EP" Canario +3" PHILIPS-67     EX/VG+  EP  12
  EVERY MOTHERS'SON  ""EP" Put Your Mind At Ease +3" MGM  67   M-/M-  EP  20
  EYES  ""EP" The Arrival Of Vol.2 (RE)" LUNA BLU  06  Bassic British pop psych UK'60s (EU)  M/M  EP  25
  EYES  ""EP" The Arrival OF (RE)" LUNA BLU  06  A Classic British pop psych 60's (EU)  M/M  EP  25
  FACES  "Cindy A Proposito/Skewiff" WARNER  73   EX/VG+  SG  15
  FACES  "Stay with me/You're So Rude" WARNER-72 PROMO     EX/EX  SG  25
  FAIRPORT CONVENTION  "John Lee/The Time Is Near" ISLAND-72 SBC     EX/EX  SG  15
  FAIRPORT CONVENTION  "Now Be Thankful/Guiness Book Of Records" ISLAND  71  PINK  EX/EX  SG  40
  FAMILY  "Strange Band/No Mule's Fool" REPRISE-70     EX/EX  SG  20
  FAMILY DOGG,THE  "A Way Of Life/Throw It Away" STATESIDE-69     VG+/VG+  SG  10
  FAMILY DOGG,THE  "Arizona/The House In The Heather" POLYDOR  70  SOC,TOL  EX/EX  SG  7
  FAMILY DOGG,THE  "Sympathy/Moonshine Mary" POLY-70 WOC WBC     EX/EX  SG  9
  FAT MATTRESS  "Naturally/Iridescent Butterfly" POLYDOR  70  WBC,TOL  VG+/VG+  SG  9
  FERRY,BRYAN-ROXY MUSIC  "Don't Stop The Dance/Nocturne" POLYDOR-85     EX/EX  SG  10
  FERRY,BRYAN-ROXY MUSIC  "Is Your Love Strong/Windswept" POLYDOR-86     VG+/EX  SG  9
  FERRY,BRYAN-ROXY MUSIC  "Right Stuff/Right Stuff-Bro MI" VIRGIN-87     EX/EX  SG  9
  FIFTH ESTATE,THE  "Heigh-Ho/I'm A Believer" JUBILEE  68  SOC,TOL  VG+/VG+  SG  9
  FIRM,THE  "Radiactive/Together" ARIOLA-85     EX/EX  SG  7
  FIVE AMERICANS  "Western Union/Now That it's Ov" ABNAK-67     EX/EX  SG  10
  FIVE AMERICANS  "Zip Code/Sound Of Love" ABNAK-67     EX/EX  SG  15
  FIVE BY FIVE  "Fire / Hang Up" CEM  68   EX/EX  SG  12
  FIVE MAN ELECTRICAL BAND  "Signs/Hello Melinda Goodbye" MGM  71   VG+/VG+  SG  12
  FLAMING YOUTH  "Guide Me Orion/From Now On" FONT-70 SOC SBC     EX/EX  SG  25
  FLAMING YOUTH  "Man,woman & Child/Drifting" FONTANA-70 SOC     EX/EX  SG  28
  FLEETWOOD MAC  "Albatross/Black magic Woman" CBS-77     EX/EX  SG  15
  FLEETWOOD MAC  "Black Magic Woman/Stop Messin" CBS-73     EX/EX  SG  12
  FLEETWOOD MAC  "Don't Stop/Dreams" WARNER-77     EX/EX  SG  7
  FLEETWOOD MAC  "Everywhere, One side promo" WEA-87     M-/M-  SG  11
  FLEETWOOD MAC  "Go Your Own Way/Silver Springs" WARNER  77   EX/EX  SG  12
  FLEETWOOD MAC  "Green Manalishi/World In Harmo" REPRISE-70     EX/EX  SG  8
  FLEETWOOD MAC  "Gypsy/Coold Water" WARNER-82 PROMO     EX/EX  SG  6
  FLEETWOOD MAC  "Oh Well, Part.1 & 2" REPRISE-70     VG+/EX  SG  12
  FLEETWOOD MAC  "Rhiannon/Over My Head" REPRISE  76   EX/EX  SG  12
  FLEETWOOD MAC  "Think About Me/Save Me A Place" WARNER-80 PROMO     EX/EX  SG  8
  FLEETWOOD MAC  "Tusk/Never Make Me Cry" WARNER-79     M-/M-  SG  7
  FLOCK,THE  "Tired Of Waiting/Store Bought" CBS-70     EX/VG+  SG  12
  FLOW  "Mr.Invisible/No Lack of Room" TALAR-71     EX/EX  SG  7
  FLOWER POT MEN,THE  "Man Without A Woman/You Can Ne" DERAM-67     EX/EX  SG  12
  FLYING MACHINE,THE  "Brighten Your Night/Knocking R" JUBILEE-71 WOC     EX/EX  SG  8
  FOCUS  "Glider/Focus V" EMI  77  SBC  EX/EX  SG  10
  FOCUS  "Harem Scarem/Early,birth" POLYDOR-74     EX/EX  SG  7
  FOCUS  "Hocus Pocus/Sylvia" POLYDOR-73     VG+/VG+  SG  10
  FOCUS  "My Sweetheart/Mother Focus" POLYDOR-76     EX/EX  SG  8
  FOCUS  "Rondo/Siciliana" CBS-73    THIJS VAN LEER  EX/EX  SG  7
  FOGERTY,JOHN-CREEDENCE  "Comin Down Road/Ricochet" FANTASY-74     EX/EX  SG  20
  FOGERTY,JOHN-CREEDENCE  "Eye of the Zombie/I Confess" WEA-86 PROMO     M-/M-  SG  6
  FOGERTY,JOHN-CREEDENCE  "Rock & Roll Girls/Centerfield" WARN-84 SOC SBC     EX/EX  SG  13
  FOGERTY,TOM-CREEDENCE  "Goodbye Media Man/Good Part.2" ANERIC-71 PROMO     EX/M-  SG  15
  FOREIGNER  "Dirty White Boy/Rev On The Red" ATLANTIC-79     EX/EX  SG  6
  FOREIGNER  "Double Vision/Lonely Children" ATLANTIC-78     EX/EX  SG  8
  FOREIGNER  "Feels Like First Time/Woman Oh" ATLANTIC-77     EX/EX  SG  7
  FOREIGNER  "Gold As Ice/I Need You" ATLANTIC-77     EX/EX  SG  8
  FOREIGNER  "Hot Blooded/Tramontane" ATLANTIC-78     EX/EX  SG  7
  FORTUNES,THE  "Fire Brigade/Painting a Shadow" UA-68     EX/EX  SG  10
  FORTUNES,THE  "Freedom Comes/Freedom Goes" MOVIEPLAY-71     VG+/VG+  SG  10
  FREE  "A Little Bit Of Love/Sail On" ISLAND-72     VG+/VG+  SG  1O
  FREE  "All Right Now/Mouthful Of Gras" PHILIPS-70     VG+/VG+  SG  9
  FREE  "All Right Now/The Stealer" ISLAND-73     EX/EX  SG  10
  FREE  "Only My Soul/My Brother Jake" ISLAND-71     VG+/EX  SG  10
  FREE  "Stealer/Songs Of Yesterday" ISLAND  70   EX/EX  SG  12
  FREE  "Wishing Well/Let Me Show You" ISLAND-72 SBC     EX/EX  SG  9
  FRIPP,ROBERT-KING CRIMSON  "Dislocated/1984" EG-81     EX/EX  SG  12
  FRIPP,ROBERT-KING CRIMSON  "I Advance Masked/Hardy Country" EG-82    W/SUM  EX/EX  SG  9
  GABRIEL,PETER-GENESIS  "Games Without frontiers +1" CHARISMA-80     M-/M-  SG  20
  GABRIEL,PETER-GENESIS  "I Go Swimming/Solsbury Hill" CHARISMA-83     EX/EX  SG  20
  GABRIEL,PETER-GENESIS  "No Son Of Mine/Living Forever" VIRGIN-81 UK     M-/M-  SG  5
  GABRIEL,PETER-GENESIS  "Shock the Monkey/Soft Dog" CHARISMA-82     M-/M-  SG  10
  GABRIEL,PETER-GENESIS  "Sledgehammer/Don't Break Rhyth" CHARISMA-86     EX/M-  SG  4
  GAME,THE  "Silence Is Golden/New York Mining Disaster 1941" HISPAVOX  67   EX/VG+  SG  20
  GARY PUCKETT & UNION GAP  "Over You/If The Day Would Come" CBS-68     VG+/VG+  SG  6
  GARY PUCKETT & UNION GAP  "Young Girl/Lady Madonna" CBS  68   EX/EX  SG  8
  GENESIS(UK)  "Mama/It`s gonna get Better" VERTIGO-83     EX/EX  SG  12
  GENTLE GIANT  "I'm Turning Round/Two Weeks In Spain" CRYSALIS  78   EX/EX  SG  7
  GEORDIE  "Can You Do It/Red Eyed Lady" POPL-73 SBC TOL     EX/EX  SG  7
  GEORDIE  "Don't Do That/Francis Was A Ro" POPL-72 SBC TOL     EX/EX  SG  7
  GEORDIE  "Ride On Baby/Got To Know" EMI  75  SOC,TOL  EX/EX  SG  7
  GEORDIE  "She's A Teaser/We're Alright N" EMI-74 SBC     EX/EX  SG  7
  GEORGE BAKER SELECTION  "Morning Sky/Don't Forget Me" HISPAVOX  76  SOC,SBC  EX/VG+  SG  6
  GEORGE THOROGOOD & DESTROYERS  "Cocaine Blues/Move It In Over" DISCOPHON-79     EX/EX  SG  10
  GEORGE THOROGOOD & DESTROYERS  "Madison Blues/Can't Stop Lovin" DISC-78 SOC SBC     EX/EX  SG  10
  GHOST & THE SHADOW,THE  "I Hear You Knocking/When I'm Dead C" DEACON  71   EX/EX  SG  8
  GILMOUR,DAVID-PINK FLOYD  "There's No Way Out/Deafinitely" HARVEST-78     EX/EX  SG  15
  GLASS BOTTLE, THE  "Girl Who Loved Me When/Because She's Mine AgaiN" AVCO  72  White Label Promo  EX/EX  SG  9
  GLOOMYS THE  "I'm A Bum/Let Me Dream" BELTER  71  SBC,TOL  EX/VG+  SG  10
  GLOOMYS THE  "Pretty Jane/In My Dreams" BELTER  71   EX/EX  SG  10
  GOLDEN EARRING  "Buddy Joe/Avalanche Of Love" POLYDOR- GERMAN     M-/M-  SG  12
  GOLDEN EARRING  "Ce Soir/Lucky Number" POLYDOR-74 WOC     EX/EX  SG  10
  GOLDEN EARRING  "Instant Poetry/From Heaven Hel" POLYDOR-74 SOL     EX/VG+  SG  18
  GOLDEN EARRING  "Long Blond Animal/Will & Mercy" POLYDOR  81  SOC  EX/EX  SG  10
  GOLDEN EARRING  "Radar Love/Song Is Over" POLYDOR-74     EX/EX  SG  12
  GOLDEN EARRING  "Sleepwalkin/Facedancer" POLYDOR-76     EX/M-  SG  15
  GOOD SHIP LOLLIPOP THE  "Maxwell's Silver Hammer/How Does It" EMBER  69  SOC,WBC  EX/EX  SG  15
  GOOD VIBRATIONS,THE  "In The Bad,bad Old Days/Shake" EMNER-69 WBC     EX/EX  SG  12
  GRAPEFRUIT  "Someday Soon/Theme For Twiggy" STATESID-68 WBC     EX/EX  SG  25
  GRASS ROOTS,THE  "Heaven Knows/Don't Remind Me" STATESIDE-69     EX/EX  SG  9
  GRASS ROOTS,THE  "Lovin Things/You And Love Are" STATESIDE-69     EX/EX  SG  12
  GRASS ROOTS,THE  "Sooner Or Later/I Can Turn Off" STATESID-71 WBC     EX/VG+  SG  7
  GRASS ROOTS,THE  "Two Divided By Love/Let It Go" STATESIDE-71     EX/EX  SG  9
  GRASS ROOTS,THE  "Where Were You When../Bad Times" RCA  66   EX/EX  SG  12
  GRATEFUL DEAD  "Touch of Grey/My Brother Esau" ARISTA-87     EX/M-  SG  12
  GRIN  "You're The Weight/Beggar's Day" AM-74     EX/EX  SG  7
  GUESS WHO,THE  "American Woman/No Sugar Tonigh" RCA-72     EX/EX  SG  7
  GUESS WHO,THE  "Broken/Albert Flasher" RCA-71     M-/M-  SG  6
  GUESS WHO,THE  "Follow your Daughter home(PROM" RCA-73(WHITE LA     M-/M-  SG  8
  GUESS WHO,THE  "Guns,Guns,Guns/Reaven Only Mov" RCA-72     EX/EX  SG  8
  GUESS WHO,THE  "Hand Me Down World/Runnin Down" RCA-70 SBC TOL     EX/EX  SG  8
  GUESS WHO,THE  "Hang On To Your Life/Do You Mi" RCA-71     EX/EX  SG  5
  GUESS WHO,THE  "Laughing /Undun" RCA  69  STOL  EX/VG+  SG  5
  GUESS WHO,THE  "No Time/Proper Stranger" RCA-70 SBC TOL     EX/EX  SG  8
  GUESS WHO,THE  "Share The Land/Bus Rider" RCA-70     EX/EX  SG  6
  HACKETT,STEVE-GENESIS  "Every Day/Lost Time In Cordoba" CHARISMA-79     EX/EX  SG  12
  HACKETT,STEVE-GENESIS  "The Show/Hercules Unchained" CHARISMA-80 SBC     EX/EX  SG  10
  HAPPENINGS,THE  ""EP"Music,Music,Music +3" B.T.PUPPY-68     M-/M-  EP  20
  HAPPENINGS,THE  ""EP"See You In September +3" JUBILEE-67     EX/EX  EP  16
  HAPPENINGS,THE  "I Got Rhythm/You're In A Bad W" JUBILEE-67     EX/EX  SG  12
  HAPPENINGS,THE  "My Mammy/I Believe In Nothing" B.T.PUPPY-67     EX/EX  SG  9
  HAPPENINGS,THE  "Randy/Love Song Of Mommy & Dad" B.T.PUPPY-68     EX/EX  SG  12
  HARPERS BIZARRE  "59 Th Street Bridge/Lost My Lo" WARNER-67     EX/EX  SG  8
  HARPERS BIZARRE  "Anything Goes/Chattanooga Choo" WARNER-67     EX/EX  SG  8
  HAWKWIND  "Silver Machine/Seven By Seven" UA  72  Pristine Copy.  M-/M-  SG  75
  HEADS,HANDS & FEET  "One Woman/Dirty Heavy Weather" ATLANTIC-73     EX/M-  SG  6
  HEADS,HANDS & FEET  "Warming Up The Band/Silver Min" CAPITOL-71     VG+/EX  SG  7
  HEP STARS  "Let It Be Me / Groovy Summertime" OLGA  69  Promotional.  M-/M-  SG  25
  HERB ALBERT & TIJUANA BRASS  ""EP" Mexican Drummer Man +3" EMI-64     EX/VG+  EP  12
  HERD THE  "Paradise Lost/Come On-Believe" FONTANA  68   EX/M-  SG  40
  HERMAN'S HERMITS  ""EP" Dandy +3" EMI-67     EX/EX  EP  18
  HERMAN'S HERMITS  ""EP" Just A Little Bit Better+3" EMI-65     EX/EX  EP  18
  HERMAN'S HERMITS  ""EP" Museum +3" EMI-67     EX/EX  EP  35
  HERMAN'S HERMITS  "Here Comes Star/It's Alright N" EMI-70     EX/EX  SG  10
  HERMAN'S HERMITS  "My Sentimental Friend/My Lady" EMI-69     EX/EX  SG  9
  HERMAN'S HERMITS  "Oh You Pretty Thing/Together F" EMI-71     EX/EX  SG  12
  HERMAN'S HERMITS  "Sleepy Joe/Just One Girl" EMI-68     VG+/EX  SG  12
  HERMAN'S HERMITS  "Sunshine Girl/Nobody Needs To" EMI-68     EX/EX  SG  13
  HERMAN'S HERMITS  "Years May Come,years/Smile Ple" EMI-70     EX/EX  SG  12
  HODGSON,ROGER-SUPERTRAMP  "Had a Dream(1 Side Promo)" AM-84 PROMO     EX/EX  SG  15
  HODGSON,ROGER-SUPERTRAMP  "In Jeopardy(1 Side Promo)" AM-84     EX/EX  SG  15
  HODGSON,ROGER-SUPERTRAMP  "You Make Be Love../Lovers In W" AM-87     EX/EX  SG  10
  HOLLIES THE  ""EP" Bus Stop +3" CAPITOL-66(MEXI     M-/VG+  EP  25
  HOLLIES THE  ""EP" King Midas In Reverse +3" EMI-67 WBC TOL     EX/EX  EP  40
  HOLLIES THE  ""EP" Stop Stop Stop +3" EMI  66   EX/VG+  EP  24
  HOLLIES THE  "Amnesty/Crossfire" POLYDOR  77  SOC,TOL  EX/VG+  SG  8
  HOLLIES THE  "Bus Stop/Don't Run And Hide" EMI  66   EX/EX  SG  35
  HOLLIES THE  "Don't Leave The Child/Blue In" ARIOLA-73     EX/EX  SG  7
  HOLLIES THE  "Gasoline Alley Bred/Dandelion" EMI-70     EX/EX  SG  10
  HOLLIES THE  "He Ain't Heavy../Cos You Like" EMI  69  Title In Spanish  EX/EX  SG  40
  HOLLIES THE  "Hey Willy/Row The Boat Togethe" ARIOLA-71     EX/EX  SG  6
  HOLLIES THE  "I Can`t tell the Bottom/From The Top" EMI  70   EX/ex  SG  18
  HOLLIES THE  "I'm Down/Hello Lady Goodbye" POLYDOR-74 WOC     VG+/VG+  SG  7
  HOLLIES THE  "Jennifer Eccles/Open Up Your E" EMI-68     EX/EX  SG  20
  HOLLIES THE  "Listen To Me/Do The Best You C" EMI-68     EX/EX  SG  25
  HOLLIES THE  "Long Cool Woman/Life I've Led" ARIOLA  72   EX/EX  SG  8
  HOLLIES THE  "Magic Woman Touch/Indian Girl" ARIOLA-72     EX/EX  SG  5
  HOLLIES THE  "Sorry Suzanne/Not That Way At" EMI-69     EX/VG+  SG  20
  HOLLIES THE  "The Air That I Breathe/No More" POLYDOR-74     EX/EX  SG  5
  HOLLIES THE  "The Baby/Oh Granny" ARIOLA-72 SOC     EX/EX  SG  9
  HOLLIES THE  "Wiggle That Wotsit/My Love" POLYDOR  77  SOC,WBCTOL  VG+/EX  SG  8
  HONEYCOMBS,THE  ""EP" Tengo Derecho+3" GAMMA(MEXICO)     EX/M-  EP  22
  HOTLEGS  "Desperate Dan/Run Baby Run" PHIL-71 SBC TOL     EX/EX  SG  5
  HOTLEGS  "Neanderthal Man/You Din't Like" FONTANA-70     EX/EX  SG  5
  HUMAN BEINZ  "Tuen On Your Love Light / It's Fun To Be Clean" CAPITOL  68  STOL,SBC,  EXX/EX  SG  25
  HUMBLE PIE  "Black Coffee/Say No More" AM-73     EX/EX  SG  13
  HUMBLE PIE  "Hot`n`nasty/You`re so good+3" AM-72     EX/EX  SG  12
  HUMBLE PIE  "Natural Born Bugie/Wrist Job" IMMEDIATE-69     EX/EX  SG  20
  HUMBLE PIE  "Ninety Nine Pounds/Rally With" AM-74     EX/EX  SG  14
  HUMBLEBUMS,THE  "Coconut Tree/Look Over The Hill & Far Away" TRANSATLANTIC  72  SOC,TOL  VG+/EX  SG  8
  HUNTER,IAN-MOTT THE HOOPLE  "Central Park n`west/Rain" CRYS-81(PROMO)     EX/EX  SG  9
  HUNTER,IAN-MOTT THE HOOPLE  "Lisa likes roc`n`roll/Noises" RCA-81(PROMO)     M-/M-  SG  8
  I CORVI  ""EP" Datemi Una Lacrima Per Piangere +3" ARISTO  67   EX/EX  EP  100
  IAN CAMPBELL FOLK GROUP,THE  "Marilyn Monroe/The Iron Road" SONO-69 SBC TOL     EX/EX  SG  9
  IDES OF MARCH  "I'm Gonna Say My../The Sun Ain" SUNDAZED-99     M/M  SG  6
  IDES OF MARCH  "Vehiculo/Llevame a casa Despac" WARNER-70     EX/EX  SG  8
  IF  "Raise The Level Of Your Conscious/I" PHILIPS  70  SOC  EX/EX  SG  12
  ILLUSION  "Together/Love me Girl" DOT-69     SM/SM  SG  10
  INGLISH GROUP,THE  "Woodstock/I'll Be There" DEACON  71  SOL  EX/EX  SG  10
  INNOCENCE THE  "Your Show Is Over/Someone Got" K.SUTRA-67 SBC     EX/EX  SG  14
  IRISH COFFEE  "Masterpiece/The Show" TALAR-71     EX/VG+  SG  30
  IRISH COFFEE  "Masterpiece/The Show" PIRATES  71  Spanish Pressing.  EX/EX  SG  25
  IRON BUTERFLY  "In a gadda da vida/Soul Experience" ATLANTIC  69   EX/VG+  SG  15
  IRON BUTERFLY  "Searchin Circles/Pearly Gates" MCA  75  SBC  EX/EX  SG  12
  JACKIE Y LOS CICLONES  ""EP" Let's Limbo Some More +3" CBS-63     VG+/VG+  EP  10
  JACKPOT  "Sing My Love Song/Honolee Honola" EMI  76  TOL  EX/VG+  SG  6
  JACK'S ANGELS  "When There's A War/Life I'm Li" PYE-66     EX/EX  SG  7
  JAMES GANG  "Funk nš49/Thanks" ABC-70     EX/M-  SG  10
  JAN & DEAN  ""EP"Yellow Balloon +3" SUNDAZED-96     M/M  EP  8
  JANIS JOPLIN  "Look in FEMALE section"          0
  JAY & THE AMERICANS  ""EP" Cara Mia +3" UA-65     EX/VG+  EP  12
  JAY & THE AMERICANS  ""EP" Crying +3" UA-66     EX/EX  EP  12
  JAY & THE AMERICANS  ""EP" Some Echantes Evening +3" UA  65   EX/EX  EP  25
  JEAN M.JARRE  "Look FRENCH Artist"          0
  JEFFERSON AIRPLANE  "Planes (1 Side Promo)" EPIC-89     EX/EX  SG  10
  JEFFERSON AIRPLANE  "Twilight Double Leader/Trial By Fire" GRUN  73  Sticker On Label  EX/EX  SG  13
  JEFFERSON AIRPLANE  "Volunteers/We Can Be Together" RCA-70 SOC SOL     EX/EX  SG  14
  JEFFERSON AIRPLANE  "White Rabbit/She Has Funny Car" RCA-68 TOL     EX/VG+  SG  20
  JEFFERSON STARSHIP  "Count On Me/Show Yourself" GRUNT-78     EX/EX  SG  10
  JEFFERSON STARSHIP  "Find Your Way Back/Modern Time" GRUNT-81 PROMO     EX/EX  SG  7
  JEFFERSON STARSHIP  "Girl With Hungry Eyes/Just Sam" GRUNT-79 PROMO     EX/EX  SG  10
  JEFFERSON STARSHIP  "Jane/Freedon at Point zero" GRUNT-79(PROMO)     EX/EX  SG  12
  JEFFERSON STARSHIP  "Jane/Intravino" RCA-79 PROMO    With Label For one side: DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES  EX/EX  SG  10
  JEFFERSON STARSHIP  "Miracles/Ai Garimasu" GRUNT-75     EX/EX  SG  12
  JEFFERSON STARSHIP  "No Way Out/Rose Goes To Yale" GRUNT-84 PROMO     EX/EX  SG  10
  JEFFERSON STARSHIP  "Runaway/Hot Water" GRUNT-78 PROMO     EX/EX  SG  10
  JEFFERSON STARSHIP  "Tomorrow Doesn't Matter/Love R" GRUNT-86 PROMO    Small spot glue on cover top right for moving a sticker  EX/EX  SG  10
  JEFFERSON STARSHIP  "We Built This City/Private Room" GRUNT-85 PROMO    Stamp radio station on both parts cover.  EX/EX  SG  10
  JEFFERSON STARSHIP  "With Your Love/Switchblade" GRUNT-76 PROMO     EX/EX  SG  8
  JERONIMO  "Heya/So Nice To Know" COLUMBIA  70  Promo Copy  EX/EX  SG  15
  JESS & JAMES  "Move/Seria El Fin" BELTER  68   EX/VG+  SG  7
  JESS & JAMES  "Nubes/So It Was" BELTER-69     VG+/VG+  SG  5
  JESS & JAMES  "The End Of Me/Move" BELTER-68     EX/EX  SG  8
  JETHRO TULL  ""EP"Life Is A Long Song +4" ISLAND  71   VG+/VG+  EP  15
  JETHRO TULL  "A Passion play/2ŠParte" CHRYSALIS-73    WOC,WBC  VG+/EX  SG  13
  JETHRO TULL  "Fly By Night/End Game (PROMO)" CHRYSALIS-83    IAN ANDERSON  M-/M-  SG  12
  JETHRO TULL  "Inside/Alive & Well & Living I" PHILIPS  70   EX/EX  SG  21
  JETHRO TULL  "Lap Of Luxury/Astronomy" CHRYSALIS-84     EX/EX  SG  14
  JETHRO TULL  "Living In The Past/Driving Son" ISLAND  71   EX/EX  SG  21
  JETHRO TULL  "Living In The Past/Hard Liner" CHRYS-93 UK     M-/M-  SG  9
  JETHRO TULL  "Minstrel In Gallery/Summerday" CHRISALYS-75    WOC,WBC  EX/EX  SG  20
  JETHRO TULL  "MX-Lap Of Luxury/Astronomy/Tundra +1" CHRYSALIS  84  Promo Copy  EX/EX  MX  15
  JETHRO TULL  "Sweet Dream/17" PHILIPS  70  WOC  VG+/VG+  SG  10
  JETHRO TULL  "Watching Me,Watching You/Beast" CHRYS-82 PROMO     EX/VG+  SG  22
  JIGSAW  "Baby Don't Do It/Stand Next To" BASF-75     VG+/EX  SG  7
  JIGSAW  "Love Isn't At Home/We Are Not" SPLASH-82 SOL     EX/EX  SG  6
  JO JO GUNNE  "Run Run Run/Take It Easy" ASYLUM-72     EX/EX  SG  10
  JOEY DEE & STARLIGHTERS  ""EP"Guantanamera +3" JUBILEE-67 DC     M-/M-  EP  15
  JOHN DUMMER'S BAND  "Medicine Weasel/The Endgame" PHILIPS-72     VG+/EX  SG  20
  JOHN DUMMER'S BAND  "Nine by nine/Move me don`t lea" FONTANA-71     M-/M-  SG  12
  JOHN FRED & PLAYBOYS  "Hey Hey Bunny/No Letter Today" CEM-68     EX/EX  SG  12
  JOHN FRED & PLAYBOYS  "Little Dum Dum/Tissue Paper" CEM-68     VG+/EX  SG  9
  JOHN FRED & PLAYBOYS  "Up And Down/Off The Wall" CEM-68     EX/VG+  SG  12
  JOHNSTONS,THE  "Both Sides Now/My House" MOVIEPLAY  69  SOC,TOL  VG+/VG+  SG  7
  JOHNSTONS,THE  "Continental Trailways Bus/The Wind In My Hands" TRANSATLANTIC  72  SOC,TOL  EX/VG+  SG  7
  JOKERS,THE  ""EP"Dalila +3" ZAFIRO-64     EX/VG+  EP  18
  JONES,PAUL-MANFRED MANN  ""EP"High Time +3" EMI-68     EX/VG+  EP  35
  JUDAS JUMP  "Beer Drinking Woman/I Have The Righ" EMI  70  SBC  EX/EX  SG  15
  JUDD  "Snarlin'mumma Lion/Stronger A Man" P.PHARTING  70  SBC  EX/EX  SG  7
  JUICY LUCY  "Pretty Woman/I'm A Thief" VERTIGO-71     EX/EX  SG  15
  JUICY LUCY  "Who Do You Love/Walking Down" VERTIGO-70     EX/EX  SG  15
  JULY  "Hello,who's There/The Way (RE)" ESSEX-96 UK     M/M  SG  10
  JUMPING JEWELS,THE  ""EP"More +3" PHILIPS-63     EX/VG+  EP  30
  JUPITER  "Back In The Sun/Part.2" EMI-70 WOC WBC     EX/EX  SG  10
  JUPITER  "Shadows In Moonlight/Don't Sla" BELTER-72     EX/EX  SG  9
  JUPITER SUNSET  "Shadows In The Moonlight/Don't Slam The Door When" BELTER  72  SBC, Sticker on label  EX/EX  SG  9
  JUSTIN HAYWARD-MOODY BLUES  "Night Flight/Suitcase" DECCA  80  White Label Promo  EX/EX  SG  15
  KANSAS  ""EP" Paradoja+3, FOC" EPIC-78(PROMO)     VG+/VG+  EP  20
  KANSAS  "Carry on Wayward Son/Song for" EPIC-78     EX/EX  SG  9
  KANSAS  "Hold On/Don't Open Your Eyes" EPIC-80 PROMO     M-/M-  SG  10
  KANSAS  "People Of The South Wind/Stay Out Of Trouble" EPIC  79  White Label. SOL  EX/VG+  SG  10
  KANSAS  "Play The Game..(1 Side Promo)" EPIC-82 SBC SOL     EX/EX  SG  12
  KANSAS  "Point of Know Return/Closet Ch" EPIC-77     EX/EX  SG  12
  KEN LOGGINS & JIM MESSINA  "Your Mama Don't Dance/Golden R" CBS-72 SBC TOL     EX/EX  SG  9
  KENNY ROGERS & FIRST EDITION  "Tell It All Brother/Sunshine J" REPRISE-70     EX/VG+  SG  7
  KENTUCKY FREEWAY  "Take Off/Who Knows What I Need" PENNY FARTHING  72  SOC,TOL  EX/EX  SG  9
  KESTRELS THE  ""EP" Dance With Me +3" PYE  64   EX/EX  EP  45
  KGB  "Magic In Your Touch/Midnight T" MCA  76  SOL  EX/EX  SG  9
  KING CRIMSON  "Sleepes/Nuages" EG-84     EX/EX  SG  8
  KING CRIMSON  "Thela Hun Ginjeet/Elephant Tal" EG-81 SOC     EX/EX  SG  9
  KINKS THE  ""EP" All Day And All Of The Night +3" PYE  65   VG+/VG+  EP  26
  KINKS THE  ""EP" Autumn Almanac+3(PROMOTIO)" PRT-86(PROMO)     M-/M-  EP  25
  KINKS THE  ""EP" Dead And Street +3" PYE-66 FRANCE     EX/VG+  EP  30
  KINKS THE  ""EP" Dead End Street +3" PYE  66   EX/EX  EP  40
  KINKS THE  ""EP" Dedicated Follower Of Fashion +3" HISPAVOX  66   EX/VG+  EP  30
  KINKS THE  ""EP" You Really Got Me +3 PYEP 2060" PYE  64   VG+/VG+  EP  25
  KINKS THE  "A Rock'n'roll Fantasy/Live Lif" ARISTA-78     EX/EX  SG  15
  KINKS THE  "Celluluid Heroes/Hot Potatoes" RCA  72   EX/EX  SG  15
  KINKS THE  "Come Dancing/Noise" ARISTA-82 PROMO     EX/M-  SG  6
  KINKS THE  "Day's/She's Got Everything" PYE-68     EX/EX  SG  20
  KINKS THE  "Destroyer/Better Things" ARIOLA-81 PROMO     EX/EX  SG  20
  KINKS THE  "Do It Again/Guilty" ARISTA-84     EX/M-  SG  6
  KINKS THE  "Father Christmas/Prince Punks" ARISTA-78     EX/EX  SG  14
  KINKS THE  "How Are You/Killing Time" LONDON-86     M-/M-  SG  6
  KINKS THE  "Lola / Victoria" PYE  70   EX/EX  SG  35
  KINKS THE  "Sitting In Midday Sun/Sweet La" RCA-73 SOC SBC     EX/EX  SG  18
  KINKS THE  "Sleepwalker/Full Moon" ARISTA-77     VG+/EX  SG  8
  KINKS THE  "Supersonic Rocket ship/20 Th C" RCA-72 PROMO     EX/EX  SG  20
  KINKS THE  "You Really Got Me/Stop Your So" ARIS-80 PROMO     VG+/EX  SG  20
  KRAFTWERK  "Autobahn/Morganspaziergang" VERTIGO  75   VG+/VG+  SG  10
  KRAFTWERK  "Computer Love/The Model" EMI  81   EX/EX  SG  30
  KRAFTWERK  "Musique Non Stop/Musique Par.2" EMI-86 PROMO     M-/M-  SG  30
  KRAFTWERK  "Pocket Calculator/Dentaku" EMI-81     M-/M-  SG  10
  KRAFTWERK  "Radioactivity/ Remix, W.Orbit" EMI-91 GERMANY     EX/EX  SG  12
  KRAFTWERK  "Robots/Robotronik" EMI-91(UK)     M-/M-  SG  8
  KRAFTWERK  "Telephone Call/Der Telefon Anr" EMI-86 PROMO     M-/M-  SG  30
  KRAFTWERK  "The Model/Computer Love" EMI-82     VG+/VG+  SG  16
  KRAFTWERK  "The Model/Metropolis" EMI-79 SOC SBC     EX/EX  SG  24
  LAFAYETTES,THE  "Nobody But You/Life Too Short" RCA  72  SOC, SOL  EX/VG+  SG  10
  LEMON PIPERS,THE  "Jelly Jungle/Shoeshine Boy" BUDDAH  68   VG+/EX  SG  9
  LITTLE BLACK & HIS BRASS BAND  "I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman +3" BELTER  67   EX/VG+  EP  12
  LIVING DAYLIGHTS  "Baila Maria/Let's Live For Today" FONTANA  68   EX/EX  SG  65
  LOCOS,LOS  "Viva Zapata/Noche De Oraciones" VERGARA  71  MEXICO GROUP. Spanish Copy  EX/EX  SG  12
  LOST & FOUND  "No,No,No,No /The First Cut Is The Deepest" DISCOPHON  69   EX/EX  SG  9
  LOVE GENERATION  "Hoy Pon La Radio/Dime Que Me Quieres" UA  75  Sung In Spanish. SOC,SOL  EX/EX  SG  7
  LOVE SCULPTURE  "Sabre Dance/ Think Of Love" EMI-69     EX/EX  SG  24
  LOVIN'SPOONFUL  ""EP" Nashville Cats+3" KAMA SUTRA(MEXI     EX/EX  EP  12
  LOVIN'SPOONFUL  "Rain Of The Road/Pow" KAMA SUTRA  66   VG+/EX  SG  7
  LUCIFER'S FRIEND  "Hobo/Burning Ships" VERTIGO  72  TBC,TOL  EX/EX  SG  12
  LYNOTT PHILIP-THIN LIZZY  "Dear Miss Lonely Herts / Solo In Soho" VERTIGO  80  Stamp radio station on front cover.  VG+/VG+  SG  12
  LYNOTT PHILIP-THIN LIZZY  "Nineteen/Part.2" POLYDOR-85     EX/EX  SG  9
  LYNYRD SKYNYRD  "Double Trouble/Roll Gypsy Roll" MCA  76  Stamp Radio Station On Back Cover  EX/EX  SG  25
  MACARTHUR PARK  "Lotti,Lotti/Love Is Coming" PHILIPS  71   EX/EX  SG  9
  MACHIAVEL  "Charlena/Running" HARVEST-81 SOC     EX/EX  SG  10
  MACHIAVEL  "Fly/Champagne In Amsterdam" HARVEST-81     EX/EX  SG  10
  MADE IN SWEDEN  "I Don't Care/Lay Lady Lay" DISCOPHON  70   EX/EX  SG  12
  MAGNA CARTA  "Romeo Jack / Spinning Weels Of Time" PHILIPS  70   EX/EX  SG  15
  MAGNA CARTA  "Wish It Was/That Was Yesterday" VERTIGO  74   EX/EX  SG  12
  MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA  "Open Country Joy/Celestial Com" CBS-73     EX/EX  SG  6
  MAJORITY ONE  "Because I Love/Get Back Home" OPALO  71   EX/EX  SG  12
  MAJORITY ONE  "Game/A Cigarette A Cup Of Tea" OPALO  72   EX/EX  SG  12
  MAMAS & THE PAPAS  ""EP"Look Through my Window+3" RCA-66     EX/VG+  EP  10
  MAMAS & THE PAPAS  "Dedicado a quien amo/Consejo.." RCA-67     EX/EX  SG  7
  MAMAS & THE PAPAS  "Monday Monday/California Dream" RCA-66     EX/EX  SG  8
  MAMAS & THE PAPAS  "Safe In My Garden/Glad To Unha" RCA-68 TOL     EX/VG+  SG  10
  MAMAS & THE PAPAS  "Step out/Shooting star" PROBE-71(GERMA)     EX/EX  SG  7
  MAMAS & THE PAPAS  "Words Of Love/Dancing In Stree" RCA-66     EX/EX  SG  7
  MAN  "Out Of Your Head/I'm A Love Taker" MCA  76  SOC  EX/EX  SG  9
  MANDRILL  "Get It All/I Refuse To Smile" POLYDOR  72   EX/EX  SG  6
  MANDRILL  "Mandrill/Peace And Love/" POLYDOR  71  SOC,TOL  EX/EX  SG  7
  MANFRED MANN  ""EP" Ha,Ha Said the Clown +3" FONTANA-67     EX/VG+  EP  18
  MANFRED MANN  ""EP" Pretty Flamingo +3" EMI-     EX/EX  EP  30
  MANFRED MANN  ""EP" SemI Detached,Suburban Mr.James +3" FONTANA  66   EX/EX  EP  25
  MANFRED MANN  ""EP" Sweet Pea +3" FONTANA  67   EX/VG+  EP  25
  MANFRED MANN  ""EP" The One In The Midle +3" EMI  65   EX/EX  EP  21
  MANFRED MANN  "Fox On The Run/Too Many People" FONTANA  68     SG  12
  MANFRED MANN  "Happy Being Me/Devil Woman" VERTIGO  70  SOL  EX/EX  SG  9
  MANFRED MANN  "Mighty Quinn/By Reqest-Edwin Garvey" FONTANA  68   EX/EX  SG  9
  MANFRED MANN  "Mighty Quinn/Tiny" BRONZE  78   EX/EX  SG  7
  MANFRED MANN  "Mrs.Henry/Orador" PHILIPS  71  SBS, STOL  EX/EX  SG  9
  MANFRED MANN  "My Name Is Jack/There Is A Man" FONTANA  68   EX/EX  SG  12
  MANFRED MANN  "Ragamuffin man/A,B,Side" FONTANA-69     EX/EX  SG  12
  MANFRED MANN  "So Long Dad/Funniest Gig" FONTANA  67   EX/EX  SG  18
  MANFRED MANN  "Theme Up The Junction/Sleepy Hollow" FONTANA  68   EX/EX  SG  10
  MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND  "You Angel You/Out In Distance" BRONZE-79     EX/EX  SG  9
  MARILLION  "Freaks/Kayleigh" EMI-88     M-/M-  SG  10
  MARILLION  "He Knows You Know/Charting Sin" EMI-83 PROMO     EX/EX  SG  10
  MARILLION  "Incommunicado/Going Under" EMI-87(PROMOTIO     EX/M-  SG  10
  MARILLION  "Kayleigh/Lady Nina" EMI-85(PROMOTIO     M-/M-  SG  10
  MARILLION  "No One Can/A Collection" EMI-91 GERMANY     M-/M-  SG  4
  MARMALADE,THE  "My Little One/Is Your Life You" DECCA-71     EX/EX  SG  4
  MARMALADE,THE  "Ob La Di Ob La Da/Chains" CBS  68   EX/EX  SG  9
  MARMALADE,THE  "Radancer/Sarah" DECCA-72     EX/EX  SG  5
  MARMALADE,THE  "Rainbow/Ballad Of Cherry Flava" DECCA-70     EX/EX  SG  4
  MARSHALL TUCKER BAND  "Heard It In A Love/Life In a S" CAPRICORN-77     EX/EX  SG  7
  MARSHALL TUCKER BAND  "Take The Highway/My Jesus Told" WARNER-73     EX/EX  SG  7
  MATCHMAKERS THE  "Baby Make Me Happy/Goody Goody Goody" BELTER  69  TOL  EX/EX  SG  7
  MATCHMAKERS THE  "Lover's Congregation/Leila" BELTER  71   EX/EX  SG  10
  MATTHEWS SOUTHERN COMFORT  "Woodstock/Scion" UNI-70     EX/EX  SG  10
  MAYALL JOHN  "See MALE Section"          0
  MCCOYS THE  ""EP"Ganale al reloj+3" GAMMA(MEXICO)     M-/M-  EP  21
  MCCOYS THE  ""EP"Ven Vamonos+3" GAMMA(MEXICO)     EX/EX  EP  15
  McGUINNESS FLINT  "Let The People Go/Cheeky Chapp" ISLAND-72     EX/EX  SG  6
  McGUINNESS FLINT  "Malt And Barley Blues/Rock On" CAPITOL-71     EX/EX  SG  6
  MEC OP SINGERS,THE  "Dies Irae/Summer In Hawai" HISPAVOX-67     VG+/EX  SG  7
  MEDICINE HEAD  "Rising Sun/Be My Flyer" POLYDOR  73  SOC,TOL  EX/EX  SG  7
  MIKE & MECHANICS-GENESIS  "Nobody`s Perfect(One side prom" WEA-88(PROMO)     M-/M-  SG  10
  MINDBENDERS THE  ""EP" Ashes To Ashes +3" FONTANA-66 SOL     EX/EX  EP  50
  MONKEES,THE  ""EP"Last Train to Clarksvi+3" RCA  66   VG+/VG+  EP  13
  MONKEES,THE  ""EP"Words +3" RCA-67 FRANCE     M-/VG+  EP  20
  MONKEES,THE  "D.W.Washburn/Es agradable estar Contigo" RCA  68   VG+/VG+  SG  7
  MONKEES,THE  "From The Monkees/Last Train To Clarksville" RCA  68  Sticker on label  vg+/vg+  SG  7
  MONKEES,THE  "No Time/Alternatle title" RCA  68  Sticker On Label  VG+/VG+  SG  7
  MONKEES,THE  "Oh My Babe/I Love You Better" RCA  70  SOC,SOL  EX/EX  SG  10
  MONKEES,THE  "Soņando Despierto/Hacia Abajo" RCA  67   VG+/VG+  SG  6
  MONKEES,THE  "Un Bocadito tu,otro yo/La Conoci En Alguna Parte" RCA  67   EX/VG+  SG  8
  MONKS THE  ""EP" Juanita Banana +3" VOGUE  66   EX/EX  EP  25
  MOODY BLUES  "Blue World/Going Nowhere" THSREHOLD-83     EX/EX  SG  7
  MOODY BLUES  "Gemini dream/Painted Smile" THERESHOLD-81     M-/M-  SG  8
  MOODY BLUES  "Isn't Life Strange/After You C" THRES-72 PROMO     EX/EX  SG  9
  MOODY BLUES  "Never Comes The Day/So Deep Wi" DERAM-69 WBC     EX/EX  SG  14
  MOODY BLUES  "Nigts in white satin+1" DERAM-67     EX/EX  SG  7
  MOODY BLUES  "Sitting At The Wheel/Sorry" THRES-85 SOC     VG+/EX  SG  8
  MOODY BLUES  "Voices In The Sky/Dr.Livingstone,I" DERAM  68  SOC  VG+/EX  SG  9
  MORNING GLORY  "Green Mountain/Majory Daw" CHAPTER-71 PROM     EX/EX  SG  9
  MOTHERLODE  "Memories Of A Broken Promise/What Does It Take" BUDDAH  70  SOC,SBC,WOC,WBC  EX/EX  SG  15
  MOTT THE HOOPLE  "Golden Age Of Rock'n'roll/Rest In P" CBS  74  SOC  EX/EX  SG  9
  MOUNTAIN  "For Yasgur's Farm/To My Friend" STATESIDE  70  Two Promo Golden Sticker on label. Stamp radio station on back cover  EX/EX  SG  20
  MOUNTAIN  "Mississippi Queen/The Laird" STATESIDE  70  Number writing a pen on both parts cover  EX/EX  SG  25
  MOURNING REIGN  ""EP"Satisfaction Guaranteed+3" SUNDAZED-96(USA     M/M  EP  7
  MOVE THE  "Curly / This Time Tomorrow" STATESIDE  69   EX/EX  SG  35
  MOVE THE  "Fire Brigade/Walk Upon The Wat" STATESIDE-68    Stamp Radio station On Back cover, Golden promo sticker on label.  EX/EX  SG  40
  MUGWUMPS THE  ""EP" Searchin +3" WARNER  67   EX/EX  EP  60
  MUMMA BEAR  "Pasadena/Sally Anne" BELTER-72 SBC     EX/EX  SG  10
  MUSIC MACHINE  "Tin Can Beach / Time Out" WARNER    White label Promo. Original US.  M-  SG  60
  MYSTERY MEAT  ""EP"Mambo for Marion+3" SUNDAZED-96(USA     M/M  EP  7
  NAPOLEON XIV  "They're coming to take/aaarf-a" WARNER-66     VG+/M-  SG  8
  NEKTAR  "Astral Man/Early Morning Clown" BACILLUS  74  White Label.SBC,SOL  EX/EX  SG  12
  NESMITH,MICHAEL-MONKEES  "Joanne/One Rose" RCA-70     EX/EX  SG  10
  NEW COLONY SIX  ""EP"Last Nite +3" SUNDAZED-97     M/M  EP  7
  NEW COLONY SIX  "Can't You See Me Cry/Summertim" MERCURY  68   EX/EX  SG  15
  NEW COLONY SIX  "I Will Always Think About You / Hold Me With Your" MERCURY  68   EX/EX  SG  30
  NEW INSPIRATION THE  "Happy Charly Madman/All My Lif" DECCA-69 WBCTOL     EX/EX  SG  15
  NEW INSPIRATION THE  "Judy Please/Camino Solitario" DECCA  71  Promotional STOL  EX/EX  SG  1O
  NEW INSPIRATION THE  "Mr.Moody/Looking For My Baby" DECCA  69  Promotional SBC  EX/EX  SG  15
  NEW INSPIRATION THE  "My World's Beginning/You Ain't" DECCA  70  Promotional  M-/M-  SG  12
  NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE  "By And By When I/Love Has Stra" MCA-77     EX/EX  SG  15
  NEW SEEKERS,THE  "I've Been Thinking../Love Thee" RCA-67     EX/EX  SG  10
  NEW VAUDEVILLE BAND  ""EP"Finchley Central+3" FONTANA  67   EX/VG+  EP  10
  NEW VAUDEVILLE BAND  ""EP"Winchester Cathedral+3" FONTANA  66   EX/VG+  EP  10
  NRBQ  "C'Mon Everybody/Mama Get Down Those Rock and Roll" CBS  70   VG+/VG+  SG  6
  OCTOPUS  "Hey Na-Na/Future Feelings" RCA  74  White Label  EX/EX  SG  9
  OCTOPUS  "Laught At The Poor Man/Girlfriend" PENNY FARTHING  70  Sticker on label  VG+/EX  SG  9
  OHIO EXPRESS  "Chewy Chewy/Firebird" BUDDAH-68     EX/VG+  SG  8
  OHIO EXPRESS  "Cowboy Convention/The Race" BUDDAH  70   EX/EX  SG  7
  OHIO EXPRESS  "Mercy/Roll It Up" BUDDAH  69   VG+/EX  SG  8
  OHIO EXPRESS  "Pinch Me/Peanuts" BUDDAH  69   EX/EX  SG  8
  OHIO EXPRESS  "Sausalito/Make Love Not War" BUDDAH-69     VG+/VG+  SG  8
  OLA & JANGLERS  "California Sun/Yes I Can" DISCOPHON-70     VG+/M-  SG  10
  OLA & JANGLERS  "Mendocino/Save Me,Save me" DISCOPHON-71     EX/EX  SG  11
  OLA & JANGLERS  "Sweet Virginia/Communicating L" DISCOPHON-76     EX/EX  SG  10
  OMEGA  "Everytime She Steps In/The Bird" DIRESA  74  White Label  EX/EX  SG  12
  ORANGE BICYCLE  "Goodbye Stranger/Country Comfo" BELTER  71  White label promo. SBC,SBC  M-/M-  SG  25
  ORLEANS  "Love Takes Time/Isn't It Easy" INFINITY  79   EX/EX  SG  4
  OSAGE TRIBE  "Prehistoric Sound/Crazy Horse" EXIT  72   EX/EX  SG  14
  OSIBISA  "Y Sharp/Beautiful 7/Survival" MCA-72     EX/VG+  SG  8
  OSMONDS,THE  "Having A Party/Wanted" MGM  75   EX/EX  SG  7
  OSMONDS,THE  "One Bad Apple/Flirtin" MGM  71  TOL  VG+/EX  SG  6
  OSMONDS,THE  "The Proud One/The Last Day Is Coming" MGM  75  SOL  EX/EX  SG  7
  OSMONDS,THE  "Yo-Yo/Keep On My Side" MGM  71  TOL  VG+/VG+  SG  7
  OTHERS,THE  "Revenge/I'm In Need" SUNDAZED-98 USA     M/M  SG  7
  OUTLAWS,THE  "There Goes Another Love/Keep Prayin" ARISTA  76  WBC  VG+/EX  SG  6
  OUTSIDERS(DUCH)  ""EP" You Mistreat Me +3" ROMILAR-D  88  Spanish Issue.  M-/M-  EP  40
  OVERLANDERS,THE  ""EP"My Life +3" HISPAVOX-66     EX/VG+  EP  10
  OZAR MOUNTAIN DAREDEVILS,THE  "Jackie Blue/Better Days" AM  74  SOC,SOL  EX/EX  SG  8
  PALADIN  "Sweet Sweet Music/Get One Together" ISLAND  72   EX/EX  SG  13
  PAPER DOLLS THE  "Something Here In My Heart / All The Time In The W" PYE  68   EX/EX  SG  30
  PARTRIDGE FAMILY ,THE  "I Think I Love You/Somebody Wants To Love You" STATESIDE  70  Sticker on Label  EX/EX  SG  9
  PATTO  "Flat Footed Woman Part.1/Part.2" ISLAND  73   EX/EX  SG  10
  PAUL REVERE & RAIDERS  "Great Airplane Strike/In My Community" CBS  67   VG+/VG+  SG  12
  PAUL REVERE & RAIDERS  "Mr.sun,Mr.Moon/Without you" CBS-69     EX/M-  SG  15
  PEBBLES,THE  "Huma La La La/Geneveve" BELTER-69     VG+/EX  SG  8
  PEBBLES,THE  "Someone To Love/I Wonder" BELTER-69     EX/EX  SG  9
  PEPPERMINT RAINBOW  "You're The Sound Of Love/Jamais" MCA  69  WBC,TOL  VG+/EX  SG  9
  PERSUADERS,LOS  ""EP" Tijuana +3" HISPAVOX  64   EX/VG+  EP  14
  PETER & GORDON  "Knight In Rusty Armour/Flower Lady" EMI  67   VG+/VG+  SG  7
  PETER,PAUL & MARY  ""EP" Early Morning Rain +3" WARNER-65     EX/EX  EP  14
  PETER,PAUL & MARY  ""EP" The Cruel War+3" WARNER  66   EX/EX  EP  12
  PETER,PAUL & MARY  ""EP" Tiny Sparrow +3" WARNER-63 FRANC     VG+/VG+  EP  12
  PETER,PAUL & MARY  "Day Is Done/Puff the Magic Dra" WARNER-69     EX/EX  SG  6
  PILOT  "Magic/Just Let Me Be" EMI  75  SBC,SOL  VG+/EX  SG  6
  PINK FLOYD  "Another Brick in Wall/One Of.." HARVEST-79     EX/M-  SG  9
  PINK FLOYD  "Learning To Fly/Terminal Frost" EMI-87     EX/EX  SG  20
  PINK FLOYD  "Money/Money-White Label" EMI-81 PROMO    White label. SOC  VG+/VG+  SG  30
  PINK FLOYD  "When The Tigers Broke/Bring Th" HARVEST-82     VG+/VG+  SG  10
  PLASTIC PEOPLE  "Judy/Handy clap Palmadas" RCA-71     M-/M-  SG  7
  POCO  "Keep On Tryin/Georgia,Bind My Ties" ABC  76  SOL  EX/EX  SG  6
  POLICE,THE  "Can't Stand Losing You/Dead Jo" UK-78 BLUE VINY     VG+/VG  SG  15
  POLICE,THE  "De Do Do Do,De Da Da/A Sermon" AM-80(WI-LAVEL)     M-/M-  SG  10
  POLICE,THE  "Don't stand close to me/Friend" AM-80(WI-LAVEL)     EX/M-  SG  8
  POLICE,THE  "Don't stand so close/Live" AM-86     M-/M-  SG  8
  POLICE,THE  "Every Breath you Take/Murder.." AM-83(WI-LAVEL)     M-/M-  SG  10
  POLICE,THE  "King of Pain/Tea In The Sahara" AM-83(WI-LAVEL)     M-/M-  SG  10
  POLICE,THE  "Synchronicity II/Once Upon Tim" AM-83(WI-LAVEL)     M-/M-  SG  10
  POLICE,THE  "Wrapped Around Your/Someone to" AM-83(WI-LAVEL)     M-/M-  SG  10
  PRELUDE  "A Love Song/For A Dancer" PYE  76  SBC  EX/EX  SG  9
  PRELUDE  "After The Gold Rush/Johnson Boy" PYE  73  STOL  EX/VG+  SG  5
  PROCESSION  "Every American Citizen/Essentially Susan" MERCURY  68  Sticker on label  VG+/VG+  SG  6
  PROCOL HARUM  "A Salty Dog/Long Gone Geek" STATESIDE  69  SOC  EX/EX  SG  12
  PROCOL HARUM  "A Souvenir of London/Toujour" CHRYSALIS-73     EX/EX  SG  10
  PROCOL HARUM  "A Whiter Shade Of Pale/Lime Street Blues" DERAM  67  French Copy  EX/VG+  SG  12
  PROCOL HARUM  "Conquistador/All This & More" CHRYSALIS-72     VG+/VG+  SG  8
  PROCOL HARUM  "Conquistador/Kaleidoscope" CUBE-72     EX/VG+  SG  15
  PROCOL HARUM  "Simple Sister/Broken Barricade" ISLAND-72     EX/EX  SG  9
  PROYECTO A  "Pluton / Saturno" RCA  71  Promotional Yellow Label. Number writing on back cover.  EX/EX  SG  35
  PUNCHIN'JUDY  "Settle Down/Ring That Bell" TRANSATLANTIC  74   EX/EX  SG  13
  Q 65  "From Above / I Was Young" DECCA    Original Holland Pressing.  EX/VG+  SG  30
  Q 65  "World Of Birds / It Came To Me" DECCA    Original Holland Pressing  EX/VG+  SG  35
  QUEEN  "A King Of Magic/A Dozen Red Ro" EMI-86 PROMO     EX/VG+  SG  16
  QUEEN  "Another One Bites/Dragon Attac" EMI-80 MEXICO     M-/M-  SG  32
  QUEEN  "Another One Bites/Dragon Attac" EMI-80     EX/EX  SG  16
  QUEEN  "Breakthru/Stealin" PARLOPHONE  89  ITALY  EX/EX  SG  12
  QUEEN  "Crazy Little Thing/We Will Roc" EMI-79     EX/EX  SG  17
  QUEEN  "Friends Will Be Friends/Seven Seas" EMI  86  White Label  EX/EX  SG  14
  QUEEN  "Headlong/All God's People" PARLOPH-91 GERM     EX/EX  SG  10
  QUEEN  "Headlong/All God's People(GERM" PARL-91 TOC TOL     VG+/VG+  SG  10
  QUEEN  "I Want It All/Hang On In There" EMI-89     EX/EX  SG  16
  QUEEN  "I Want To Break Free/Machines" EMI-84 PROMO     EX/M-  SG  12
  QUEEN  "I'm Going Slightly Mad/Hitman" PARLOPH-91 GERM     EX/EX  SG  10
  QUEEN  "Invisible Man/Hijack My Heart" PARLOPH-89 ITAL     EX/EX  SG  10
  QUEEN  "It's A Hard Life/Is This The World" EMI  84   VG+/EX  SG  9
  QUEEN  "One Vision//Blurred Vision" EMI-85 PROMO     EX/EX  SG  18
  QUEEN  "Play the Game/A Human Body" EMI-80(MEXICO)     M-/M-  SG  20
  QUEEN  "Play The Game/A Human Body" EMI-80     EX/EX  SG  16
  QUEEN  "Save Me/Let Me Entertain You" EMI  79  Portuges.  EX/EX  SG  18
  QUEEN  "Scandal/My Life Has Been Saved" PARLOPH-89 ITAL     EX/EX  SG  10
  QUEEN  "Spread Your Wings/Sheer Heart" EMI-78 WBC WOL     VG+/VG+  SG  10
  QUEEN  "The Swoh Must Go On/Keep Yours" PARLOPH-91 GERM     EX/EX  SG  10
  QUEEN  "We Are The Champions(1 Side Pr" EMI-92(PROMOTIO     M-  SG  10
  QUEEN  "We Will Rock You/We Are Champi" EMI-92     EX/EX  SG  14
  QUEEN-MAY,BRIAN  "Back To The Light/Nothin Blue" EMI-92(UK)     M-/M-  SG  8
  QUEEN-MAY,BRIAN  "Too Much Love Will/I'm Scared" PARLO-92 GERMAN     EX/EX  SG  8
  QUEEN-MERCURY,FREDDIE  "Great Pretender/Love Kills" PARLOPH-87 GERM     M-/M-  SG  8
  QUEEN-MERCURY,FREDDIE  "I Was Born To Love/Stop All Th" CBS-85     EX/EX  SG  12
  QUEEN-MERCURY,FREDDIE  "In My Defence/Love Kills" EMI-92(UK)     M-/M-  SG  8
  QUEEN-MERCURY,FREDDIE  "Living On My Own(1 Side Promo)" EMI  85  SBC,SOL  EX/EX  SG  15
  QUEEN-MERCURY,FREDDIE  "Made In Heaven(1 Side Promo)" CBS-85 SBC     EX/EX  SG  20
  QUEEN-TAYLOR,ROGER  "Man On Fire/Killer Time" EMI  84  Promo Copy Sticker on label  EX/EX  SG  15
  QUICKSILVER M.SERVICE  "Fresh Air/Freeway Flyer" CAPITOL-70     EX/EX  SG  30
  RAFFERTY,GERRY-STEALERS WHEEL  "Can I Have my Money Back/Sign On The Dotted Line" TRANSATLANTIC  72   EX/EX  SG  6
  RAIDERS,THE  "Country Wine/It's So Hard Gett" CBS-72     VG+/VG+  SG  10
  RAIDERS,THE  "Indian Reservation/Terry's Tun" CBS-71     VG+/VG+  SG  10
  RASPBERRIES  "Don't Want To Say/Rock & Roll" CAPITOL-72     EX/EX  SG  10
  RAW MATERIAL  "Hi There Hallelujah/Days Of Th" ZEL-70     EX/EX  SG  25
  REDBONE  "The Witch Queen Of New Orleans/Chant: 13th Hour" EPIC  71   EX/EX  SG  4
  RICHARD,CLIFF(SOLO)-SHADOWS,THE  ""EP" The Minute You're Gone +3" EMI  65   EX/EX  EP  20
  RICHARD,CLIFF(SOLO)-SHADOWS,THE  "Big Ship/She's Leaving You" EMI-69     M-/M-  SG  20
  RICHARD,CLIFF(SOLO)-SHADOWS,THE  "Early In The Morning/Someday" EMI  69  SBC,TOL  EX/EX  SG  10
  RICHARD,CLIFF(SOLO)-SHADOWS,THE  "Only Way Out/Under The Influen" EMI-82     EX/EX  SG  8
  RICHARD,CLIFF(SOLO)-SHADOWS,THE  "Sing A Song Of Freedom/Thousand Con" EMI  72   EX/VG+  SG  8
  RICK WAKEMAN BAND  "Julia/Sorry" CHARISMA-81 SBC     EX/EX  SG  15
  ROLLING STONES  "Satisfaction / 19Š Crisis Nerviosa" DECCA  71   EX/EX  SG  25
  ROSE GARDEN  "Next Plane To London/Flower Town" ATLANTIC  67   VG+/VG+  SG  9
  ROXY MUSIC  "All I Want Is You/Your Application'" ISLAND  74  SOC,SOL  VG+/EX  SG  10
  ROXY MUSIC  "Dance Away/Cry Cry Cry" POLY-79     M-/M-  SG  7
  ROXY MUSIC  "Do The Strand/Editions Of You" ISLAND-73 FOC     EX/VG+  SG  15
  ROXY MUSIC  "Love is The Drug/Editions You" EG-90(UK)     M-/M-  SG  6
  ROXY MUSIC  "Love Is The Drug/Sultanesque" ISLAND  75   EX/EX  SG  12
  ROXY MUSIC  "More Than This/India" EG-82     EX/EX  SG  6
  ROXY MUSIC  "Over You/Manifesto" POLY-79(PROMO)     M-/M-  SG  8
  ROXY MUSIC  "Pyjamarama/Pride And The Pain" ISLAND  73   EX/EX  SG  13
  ROXY MUSIC  "Virginia Plain/The Numberer" ISLAND-72     EX/EX  SG  20
  RUGBYS,THE  "Wendegahl Warlock/The Light" EXIT  69   EX/EX  SG  9
  RUTHERFORD,MIKE-GENESIS  "Working In Line/Compression" CHARISMA-80     EX/EX  SG  15
  S.M.U.B.B.S,THE  "Mommas Blues/Ch